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Chapter 105: Burning Morale

No. 37 was indifferent about Zhang Mu’s decisiveness. After all, this was the first exchange. No many people would be able to withstand the temptation of the unknown future rewards. Also, Zhang Mu’s wealth was comparable to ten times that of other people so it was no strange for him to make that decision.

“Ojay, I will remind you first that gold leaves can be used to exchange for crystals. However, I do not encourage you to do that. You should know that it is easy to exchange for such cheap tokens but if you want to get it back, it will not be easy. This is a one-way exchange.”

No. 37 still took the chance to tell Zhang Mu about this. Although the number of crystals a gold leaf could exchange for was sizable, it was useless in helping him increased his abilities and strength. As the world gets more dangerous, it would get more and more difficult for him to complete his mission. This was not what no. 37 wanted to see. That was why he hinted Zhang Mu and reminded him to make a logical decision.

“I know. I understand,” Zhang Mu acknowledged no. 37 and asked him to open his Treasury.

I know that you can get 1000 crystals with one gold leaf. However, if I am still enticed by these small gains, I am wasting my chance.

Zhang Mu thought to himself. Actually, you couldn’t blame no. 37 for being worried. Although 1000 crystals didn’t seem like a lot, Zhang Mu had 87.5 gold leaves. That would mean that he can get 87500 crystals and that was a huge amount.

Even if Zhang Mu organized all the survival base in Luoyang and searched for crystals, he would not even get 5000 crystals within 20 days.

Seeing the excitement in Zhang Mu’s eyes, no. 37 decided to not say any more things. He had already overstepped his boundary. If he did anything more, he would get into trouble. Hence, he shook his cloak and the stars got summoned. They flew over from afar.

These shining stars were totally different from the ones before. One was heaven while the other was earth. Even the lines on them seemed to be crafted on after much thought and it seemed very real.

What surprised Zhang Mu the most was, these few stars seemed very different from the ones no. 37 showed him last time. It was just his own feeling but he couldn’t lay his finger on what the difference was.

However, when the stars landed between Zhang Mu and no. 37, he got a sudden realization. These stars were like little children, shining and jumping around behind no. 37 as though they weren’t summoned by him.

Yes, this was the feeling. It was life!

These bright stars were different from the beautiful by lifeless stars that he saw just now. They had life in them.

Before the list was even shown, Zhang My already shocked. Life appeared in the stars that no. 37 created. That is very scary.

No. 37 seemed to have noticed Zhang Mu’s disbelief and didn’t hurry along with the transaction. He held the stars that were surrounding him as though they were his greatest creation. He spoke slowly in a warm tone, “you should have noticed the difference. I rarely use them. I would only personally attend to the first and second sub-merchants and there are very few people who will exchange for bonus items. They used too much energy every time they were used but I can’t bear to let them be immersed in the lonely darkness. Hence, I use them to carry the bonus items.

This is related to a certain rule. Only one step is left. Such a waste.”

At this moment, no. 37 suddenly felt that he spoke too much and quickly shut his mouth up. He waved his hand and dispersed his masterpieces around him. He resumed his tone and told Zhang Mu, “this is not something that you should think about now. Take it as I didn’t say anything. We can start the exchange now.”

Zhang Mu was really shocked. He was not a newbie. When he heard no. 37 talking about a rule, he felt that it was a very powerful energy. After all, he was an era sub-merchant who had a deep understanding of the future.

Zhang Mu remembered that a few months after he was reborn, he received a piece of news that a level 6 evolver came into contact with a new energy when he was battling. This is the rule.

He didn’t know the exact details of the news but the situation of the battle was enough to stunned Zhang Mu. That level 6 evolver who was called Thunder God was surrounded by a few level 6 evolvers and over a hundred level 5 came into contact with an energy called the rule when he was at the brink of his death.

There were no details about the battle. The witness might have all died but when people arrived at the scene after the battle ended, the image that laid out before them explained everything.

All the level 5 evolvers were dead!

Among the level 6 evolvers, three were dead. One was dying and the last one went crazy from his injury. He kept talking about the rule and hence, ‘the rule’ started spreading in the Mainland and spread to the rest of the world.

“The rule’ was deeply etched in Zhang Mu’s mind after that. This was definitely what no. 37 said just now. When an evolver reached level 6, there was no big difference in terms of abilities. It would be hard for a person to win against two evolver, much less win against 5 other level 6 evolvers.

The only reason this would happen was die to the rule.

Everyone knew that it was hard for a level 6 evolver to level up anymore so the rule must be the bottleneck of level 6.

When he heard no. 37 mentioning about this casually just now, he knew that he must have definitely reached this level. After all, he never knew how strong an era merchant was last time.

From the looks of it now, they must be those humans who have broken through level 6?

If that is the case, era merchants were not invincible too.

Now that he had a goal, Zhang Mu’s fighting spirit was lited up. Before this, he was lost. Being lost was the scariest thing. Once the haze was cleared, no matter how hard the goal was, he had a target to achieve.