The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm - Chapter 104 - The Final Tabulation

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Chapter 104: The Final Tabulation

“Are you done? Can we finish the transaction now?” no. 37 looked at Zhang Mu was staring at the bill in a daze. He couldn’t help and reminded him.

“Yes, okay.”

Zhang Mu was thinking about how he would spend this amount of money and only regained conscience after no. 37 called him. He remembered how he finished his first mission in his past life. He completed it after much hard work and managed to get a minimum of ten gold leaves. When he looked the special gold leaves redemption catalog that no. 37 had, he felt so much hopelessness.

The items that no. 37 had never been opened. However, it would be impossible for Zhang Mu to opened it now too. He took a look at the most expensive item that no. 37 had last time due to his curiosity. The price of the items was fixed so Zhang Mu that although he had a lot of gold leaves now, it was just a small fraction of the actual price.

After he completed more missions, his era sub-merchant authority would gradually expand and the initial funds for each mission would get higher and higher. Zhang Mu never achieved it before but he heard other people talking about it and mentioning that the one that had the most authority had an initial fund of 100 gold leaves. You could imagine the final amount he would receive. However, for someone with that kind of abilities, why would they be satisfied with this amount of leaves?

“A bag of tea tree oil, two baked buns, 11 While Jade Donkey Statues. Do you want to change all of them into gold leaves? All the gold leaves will be calculated into this mission and after deducting everything, the rest is yours.” No. 37 had retracted all his emotions as he started the transaction. This was the first time he had such a drastic change in emotions but his professionalism was inbuilt in him already so when he did the exchange, there were no personal emotions involved.

“Of course. Can I leave them on me? If that is the case, I might as well exchange ten mission with you,” Zhang Mu replied with thinking.

No. 37 continued, “this is the procedure for the exchange. It is my duty to remind you. However, I didn’t think that you would react so quickly. For the first transaction, every local good must be taken out. Although you are very smart, the era merchant’s shop will not give you the chance to find a loophole. Give out everything or these things will be deemed useless.”

“Deemed useless? Who would be so stupid to give these things to you all like that?”

No. 37 was indifferent to Zhang Mu’s sneering and continued, “the reward for the completion of the mission is the thing that is the most important to all of you. The addition gold leaves are just bonuses.”

He paused. “But your situation is a bit different. Your additional reward will definitely be more than your reward for mission completion.

Of course, it will be hard for this situation to happen again. I just want to remind you that only at the start of the Paradise will such a situation happen where everything will have a profit. As things start to settle down, everything will be back the normal transaction. It will be your own business if you have a profit or a loss. If your judgment is wrong or if you are unlucky, it is not rare for you to suffer a loss. Hence, it will be hard to see a time when someone’s profit is ten times.”

Zhang Mu listened to him quietly. He knew that what no. 37 said is correct. However, he did not place too much importance on it. He knew about the direction of the price fluctuations in the market as well as the movement of the trend. As long as there were no big changes, he would not suffer a loss.

Although that was what he thought, he still listened to no. 37 obediently.

Actually, no. 37 had trespassed his authority by saying all these things. There were many things that he couldn’t say now due to the purely business relationship between the era merchants and their sub-merchants. They were a boss and employer relationship. The things that he said requires Zhang Mu to figure it out himself. As long as Zhang Mu failed enough, he would find his right path of success.

However, no. 37 didn’t want to lose now. He needed to become the number one in the first quarter ranking of the era merchants so that he could pull his results higher.

Era merchants had their own rewards and punishment system. He had been on the brink of punishment for a long time.

Now, Zhang Mu’s morale was too strong. He needed to splash cold water on him. No. 37 felt that no matter how lucky a person was, they would have their downtimes too. He felt that he needed to push Zhang Mu’s downtime further away so that he could get past the first quarter. He didn’t know when his other three era sub-merchants would be filled up and the second sub-merchant was just someone alright. Hence, he placed all his hopes on Zhang Mu.

He didn’t know that Zhang Mu didn’t rely much on his luck. Even if he did, it was just less than half of it. If Zhang Mu knew what he was thinking, he would probably sneer at him.

When he was reborn, he never thought about failing again.

“Well then, the deal is done. Deduct.”

After gaining Zhang Mu’s approval, that cold voice sounded again and the era local goods floating above their head disappeared into the stars.

After that, a sound appeared in Zhang Mu’s ears. It sounded much cuter.

“Number 001, mission no. 001 is completed. Calculating your rewards and sending them over now.”

“10 first-rank power enhancing potion, 10 first-rank agility potion, 5 first-rank recovery potion. Rewards finished and sent to your merchant’s ring.”

Zhang Mu glanced at his era merchant’s ring and then looked away. These rewards were good for the other era sub-merchants but for him, besides the 5 first-rank recovery potion, the others were dispensable.

“I guessed that you would not be pleased with your rewards. Your improvement is too great. However, I feel that you will be interested in what comes after this.”

He seemed to see through Zhang Mu’s disinterest. A small bag appeared in no. 37’s hand and he held up the bag and asked Zhang Mu, “there is a total of 87.5 gold leaves. Do you want to use them now or deposit it here and accumulate it for future use? You can use it once every two months only. Think about it carefully. Do you want to use it now or accumulate it?”

The only person that you could trust to hand your money over to was yourself. This was what Zhang Mu realised after going through the future. Hence he didn’t hesitate when he replied no. 37.

“I want it now.”