The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 98 Eating your Own Poison

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"Isn\'t that princess Veronica\'s room?" Regaleon mentioned.

The king caught the prince\'s meaning in an instant. He rushed towards the other door and for sure heard loud moaning and erotic sounds. Much louder than in Alicia\'s room.

"Dear, dear... this must be a misunderstanding." The queen has grasped the situation. Knowing the crown prince\'s temperament, the queen knew what would happened.

The queen cursed her eldest daughter. \'Why didn\'t she just follow my plan. Why did she implicate and included the crown prince.\' She thought deep inside.

"What misunderstanding?!" The king flared up again in anger. "Can\'t you hear those lewd noises?!"

"Father, that may not be sister inside." Elizabeth said. "S-She must be still in the ball room."

King Edward looked at Elizabeth and then the queen. Then he understood the situation in an instant.

\'These mother and daughters, what were they up to again?\' Blood boiled inside king Edward, he clenched his fists hard. Then he looked at prince Regaleon. It was good that the prince was here to protect Alicia.

Not looking at the group any longer, the king opened the door to Veronica\'s lounge room.

After opening, they can smell an intoxicating scent.

"All of you cover your mouth and nose." The king said. "Leave the door open and open the lights."

Similar to what happened in Alicia\'s lounge room, this room was also dark. And the lewd and wet noises of a man and woman was heard.

In no time the light of the room turned on. At the center of the room were a naked couple doing the deed.

Prime minister Murdoc saw the incense burner that emitted the intoxicating smell and closed it quickly. After a while the room was free of the scent and the people around can breath fresh air again.

After the light opened, the naked couple stopped what they were doing. They felt the presence of people around them.

"Ahh father?!" Veronica screamed. She looked at her self fully naked and started to cry.

"You harlot!" The queen was furious. She walked fast and got a blanket from a couch nearby to cover her daughter. But after that she gave Veronica a slap on both of her cheeks. "What have you done?!" The queen scolded.

"Mother, I didn\'t mean to... I was... I was assaulted." Veronica was in tears. "The crown prince came in and assaulted me. Father you have to seek justice for me. chastity was taken away."

King Edward looked at his eldest daughter. Fury and sentiment was mixed in his feelings. He knew what this daughter was up to. The king looked behind him where prince Regaleon and his assistant were standing.

"Preposterous!" Dimitri scolded.

"Are you saying that this crown prince assaulted you." Regaleon said cooly. "Because as I know I was the only crown prince here in this party except for your brother, prince Richard."

"P-Prince Regaleon?!" Veronica was surprised. \'Then who was....?\' She looked at the man that was now half naked. The man has a great body full of muscles, he was now wearing his pants.

The group of people were looking at the man that was half naked now. It was sir Bradford, princess Veronica\'s personal knight.

"Why... why is it you here?!" Veronica scolded.

"Sir Bradford, explain." The king was looking at Bradford, waiting for his explanation.

Bradford got into his knees in front of the king.

"Your majesty, I have no excuses to what I have done." Bradford said respectfully. "But I am prepared to take responsibility, your majesty. I have taken princess Veronica\'s chastity, therefore I will marry her and take her as my wife."

"Noooo!!!" Veronica shouted. "I won\'t marry you. I wont marry anyone other than crown prince Regaleon!"

Then a loud slap was heard. It was the king slapping Veronica very hard. This was nothing compared to the slap Veronica got from the queen. Her cheek instantly swelled and was red.

"F-Father?" Veronica looked at the king in surprise.

"Silence!" The king roared. "You are still saying that while your chastity has been taken by another?"

The king knew what was going on. If Veronica still insisted to implicate prince Regaleon into this, then he was sure that Regaleon will investigate thoroughly what has conspired tonight.

King Edward knew that prince Regaleon knows what Veronica was up to. And what is in front of him now was the prince\'s pay back to his daughter.

This was considered still a lite punishment. If Veronica still insists on marrying prince Regaleon, he was afraid that the prince will do something even more sinister.

The king looked at Regaleon. The prince gave him a wicked smile. He knew that the prince was observing him, waiting for his decision.

King Edward knew that even though he doesn\'t want to dance in prince Regaleon\'s tune, he doesn\'t have a choice but follow. Veronica was still his daughter, even if he was dissatisfied with her now, he doesn\'t want her to be killed or even worse than death.

"Then I will give you my blessing." King Edward looked at sir Bradford. "You will marry my daughter Veronica."

"Thank you for your blessings, your majesty." Sir Bradford\'s head was still bowed down.

"" Veronica was crying silently. The queen was consoling her.

The king turned around. "Minister Stanley."

"Yes, your majesty." Stanley bowed his head.

"Make sure this incident won\'t leak out." The kind ordered. "And prepare Veronica\'s wedding as soon as possible."

"Yes." Stanley walked out of the room in an instant.

King Edward looked at Veronica one last time. She was crying on the floor.

\'You did that to yourself you foolish girl.\' The king thought and walked out.

By the door the king saw prince Regaleon. He was wearing a wicked smile.

"You made the right choice your majesty." Regaleon whispered when the king was right beside him. "I won\'t tolerate anyone that bring\'s harm to me or my fiancee."

The king understood and nodded. He walked away from the room.

Regaleon looked at the scene in front of him. The crying Veronica was being comforted by the queen and Elizabeth.

"Is this enough, your highness?" Dimitri asked.

"This is enough, for now." Regaleon replied. "She is still my sister-in-law. This is me giving her face. But if she does things against us again, I will make her life a living hell. She will be wishing she would rather be dead."

Regaleon\'s face looked devilish. Dimitri knew that this was the face the crown prince wears when he is angered. No one has had a good ending when the prince wears such a face.