The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 92 William’s Decision

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(William\'s POV)

The grand ball room inside the palace is all lit up tonight. The big hall is adorned but beautiful flowers. Tables and chairs are lined up at the side, with beautiful linens and tableware. The decorations tonight is so splendid and grand.

The hall is now full of noble people, all dressed up for the occasion. That is right, tonight is the engagement party of the beautiful third princess Alicia of Alvannia, and the crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest.

My heart ache remembering what the occasion is tonight. The love of my life, Alicia, has been taken away from me by the crown prince of Grandcrest.

Looking around the festivities, all people are lively smiling and chatting. All are in praise of this union.

Alicia was selected to become crown princess and the future queen of Grandcrest. This is a great blessing for our country, Alvannia. This union will benefit us greatly.

But I cannot bring myself to smile. My heart aches just by thinking about her being taken away by another man.

Alicia, the first time I saw her was when she debuted in the society. She was still young, but her beauty was unmeasurable. The first time I saw her, I said to myself that I will make her my wife, the future duchess of Cunningham.

We had been good friends from the start. I was always visiting her in her courtyard, further deepening our relationship.

But two years ago we got separated. She was taken to the outskirts to recuperate from her illnesd. I wasn\'t able to visit her because my coming of age was near. I was preparing myself to inherit the title of duke from my father.

When I got the information that she was coming back to the capital, I didn\'t waste any time to send a letter to ask permission to marry her.

It was the right timing because I just came of age and was about to inherit the title of duke Cunningham. My father agreed right away. He knew my feeling towards Alicia. My dream of her becoming my wife was just arms away.

But that dream shattered. The news came that Alicia was now betrothed to the crown prince of Grandcrest, Regaleon.

\'Why?\' I thought. \'Why of the three princesses of Alvannia, why her?\'

I was depressed, my whole world became meaningless without her. These past few years I have worked hard, envisioning her by my side in the future ahead.

I look at the crowd again, they were having a great time tonight. But I can\'t feel the reason to be happy. My heart has left me and is with the woman that I love. I took a sip of wine from my glass.

"Son, are you okay?" My father asked with a worried smile.

"I\'m okay father." I assured him. "Do not worry."

I see my father sighed. "Are you sure you want to do this, Will?"

"Father, this is all that I can do for now." I answered. "Rest assured that I will be fine. I will surely take care of myself."

"I understand. You are now an adult and is now responsible with your own actions. I will respect your decision." My father replied. "It\'s just a pity, you could have been a great duke."

"Do not worry father. I am sure my younger brother will be a fine duke after proper education and training."

Yes, I have decided. When the letter from the king came, it contained a request.

Alicia is going to the neighboring country, very different from ours. She doesn\'t know anyone there and her former knight has resigned form his post. Therefore she has no personal knight to accompany and protect her. King Edward asked me if I am willing to become her personal knight.

After reading the contents of the letter, I made a decision to pass the duke\'s title to my younger brother. I have decided to be Alicia\'s personal knight.

My father objected at first, saying that my decision will only give me grief and sadness. I myself know that it will hurt me a lot to see her married to another man. But my heart is still longing for her. Even though it hurts, just by being beside her, caring for her, protecting her, I know my heart will be at ease. Call me a martyr or whatsoever, but I want to be beside her.

"Crown prince Regaleon Yosef Astley of Grenacrest and third princess Alicia Rosalyn Von Heist of Alvannia arrives." The herald announces their arrival.

All of the guests looked at the entrance of the ball room hall. Their eyes focused on the pair that entered.

I wasn\'t able to get a clear look, so I walked towards their position. I squeezed thru the crowd and little by little I came close to their position.

Then I saw her, a fairy wearing a dark blue gown. Her platinum blonde hair was braided to one side and adorned with sparkling jewels.

She was shining at the center of the crowd. My breath was taken away with her beauty. Alicia was like a blue fairy, glowing and captivating everyone inside the ball room.

Alicia was smiling towards the other nobles that is greeting her. Her smile was enchanting that it made my heart skip a beat.

"Will." I hear her beautiful voice call my name. I was stunned because she noticed me in these pool of people.

"Will, William." She called again. Her eyes were sparkling, looking at me and waving her hand gently. My lips hooked up into a smile instantly.

\'She still remembers me.\' I thought.

Alicia walked towards me. But I felt a chill in my spine. Looking at her side, was crown prince Regaleon.

Regaleon had a smile but not a smile. His gaze was giving me the chills.

\'Did I offend him or something?\' I thought.

I was only acquainted to the crown prince in Alicia\'s debutant ball, and I never had any interactions with him after. So why is there hostility in the way he looks at me.

"William, it\'s been a while." Alicia was now in front of me. "How have you been doing?"

Her smile was radiating. She was happy to see me.

"Crown prince Regaelon, princess Alicia." I gave my greetings and bowed. If it was just Alicia, I can skip the greetings. But with the crown prince of Grandcrest with her, I can\'t be disrespectful.

"Sir William Cunningham." Regaleon answered back with a nod.

"Answering the princess\' question, I have been well." I looked at Alicia with a warm smile.

Seeing her tonight made my resolve more firm. I will accompany Alicia as her personal knight and protect her with all of my abilities.