The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 95 First Dance as a Couple

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After the announcement, Regaleon led me down the stairs and towards the dance floor.

It was a custom that after the announcement of the engagement, the newly engaged couple will have their first dance.

Regaleon and I are walking side by side. My arms are hooked in his. The crowd gave way to us.

When we reached the center of the dance floor, Regaleon carefully placed me in front of him. He bowed down gracefully.

"May I have this dance?" Regaleon said while extending his hand.

"Certainly, your highness." I gave my curtsy, remembering to be elegant.

Regaleon encircled his left hand on my waist and his other hand wrapped mine. I elegantly put my other hand in his shoulder.

By the time we were at the dancing posture, my eyes swept around us. The guests have made a circle, with us in the center. Their eyes are all on us. I tensed up once I felt their presence.

Regaleon must have felt me tense up in his arms.

"Look at me." Regaleon said. So I looked at him.

Tonight he was wearing a silver mask with sapphire gems. He was wearing his royal black suit with silver thread decorations. His aura was emitting that of a royalty, very well suited for a crown prince. His sapphire eyes were twinkling, with only me reflected on them.

"Don\'t think about them." Regaleon advised. "Look only at me, as if we are only the ones existing."

Regaleon was helping me to calm down. He knows that I am nervous, with all the gazes towards us. Only one mistake and I will be a laughing stock and be talked about in the noble society.

I nodded at Regaleon.

\'I can\'t make a mistake.\' I make a resolve.

I now carry the name as the future crown princess of Grandcrest and fiancee to prince Regaleon. My action will also reflect to him. I don\'t want to give shame to him.

"Just remember what I thought you. As your teacher, I know you can do it better than anyone else." Regaleon gave me a reassuring smile.

My heart squeezed after hearing his words. I am happy that he believes in my abilities. This man in front of me is my future husband. Starting tonight we can lean on each other whenever one needs help. I know that Regaleon will always have my back. Knowing this my nervousness fades away, as if it was never there to begin with.

Then the music started to play. Regaleon started to lead the dance.

I was matching Regaleon step by step. And in no time I was twirling in his arms. And then I remember out first time dancing.

Our first dance was when I debuted into society. It should have been my father the king who was my first dance. But Regaleon stole it away from him.

Our movements matched perfectly. I was having fun dancing. It was like Regaleon and I were alone, moving accordingly to the music in the background.

"It was like our first time." I said.

"Yes, I remember." Regaleon smiled. "The first time I saw you, I decided that you are the one to be my wife. That is why I seized the chance to take your first dance."

I giggled. "You stole it from my father." I said.

"Haha. I think that is why he harbors bad feelings towards me." Regaleon chuckled. "But it\'s all worth it. Now you are mine and mine alone."

His words made me blush.

\'Yes, I am now his.\' I thought.

"And you are mine." I replied.

"Yes, I am all yours." Regaleon confirmed.

My heart squeezed in sweetness and delight. Regaleon and I are only for each other. Being with him gives me the confidence of moving forward.

"I love you." Regaleon said sweetly.

"And I love you." I replied with all my heart.

I am feeling elated with all of the happiness I am feeling. If only this time would last forever.


Veronica was at the royal lounge area alone when the doors opened.

Elizabeth came in and closed the door behind

"Hmph, that little slut is having the time of her life outside." Elizabeth sneered. "I can\'t stand seeing her happy like that."

"Don\'t worry little sister. Her happiness won\'t last that long." Veronica replied. A wicked smile is on her face.

"Are all the things is place sister?" Elizabeth asked cheerfully.

"Everything is all set." Veronica replied. "You just need to do what I had asked you to."

"Do not worry sister, I will play my part well." Elizabeth giggled.

Veronica took a vial from her purse. Inside was a clear liquid. She looked at it intently.

"With this, my place in crown prince Regaleon\'s side will be set. And I will make sure to crush Alicia\'s happiness." Veronica smiled viciously.

\'Knock knock\'

"Who is it?" Elizabeth asked.

"It is me your highness." A whispered voice of a girl is heard from outside.

"Open the door." Veronica told Elizabeth.

Elizabeth hurriedly opened the door. A maid holding a huge box entered discreetly. She was looking nervously at her back before closing the door.

"Is that what I have asked you to get?" Veronica asked the maid.

"Yes, your highness." The maid answered nervously.

"Nobody saw you?" Veronica asked the maid. She looked at her with a cold gaze.

The maid was frightened and bowed her head

"Yes your highness, I am sure no one saw me." The maid replied.

"That\'s good." Veronica quickly took the box from the made.

"What are you planning sister?" Elizabeth asked. Veronica didn\'t fully briefed her sister with all the specific of her plan, not trusting her fully.

"You will see later, sister." Veronica said. "You will surely see a good show tonight."