The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 91 Engagement Party 2

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Tricia and I entered the other room. Inside, my ballgown is worn by a mannequin.

Until now I am in awe with the beauty of this gown. Its blue color is similar to Regaleon\'s eyes, dark blue as the deep water of the ocean.

"Your highness, prince Regaleon\'s assistant Dimitri came a while ago to give you these." Tricia took a jewelry box on the table.

She slowly opened it and inside were a set of sapphire and diamond jewels. They were sparkling magnificently.

The set consists of a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a tiara. The sapphire jewels were a match with my gown.

"How did he...?" I didn\'t finish my question. It was Regaleon I\'m talking about. I am sure his information network is vast. Knowing the color of my dress tonight is a piece of cake.

"A letter was included with the jewels princess." Tricia gave me the letter and I read it silently.


My dear Lili,

I thought that these jewels will compliment the ballgown you are wearing tonight, so I bought them for you. Please wear them tonight.

I will be fetching you in your courtyard by six in the evening, wait for me.

Love you always,



Reading the letter made my heart squeeze in warmness and delight. I read that phrase in the end of the letter again \'Love you always\'. A smile crept on my lips.

"And I love you too, always." I whispered to my self.

"Princess, let\'s start dressing you up." Tricia said.

"Okay." I replied. Two other maids and Tricia helped me dress up.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

It was ten before six in the evening. I have arrived to fetch my beautiful fiancee.

"It\'s so evident in your face that you are very happy." It was the voice of general Robert.

I look at the corner and he was there walking towards me.

"Evident on my face?" I asked curiously.

"Hahaha, you didn\'t notice the smile plastered on your face?" Robert teased.

I touched my face curiously. I can\'t believe that a smile has been plastered on my face for a while now.

"Well, I really am happy." I said. "I am about to be engaged with the love of my life."

Robert\'s smiling face turned solemn and gave a sigh.

"Prince Regaleon, I am not going to question your true feelings for my granddaughter. Because only a fool won\'t see your clear affections for her." Robert said. "But I want to know, what are you planning for her?"

I look at Robert with a serious expression. Even though Alicia was not Robert\'s real granddaughter, he raised and loved her as his own.

"I know that you are worrying for her general. But rest assured that my intentions towards her are sincere." I said solemnly. "I will love her and ONLY her. I promise you that I will not take any concubines or side consorts. She will be the only woman in my harem."

I look at Robert to see what his reaction will be. I can see him relax and sigh in relief.

"I am happy to hear that." Robert said. "But what about the other issue?"

The issue that Robert is talking about is the investigation that we have done these past two years.

"We have gathered enough evidence." I said. "With these, we have the right to take action."

"Then..." Robert looked at me, tensed once again.

"Do not worry. I am not such a black hearted person. After I marry Alicia, he will become my father-in-law. If he is good and follow my conditions, then I will give him face as the king of Alvannia."

"I understand." Robert nodded.

"You are not against my plans?" I asked him.

Robert shook his head. "I know what he has done wrong. I am also part guilty for not advising him more strongly."

"You have no fault general. He did his actions without your knowledge. He has to pay for it himself." I said. "I will not condemn those who are innocent."

"Thank you." Robert bowed slightly.

I know he was not thanking me for himself but for his grandchildren, especially the heir to the throne Richard.

"I am sure he will make a fine young king." I said and glanced at him. Robert looked at me with surprise. "You raised him as the young man he is now, you should be proud."

Robert understood what I was saying and smiled. His smile was gentle, like what a grandparent would have.

"Thank you, prince Regaleon." Robert said with a compassion of a parent.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." I heard Alicia\'s voice on top of the staircase.

I looked up and I see a goddess in a blue dress. She was so beautiful that the surroundings looked pale with her just standing there.

"Did you wait long?" The goddess spoke to me with a melody.

My eyes were glued at her. She was wearing a navy blue dress, sparkling against the light. Her beautiful platinum blonde hair was braided into a fish tail with diamonds lining down, a tiara was seen on top of her head.

The goddess was now going down the staircase. Her action was so graceful and elegant. I consciously walked towards the bottom of the staircase, my eyes not leaving her even a second.

When she was at the last steps of the stairs, I extended my hand to help this goddess get down safely.

She took my hand firmly and smiled. Her hand was soft and smooth, like silk. Her simple smile radiates her face, like it was the sun shining and giving me warmth.

"Prince Regaleon." The goddess called my name and slightly bowed her head, my heart was simply feeling ecstatic.

"Grandfather." The goddess acknowledges Robert.

"You are beautiful Alicia." I hear Robert say but my eyes never left this goddess one bit.

"Thank you grandfather." She smiled.

"You are so beautiful, my Alicia." I said with all my affection. I pressed my lips at the back of her hand that I am holding.

I can feel her shiver a bit and it made me smile. My goddess, this girl that was going to be my fiancee, is still shy with my simplest actions.

To confirm my suspicions, I look up and see her cheeks blush with a beautiful pinkish glow. I can feel my heart became warm.

The beautiful goddess in from of me, the third princess of Alvannia, my fiancee, I love her so much.

"I am sorry for making you wait." Alicia said apologetically. Her blush was still there.

"The wait is worth it." I smiled. "Looking at this beautiful goddess in front of me." I raised my hand and caressed her blushed cheek.

"Thank you." Alicia replied shyly.

"Then, shall we?" I asked.

"Hmmm." Alicia nodded. "Let\'s go."