The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm - Chapter 102 - Things Get Complicated

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Chapter 102: Things Get Complicated

At the start, no. 37 was still pondering over Zhang Mu’s sentence. However, when Zhang Mu took out all the items he had hidden in his merchant’s ring, no. 37 was so shocked he stood rooted to the ground. The dazed look on his face was not compatible with the elegant aura that he had.

The local goods would become weightless in the era merchant’s shop. Thus, 11 White Jade Donkey Statues floated in the air above no. 37 orderly. A bag of tea tree oil and two baked buns floated at the front. They hung quietly in the air. The entire surrounding was in silence.

After a long while, no. 37 exclaimed in disbelief, “how is this possible? How did you get so many Xi’an’s spiritual essence? No. 35 should know that there is a limited amount of spiritual essence an era merchant’s shop can provide each month.”

When he saw no. 37 looking at him, Zhang Mu shrugged innocently, “the items you gave me could be sold for this many gold leaves. There were a total of 24 gold leaves. I spend it all.”

No. 37 interrupted Zhang Mu, “no, even if you have so many gold leaves, the amount of items is limited. Even if his era sub-merchants don’t buy any of it, you shouldn’t be able to get so many of them.

Did he use that authority that he has? What happened? Why would he use that authority for you when he can only use it only once every year? Why did he use his power to increase the number of items for you and not for his own sub-merchants? What exactly happened to allow the red-bearded guy to sacrifice his authority for my sub-merchant?”

Red-bearded? The last time at Xi’an city, no. 35 seemed to be unhappy when he spoke about no. 36. Seems like there are some disputes between his superior and no. 35/

However, this was not the time to think about this. Zhang Mu was worried that if he didn’t explain it to no. 37 now, he would be tore into half by his gaze. Zhang Mu told him what happened in Xi’an.

After listening to the entire story, no. 37’s expression was really interesting. He kept quiet for a long while before saying excitedly, “no wonder the red-beared is willing to do it for you. If he didn’t increase his items, his era’s local goods would have been wiped out by you. Haha, that will mean that his sub-merchants can’t even have a sip of soup. They would have to go for their first mission with only four gold leaves and nothing else. They will lose at the starting point.

However, I feel that he never thought that someone so far away in Luoyang would reach his shop so early and finish the exchange at his place. Also, due to many reasons, his sub-merchants are weak as compared to you and you even brought him one of his sub-merchants. Such an irony.”

No. 37 couldn’t control his elegant demeanor any more. No matter how strangely Zhang Mu looked at him, he just continued to laugh loudly. His blue feather cloak swayed along with his laughter.

Zhang Mu was curious if the feathers on his cloak would drop if he continued laughing like this.

He didn’t know that his superior would bear so many grudges against no. 35. Seems like before they had a conflict of interest, they were already on bad terms with each other. If not, he would not laugh so much when he heard about no. 35 being bullied.

No. 37 laughed for almost 2 whole minutes. Only then did he realised that his sub-merchant was looking at him weirdly. He realised that he was acting inappropriately and retracted his smile. He resumed his cold and elegant aura.

Such a quick change in expression. You could be a face-changing master.

Zhang Mu thought in his heart but didn’t dare to say it out. He could only smile forcefully.

No. 37 coughed and then thought of something. He frowned, “that means that it wasn’t only me. Even no. 35 has a lack of sub-merchants. What is wrong with this testing ground? Based on my past experience, after the debugging time, if there aren’t enough evolvers, the era merchant’s shop would have priority in choosing them. Weird, this is weird.”

Zhang Mu flung in a remark, “there is actually nothing weird. There was an era sub-merchant in Xi’an that liked to kills people and for Luoyang, there was an attack by the mutated animals. Accidents happened in these two places. It could just be a coincidence.”

“Accidents? Maybe?” no. 37’s suspicious tone caused the alarm in Zhang Mu’s heart to sound. “Do you know the reason for the attack by the mutated animals in Luoyang? Didn’t you say that two era sub-merchants died outside the era merchant’s shop?” Zhang Mu asked carefully.

However, the era merchant shook his head to Zhang Mu’s surprise, “I don’t know what is happening this time. My two sub-merchants were killed by the mutated animals right after they walked out of the shop. By tight, I shouldn’t bother about the life and death of my sub-merchants due to certain limitations. We can’t protect them with our powers. But, this time, the mutated animals were roaming around right on the outskirts of my shop.

That way, no evolvers could come close to my era merchant’s shop. If there were no humans around, where will I be able to find people to replace the vacant positions? I just acted indirectly this time and scare the mutated animals with my powers so that they retreated out of Luoyang. However, still no evolvers came close to my shop. I can’t go out and recruit people too so I can only leave things as it is.”

Although no. 37 said all these, he didn’t look affected by the loss of his two sub-merchants.

“As for the reason of the attack of mutated animals, I couldn’t find it. This is your world. I do not want to be bothered by it.”

Zhang Mu wanted to use no. 37 to find out the reason for the mutated animals’ attack. However, he actually made an indirect attack this time so it would be hard to ask him to act again. He could only rely on himself to find out the reason.

“So, can we start the exchange now?”

No. 37 didn’t seem to want to talk about this matter anymore so Zhang Mu changed the topic.

“Yes, let’s start.”