The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 94 Public Announcemen

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After the steward announced that it was time, all of us followed my father the king. He led us towards the balcony looking down the ball room hall.

There at the balcony present are the other members of the royal family of Alvannia. Richard and grandpa at one side and my step mother and sisters at the other side.

"Greetings crown prince Regaleon, sister Alicia." Richard chimed. "Congratulations to the both of you."

Richard was walking towards us with a genuine smile. He extended his hand to Regaleon, Leon shook it happily.

"Thank you crown prince Richard." Regaleon said smiling. "No need for formalities, you can call me brother-in-law."

"Then, brother-in-law. You can also call me Richard." Richard replied happily. "Sister, I am so happy for you."

Richard took me into his embrace.

"Thank you Richard." I said.

"Are you really happy?" Richard whispered in my ear. "If ever brother-in-law bullies you, just come to me and I will definitely help you."

I giggled hearing Richard\'s words. "Yes, I am happy. Don\'t worry, if Regaleon bullies me then I will surely come to you for help." I whispered in reply.

"Alicia, you look stunning." Grandpa said. "You are the most beautiful lady here tonight."

"Thank you grandpa." I walk towards grandpa and embraced him. I savor this feeling, because I will be far away after this engagement.

"Crown prince Regaleon, congratulations." Grandpa shook Regaleon\'s hand.

"Thank you general Robert or should I say grandpa-in-law." Regaleon said jokingly.

Grandpa shivered after hearing Regaleon call him grandpa-in-law and I giggled.

"Let\'s take things slowly prince Regaleon. You can call me that once the two of you got married already." Grandpa replied.

"Crown prince Regaleon, congratulations." Veronica gave her curtsy. She was wearing a gold ball gown.

\'Is it just me or is Veronica\'s voice rather flirty?\' I thought. This made me a little irritated.

"Congratulations to you crown prince." Elizabeth and step mother said simultaneously.

"Thank you." Regaleon replied coldly. "But I am not engaged by my self as I recall."

Regaleon encircled his arms around my waist and held me in his embrace. He was clearly showing them his affection for me. It was because it is evident that the three females in front of us purposely forgot to congratulate me.

"Ahh y-yes, of course." My step mother was nervous with Regaleon\'s cold tone. "Congratulations to you too, my dear Alicia."

"Yes, congratulations sister." Veronica said forcefully.

She is congratulating me but her face looked otherwise.

"Congratulations, sister Alicia." Elizabeth said with a cheerful face. I looked at her curiously.

Maybe Elizabeth is just happy because I am marrying into Grandcrest and she will have a chance with Will. I am afraid she will be depressed when she knows that William will be going with me in Grandcrest.

"Thank you." I replied.

"Well then, let\'s get this going." My father interjected. "Let\'s move on with the announcement and the festivities."

Some stewards blew their horns to get the attention of the nobles down the ball room. All of the people\'s attention are now at us.

King father walked at the edge of the balcony and looked down at all of the nobles. Hence the nobles at the ball room bowed down.

"All rise." Father said with a huge voice. "Good evening everyone. As you all now we are here today to officially announce the engagement of the crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest to my daughter, third princess Alicia of Alvannia."

The nobles started to applause.

After the round of applause, father gestured Regaleon and I to accompany him at the edge of the balcony.

Regaleon took my hand and lead me to where father is. Once there, I look down at the people. All of them are wearing smiles and I can here their congratulations.

"I present to you now the officially engaged, crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest and third princess Alicia of Alvannia." Father announced.

Regaleon and I waved our hands down to the people with a smile. Another round of applause was given by the nobles.

I felt genuine happiness now. After hearing father announce our engagement to the nobles, I am now known as the future crown princess of Grandcrest and Regaleon\'s fiancee.

"Happy?" Regaleon whispered slowly in my ear that it tickled me. My smile broadened more.

"Hmm, yes." I nodded. "Very."

"I am too." Regaelon said sweetly. He cupped my face and planted a kiss on my lips.

The crowd below roared once more. I can hear teasing and such. My face went hot in embarrassment.

After the kiss, Regaleon looked at me with affection. My heart was thumping really fast.

"Now the world knows that you are my fiancee." Regaleon said with a soothing voice. "I can\'t wait for you to be my wife."

"Me too." I said. I can feel my face blush even more.

Just by thinking that I am going to be Regaelon\'s wife sent goosebumps all over mu body. I also can\'t wait to be married to him, the love of my life.

As of now, I am now known as the fiancee of the one I love, Regaleon. I have felt so much happiness in just one night.

\'Will this night get any better than this?\' I thought.

I did not know that someone was planning something big tonight.

\'Be happy as much as you like, sister Alicia.\' Veronica thought. \'After tonight, the one who will be marrying the crown prince will not be you but me.\'

I didn\'t know that Veronica was looking at me with daggers behind my back, while Regaleon and I wave our hands to the crowd below.

Veronica\'s hatred for me has raised up another notch. But then she made a wicked smile.

While this happened, I shivered unconsciously. I felt something bad is about to happen.