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Chapter 103: Another Harvest

On the order of no. 37, a few stars around him sprung out and shrunk in size. The stars came between them and they started the era’s exchange process.

The stars aligned themselves and formed a familiar bill. After that, the mechanical sound rang beside Zhang Mu’s ear and he started looking at the price of the three Xi’an’s local goods.

Although he knew that Xi’an’s local good had a high price in no. 37’s era merchants shop, Zhang Mu didn’t expect it to be so high. A tinge of happiness fell on his face. This outright smile made no. 37’s face darkened. This time, no. 35 not only sacrificed himself, but he had also dragged him along too.

However, if you compared it, no. 37 didn’t have much of a loss. From a certain point of view, he even earned a bit. This is because, at the starting stage of a training ground, spiritual essence was very rare. If he used his gold leaves as an exchange for spiritual essence, it is still worth it. But, no. 35 more than what he could afford for it and that was a heavy loss for him.

No. 27 looked at Zhang Mu with a complicated expression. Zhang Mu was the ultimate winner in this exchange but because of him, he could also break the records for the highest achievements obtained for era merchants shop within this area.

But, for some reason, no. 37 felt that something was weird.

He didn’t think about it for long. It might be because he never let any of his sub-merchants gained the upper hand in an exchange before.

Maybe he was just thinking too much. Maybe he was just irritated by all the things that had happened ever since the era merchants shop opened at this new training ground.

On the other hand, Zhang Mu was calculating his profit with bright eyes.

The bill in front of him told him how much wealth he had now. “tea tree oil, one. Worth half a gold leaf.”

“Baked buns, two. Worth one gold leaf.”

Even these two local googs were worth so much in this era merchant’s shop. What about those biggest bargaining chips he had? The number that appeared on the bill was the reason by Zhang Mu’s smile.

“White Jade Donkey Statues, one. Ten gold leaves.”

There were no emotions in the words. However, Zhang Mu’s heart had already exploded. Ten gold leaves. When he bought it from no. 35, he just paid 2.4 gold leaves for each of this. This meant that the price flipped by around four times.

Three times profit. What did a three times profit mean? Capitalists were willing to give up everything to get this number and Zhang Mu got something even more amazing than this.

This meant that with the eleven White Jade Donkey Statues he had as well as the tea tree oil and the baked buns, Zhang Mu would get 113.5 gold leaves. Even if he deducted the ten leaves for the mission, the five for entering the shop early, and the ten leaves for no. 37, he still had 87.5 gold leaves as profit.

Zhang Mu was just an era sub-merchant. The initial funds for his mission were just four gold leaves. Now, his profit was almost 20 times the initial funds. This showed how powerful the market price fluctuations could be.

This was the reason why no. 37 didn’t have any other thoughts even though he was being bluffed by Zhang Mu. With one mission, Zhang Mu did around ten times more than what a basic sub-merchant could do. Even though the era merchant’s shop just opened and there were only profits and no loss, it was still very scary.

Zhang Mu just started the era exchange so he had no experience at all. No. 37 could only think that he was really lucky to get more than 100 gold leaves for an era exchange that had the base of four gold leaves.

However, no one else would be able to get this amount even if they managed to the maximum amount of goods. This was because Zhang Mu’s situation was special. If no. 35 didn’t use his authority to increase the number of items in his shop, his profits would be decreased by half. No matter how highly he thinks of Zhang Mu, he would not use his chance on him. One year is a long time. There was competition between the era merchant’s shop too so he needed to use the right things at the right time. If he was on the losing end, this chance would be his only chance to turn the tables around.

The situation that happened to no. 35 had not appeared for a long time. If he lets Zhang Mu wiped out all his local goods, he would be dead. No. 35 had no choice. Who lets him have such a bloodthirsty era sub-merchant who killed all the powerful evolvers in his area? He was quite unlucky too.

Hence, Zhang Mu met all the situations that were beneficial to him.

This was why no. 37 felt that this person was really lucky. A person’s ability, character, and many other things could be change. However, a person’s luck was a complicated thing. In the entire universe, nothing could be used to change one’s luck.

People as powerful as them didn’t dare to define luck. However, they had many years of experience and although they couldn’t make someone lucky, they could pick such people out from the crowd.

No. 37 started thinking if his luck got better after coming to this training ground. At the start, he didn’t want to put all his eggs in one basket because every merchant needed to avoid risk. But, he felt that it was a correct decision now to put all his resources on Zhang Mu.

Although the era sub-merchants he chose in the other training fields were still okay, they did not have the luck and none of them were talented. His sales were always at the bottom.

He felt that with just Zhang Mu, he could try to take the number one spot in the era merchants shop this month. It was a spot that he hadn’t taken for a long time.

Thinking about this, he started to calm down.

If there were other era sub-merchants in Luoyang now that knew what no. 37 was thinking, they would most likely want to kill Zhang Mu.

Not only was Zhang Mu the first sub-merchant who had many privileges, no. 37 even wanted to place his bets on him.

If it was evolvers in the future, they would not want to be era sub-merchants even if they knew that there were empty spots or if they were invited to be one. An era sub-merchant looked glamorous upfront but if he didn’t complete his mission, he would be sucked dry, literally.