The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 99 What Really Happened 1

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(Thirty minutes before)

I was walking towards the lounge area where the rooms are located. I looked at my dress that was stained with the red wine and sighed sadly.

\'This was mother\'s gown\' I thought. \'I hope the stain can be taken off.\'

And then I thought, can magic help cleaning things? \'I better try it when I get back to my room tonight.\'

When I was at then lounge area, there were many doors. I do not know which one is mine.

"Excuse me." I see a maid in the corner. "Are you the one in charge of the lounge area?" I asked.

"Yes, your highness." The maid bowed half her body. "Would you like me to lead you to your lounge room, princess Alicia?" The maid respectfully asked.

"Yes, please." I replied.

"This way, your highness." The maid gestured the way and walked. I followed behind.

We were walking along the corridors. The lounge area is rather big. There are many doors lined up.

After a while the maid stopped at a certain door.

"Princess, this is your room." The maid gestured and opened the door.

"Thank you." I said to the maid.

I slowly walked inside the room. The inside was all lit up, it was a normal sized lounge room. I looked around searching for my spare gown, but it was no where to be found.

"I think this is the wrong room..." I said and turned around to look at the maid.

\'Slam, click\' the door was closed and I heard it locked.

I was stunned. I walked hurriedly towards the door and tried to open it. And like I thought, it really was locked from the outside.

"Hello, please open the door." I was knocking on the door. My heart was thumping really fast. There was no answer from the outside.

\'This isn\'t good.\' I thought to myself.

Maybe it wasn\'t a coincidence that the noble woman bumped into me and spilled her wine onto me. Then I remembered Regaleon\'s warning.


"And be very careful especially with your step sisters." Regaleon had a serious face now. "I had an intel a few days ago that the queen bought some things from foreign merchants from across the seas to the east."


Remembering Regaleon\'s warning, I thought that maybe this is one of my step mother and sisters\' schemes.

"I have to get out of here, and fast." I told myself.

I prepared to use my magic to open the door, when gas started to come into the room from the vents.

"What is this?" I was alarmed.

Then the smoked came into my nose. I started to cough. I covered my mouth and nose with my handkerchief but it was useless, with smoke covering all the room. My body was starting to loose it\'s strength.

\'Knock out gas?\' I thought. \'No I have to get out of here quickly.\'

I concentrated my mind on the door knob. The knob started to jerk. But my vision was getting blurred by the second.

\'No. I am starting to lose consciousness.\' My body felt numb and I fell on the ground.

\'Cough cough\' My consciousness is starting to fade. My vision is now all blurred.

"I can\'t... I can\'t lose consciousness." I said.

I tried with all my might to pry the door knob open. The knob was jerking but the strength got weaker by the second.

\'I was careless.\' I scolded myself. \'After Leon warned me, I should have been more careful.\'

"L-Leon." I call his name with my last breath.

My vision went dark. But my consciousness was still clinging.

"Alicia!" I can hear a voice from outside the door.

\'Bang bang bang\' the door was being hit hard from the outside.

"Alicia!" The voice called again.

"I...I\'m here." I yelled with what\'s still remaining from my voice.

"Alicia, wait for me." The voice said. "I\'ll get you out."

\'Cough cough\' My last remaining consciousness was now fading. I am also starting to suffocate.

Breathing is starting to get harder. Maybe this wasn\'t just knock out gas?

\'Bang bang BANG!\' Then the door was pried open.

"Alicia, Alicia!" The voice was now on top of me. It came from a man.

I can feel the man\'s arms carefully hold my body and lifted me up. He carried me out of the room.

I can feel that the man carried me out in a short distance and carefully laid me down.

"Alicia, how are you feeling?" The man asked worriedly.

"Breath...can\'t...breath..." I said with difficulty.

This was the first time I felt this way. As if something so heavy was on my chest. I was trying to breath but with such difficulty.

Then I felt someone pinch my nose and opened my lips carefully. After that I can feel lips on mine, air was blown thru my mouth.

Who ever this was, his action is helping me. I can feel my lungs being given fresh air. After some breaths in my mouth, that someone was pushing my chest.

"Come one Alicia, breath. Please breath." The man said. "I can\'t lose you. I can\'t live without you. Please God, please. Don\'t take her away."

I can hear the sweet words of the man. This words gave warmth to my heart.

\'Cough cough cough\'

I coughed hard. Then I was breathing at ease slowly. At last I can breath freely again. I can feel tears go down my cheeks.

"Oh God. Thank you." The man said with relief. "Alicia, can you hear me?"

I was still disoriented and my body felt so much heavier. I opened my eyes slowly.

My eyes were adjusting and I saw a man looking at me. On top of me I can see a blurred vision of the man, blonde hair and wearing a white suite. I tried to look closely, letting my eyes adjust.

Then I saw his pair of blue eyes, shining on top of me.

"Alicia, how are you feeling now?" I can feel his hand touch my cheeks carefully. Now that my consciousness was back, I recognized the voice instantly.

"W-Will?" I asked.

"Yes, it\'s me." William\'s voice sounded relieved.

"William... you saved me." I said. Now my vision was clear again. I can see William clearly now on top of me, looking down on me.

"Yes, I followed behind you just now. Thinking that I would escort you." William explained. "And just after you got in the door, I was surprised that the maid locked you in. When I saw this, I tried to confront the maid. She tried to escape so I incapacitated her."

William gestured his head towards the maid lying down, unconscious on the floor.

"When you stopped knocking on the door, I was nervous." William said.

"There was some gas inside." I explained. "At first I thought it was a knock out gas. But then I had difficulty in breathing."

Then William\'s expression turned sour in anger. He punched his fist on the wall behind me.

"Who the hell did this to you?" William said in anger.

I looked at him carefully. I have an idea who had done this, but will William believe in me?

"You know right, Alicia?" William asked, looking at me straight into my eyes. I can see trust in his look.

"I have an idea, but I don\'t have any proof." I said.

"Tell me, I will believe you." William said to me warmly. His voice carries his trust in me.

"My step mother and step sisters." I said truthfully. "Do you believe me?"

I looked in his light blue eyes. There was no doubt in them.

"I believe you." William said. "They will pay for this." He said ferociously.

I was taken back with William\'s tone of voice. I was used to the gentle and kind William. This was the first time I saw him so angry.

I sat down carefully, my body was still heavy but at least I can move.

"Why not lie down for a while?" William said but still helped me up.

"No need, I\'m fine." I said. The truth is our position is a little awkward. I am embarrassed to tell William that.

\'Meow\' then Snow came out of no where and jumped onto my lap.

"Snow?" I was puzzled how Snow got here.

\'Hurry, Leon needs you.\' Snow said to me via telepath.