The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 97 The Sister’s Scheme 2

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The party is still ongoing in the ball room. All the nobles are having a good time.

"Father!" Elizabeth looked to be in distraught. She walked hurriedly to her father.

"Elizabeth! Mind your manners." The queen who was beside the king scolded Elizabeth. "We are in the middle of a party. Why are you in a panic?"

"I-It\'s sister. Sister is being assaulted." Elizabeth\'s face was in panic.

"What?!" The queen acted accordingly. She looked around and see the high rank nobles that heard Elizabeth.

Before Elizabeth came running in a panic, the ones with the king was prime minister Murdoc, left minister Stanley, and Duke Cunningham.

"Please father, she needs help." Elizabeth was in a panic.

King Edwards face contorted in an instant. Why has such a thing happened in this occasion. Looking around, it was good that only his trusted ministers and duke Cunningham who have heard such a thing.

"Quick, take me to where your sister is!" King Edward said with anger. He doesn\'t want such a thing to be spread out in the noble society.

"Yes father, this way." Elizabeth turned around in a rush and lead the way to the group of people.

"Duke Cunningham, may I trouble you in helping me to cover this up?" The king whispered beside the duke.

"Of course your majesty." The old duke knew what the king meant.

Now that the noble society is present, this news about the daughter of the king being assaulted isn\'t good to be heard by any of the people present here.

Hence the group of people that followed Elizabeth was the king, prime minister Murdoc, left minister Stanley, and the queen.

The queen was following the king from behind. She looked at minister Stanley and the left minster looked back. They had a silent agreement in there eyes.

The queen was sure that the left minister will follow her lead. The left minister has always been under her faction, she knows minister Stanley always thirsted for power. That is why she has promised marriage of her younger daughter Elizabeth to the son of left minister.

This marriage will secure a place for minister Stanley in the royal family, as a father-in-law of one of the princesses. This comes with much more power than he was holding right now.

Of course Elizabeth doesn\'t have any idea that her marriage has been arranged already. Because until now she is in the impression that she will be promised marriage to William Cunningham.

"Father it\'s here." Elizabeth was outside the door of a lounge room.

When king Edward recognized which room this was, his face was red with anger. He bursted inside.

Inside the room was dark and the lights were off. They were hearing a faint sound. These sounds were rather erotic.

After hearing these sounds, the king\'s anger bursted out.

"Quickly, open the lights!" The king shouted in anger.

Quickly, Elizabeth opened the lights. At the far corner the room, the couch\'s back was facing them. A glance of a hunched back was seen briefly. The erotic sounds came from there. With rage the king\'s strode inside the room. The group of people followed the king.

Upon gazing at the couch. Two people were on top of each other. Their clothes were disheveled and their bodies were entwined in an erotic manner. At such position, both of their faces cannot be seen.

"What is this?!" The king shouted in rage. That was the only time the two bodies on the couch stopped.

The male on top slowly looked up to look at the king.

"Crown prince Regaleon?!" The queen was surprised. This wasn\'t in her plans. What did her daughter do?

Regaleon looked at the crowd and took his coat lying on the ground to cover the body of the woman under him.

Elizabeth looked briefly and smiled. Her sister Veronica\'s plan was going smoothly.

"Prince Regaleon, what is the meaning of this?" The king roared.

"I\'m sorry your majesty, I just can\'t resist your daughter\'s charm." Regaleon said.

The woman under Regaleon was still covering her face under the coat, somewhat embarrassed with the presence of the group of people around.

This was Elizabeth\'s cue. "Sister, what did the crown prince do to you!"

Elizabeth pulled the woman\'s hand covering her face. Then a beautiful face emerged.

"Y-You! What are you doing here?!" Elizabeth was surprised. "Where is sister Veronica?!"

"What do you mean Elizabeth?" The beautiful voice of Alicia rang into the ears of the group. "This is my lounge room, correct? Then why are you surprised to see me?"

"Why are you looking for princessVeronica here?" Regaleon\'s voice was cold beyond negative zero.

The king looked at Regaleon and Alicia and heave a sigh.

"Explain this prince Regaleon." The king looked at him seriously.

"Like I said, your majesty. I can\'t resist your daughter\'s charms." Regaleon smiled wickedly. "I can\'t see any problem with this. We are officially an engaged couple. Having some intimacy isn\'t bad between us."

Regaleon\'s piercing eyes fall unto Elizabeth. The girl shivered with fright.

"Your majesty, this is a little bit awkward, can you please leave first." Regaleon looked at Alicia that was still covered with his coat.

Alicia\'s bare shoulders and legs were peeking out of the cover. Her face was all red with embarrassment.

"Hahaha, young people are hot blooded indeed." Prime minister Murdoc\'s laugh broke the tension around the room. "Your majesty, let\'s give them some space, the situation is embarrassing princess Alicia."

The king nodded.

"Let\'s give my fiancee some time to dress." Regaleon said cooly.

The group exited the room leaving Alicia to dress. Regaleon followed them outside.

When the group of people came outside, Regaleon closed the door. Then Dimitri walked towards them and bowed down.

"Prince Regaleon, the first princess Veronica is in her lounge room." Dimitri said.

"Is that so?" Regaleon looked at Elizabeth piercingly. "Weren\'t you searching for your sister a while ago?"

Elizabeth was startled. "W-Well yes." She stuttered.

"The sister you were talking about being assaulted, was it your sister princess Veronica?" Regaleon asked cooly.

"Y-Ye... I-I mean no." Elizabeth was about to slip. "I-I was just walking along the corridors when I heard erotic sounds coming from inside. I never thought..."

"Erotic sound you say?" Regaleon looked at Elizabeth with cold eyes again. Elizabeth shivered, she felt those eyes had a killing intent in them. "Then maybe you walked inside the wrong room."

"What do you mean?" The queen was the one that answered. She was afraid that her daughter will say things she shouldn\'t.

"I admit, we made some noise." Regaleon smiled wickedly. "But can\'t you hear that loud noise?"

All was silent, thinking what the prince was talking about. Then they heard strange sounds, just at the other door beside them.

"Isn\'t that princess Veronica\'s room?" Regaleon mentioned.