The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 96 The Sister’s Scheme 1

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It has been some hours since the engagement party has started. Regaleon and I have been talking with guests since the announcement.

"Leon, let\'s rest for a while." I said to him. "I am a little tired."

"Alright." Regaleon said with a smile. "Would you like to get some fresh air in the garden near by?"

"Mm-hmm." I nodded. "Some fresh air sounds good."

Surrounded by so many people can be a bit tiring and suffocating as well. A breath of fresh air maybe is what I need.

Regaleon led me by my hand towards the exit. Once outside I inhale the fresh air around. The night was bright with a full moon shining.

Regaleon\'s attendants came to give us our cloaks. Regaleon put his on and helped me put mine. I smiled at him as thanks to his small gesture.

"Let\'s sit down there." Regaleon led me to a small gazebo. Inside are some chairs and a table.

Regaleon, being a gentleman, pulled a chair out and helped me seat down. And he sat down on a chair beside me.

"Still tired?" Regaleon asked.

"No. Fresh air is really what I needed." I replied. "I never thought dealing with nobles can be tiring."

"Haha, trust me. It really is tiring, based on experience." Regaleon said. "You need to always act in front of them. And you have to be always on your guard. Just one wrong move, you will be shunned by the noble society in an instant."

"That is scary." I said shivering while thinking about it.

As a forgotten princess, I wasn\'t accustomed to being with nobles. So I don\'t know how to deal with them.

"Don\'t worry Lili." Regaleon squeezed my hand on top of the table. "You have me. I will be always here to protect you."

"Thank you." I said. "But you can\'t always be beside me, you also have work as a crown prince. Don\'t worry, in no time I am going to be accustomed in dealing with them. I am not going to bring you any shame."

Regaleon ruffled my hair and chuckled. "Silly, I am not worrying about you shaming my name or anything. You can do what ever you like, I will always have your back. I just want you to be safe."

"Oh really?" I said jokingly. "Even of I do something silly and crazy, you promise to be always there for me?" I giggled.

"Of course. I will be always backing you, whatever silly or crazy things you do." Regaleon said with a smile. "That is because I love you, more than anyone in this world."

The joke was dispelled after Regaleon said the last sentence. A warm feeling covered my whole body.

Regaleon touched my cheeks and slowly caressed it. He slowly inched towards me and gave me a gentle sweet kiss on my lips.

"Be careful with nobles. They can be smiling in front of you but when you turn your back, they can do or say the opposite." Regaleon looked straight into my eyes. I nodded, knowing what he meant.

"And be very careful especially with your step sisters." Regaleon had a serious face now. "I had an intel a few days ago that the queen bought some things from foreign merchants from across the seas to the east."

"The merchants from the east?" I was curious. The people from the east have many kinds of things to trade, things that can\'t be found here in our continent.

"Yes. The people from the east are adept with herbal medicines and other things. I wasn\'t able to know specifically what the queen bought. But I am afraid it is not good. So be careful, okay?" Regaleon said worriedly.

"Don\'t worry. I will be very careful around those two and the people around them." I said.

"I know you are smarter than them." Regaleon smiled and kissed my hand.


Regaleon and I were walking back inside the ball room, when suddenly someone bumped into me.

It was a young noble woman that was holding a glass of wine that bumped into me. The wine splattered into my dress.

"Oh no, your highness. I am so sorry." The young noble woman said in surprise. "I didn\'t mean to spill the wine into your beautiful dress. Oh whatevere would I do."

"Don\'t worry, it\'s fine." I answered. I was just sad that the beautiful ball gown of my mother was stained.

The noble woman took her handkerchief to clean the stain.

"Really, there is no need to." I was afraid the stain would just spread.

"My fiancee said it is okay. You don\'t need to burdened any further." Regaleon took a step between me and the noble woman. He was looking at her with coldness.

"T-Then I will taking my leave, your highnesses." The noble woman looked frightened with Regaleon\'s stare. She gave a curtsy and hurriedly left.

I looked at my dress and sighed. The red wine left a stain.

"I think I need to change Leon." I said. "I have a spare gown in my lounge room."

"Do you like me to accompany you?" Regaleon asked.

"No need. I will be quick." I replied. "And some of the high ranking nobles are walking this way. I am sure they would like to talk to you."

"Hmph, they just want to curry favor from me and Grandcrest." Regaleon said sarcastically.

"But you still need to act, being you are the crown prince of Grandcrest." I smiled teasingly and winked at him. "Don\'t worry, I will be back shortly."

I gave him a peck on his cheek.

"Be quick. It is lonely without you by my side." Regaleon said teasingly and I giggled.

I turned around and walked towards where the lounge rooms are located.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

It has been a while since Alicia left to change her gown. I have been talking to high nobles since she left.

"Sorry, I need to excuse my self for a while." I said.

"Of course your highness."

"It\'s was good talking to you, your highness."

"Please go ahead crown prince."

I nodded my head and left.

"Dimitri." I whispered and in no time Dimitri was walking right behind me.

"Yes your highness?" Dimitri said.

"Show me the way to Alicia\'s lounge room." I ordered.

"Right this way your highness." Dimitri led the way.

We walked towards the lounge rooms and arrived in front of a door. Dimitri gestured respectfully that this was Alicia\'s lounge room.

I knocked twice. "Alicia." There was no response.

"Alicia, I am coming in." I said. I gestured to Dimitri to stay outside and guard the door.

I came inside the room and closed the door. I scanned inside, and at the far corner I see Alicia seating on a chair with her back facing me.

\'She is still wearing her stained gown?\' I thought it to be curious. I can feel something is wrong.

I walked towards her carefully.

"Lili, are you okay?" I asked.

When I was coming near her I smelled a fragrant scent. The scent was coming from an incense burner in front of Alicia.

"This smell!" I covered my nose with my hand quickly. But it was too late. I have inhaled some of the smoke.

"I have been waiting for you, your highness." It was not Alicia\'s voice.

The woman seating in front of me turned around, it was Veronica.