The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 90 Engagement Party 1

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It was the day of the engagement party. All people in the palace are so busy preparing.

I was still lying in bed. It was still early and the sun has just came up. I am still sleepy after last night. I remember last night when Regaleon visited me. We were at my veranda, admiring the night sky full of stars and the moon. Then Regaleon got down in one knee and took a small box from his pocket. He opened the box, took a diamond ring out and proposed to me.

Remembering last night, my heart was thumping loudly in my heart. I can\'t resist screaming in delight. And because I don\'t want to alarm the maids outside, I burry my head under the pillows.

"Ayyeeee..." I made a controlled scream. I was kicking my feet in the mattress as if my whole body was being tickled.

I have prepared everything, so I am sure that this evening will all go according to plan. I plan to stay in bed for a couple of minutes.

"Princess, good morning." Tricia came barging inside my room full of energy.

"Tricia, it\'s still a little early." I said groggily. "I don\'t have anything scheduled for this morning, so can I sleep another couple of minutes?"

"Oh, no, no, no." Tricia lifted up my sheets that was over me. "We have to prepare you for this evening."

"Ahh, Tricia!" I was surprised. "It\'s still early to prepare."

"There are many things to prepare you for." Tricia said. "And I am afraid that the whole days isn\'t enough. That\'s why come and stand up princess."

Tricia held her hand out to help me and I took it.

"Okay." I yawned.


After eating breakfast, my day was busy preparing.

I had a bath in the royal bath which is as big as pool. This was my first time using the royal bath, and I will feels nice.

The bath was full of bubbles and my body was submerged in them. Nice scents were used in my bath. It was calm and soothing. It helped me relax my nerves that was stressed out the past few weeks.

After bathing, Tricia sat me in front of a big three way mirror. I can see my self that was still wearing a robe and my hair was still wet.

I can see that my face was having a healthy pink flush. My skin was so soft and smooth.

"What aroma did you put on the bath?" I asked Tricia curiously.

"I used scents from the gifts prince Regaelon gave to you yesterday." Tricia replied. "And I have put some Blue Rose Oil in it." She smiled.

"Blue Rose Oil?" \'No wonder.\' I thought.

The Blue Rose Oil that Regaleon gave me was mainly used on the skin as a beauty product. It was extracted from the blue rose that was only found in Grandcrest and completely rare. It can be said that this oil is a treasure in itself.

I took a sniff from my arm and a nice scent, not too strong, can be smelled.

\'Knock knock.\' There was a knock on the door.

Tricia opened it and a group of people came in. One man and two women.

"Greetings your highness, third princess Alicia." The man, Gustavo greeted. He bowed together with the two women behind him.

"Good afternoon Gustavo." I greeted.

Gustavo is known for being the number one beautician in the capital. If others ask why a man became a beautician, well the answer is because Gustavo was gay.

At this time of age, being gay out in the open is considered a disgrace. But Gustavo was different, he went out in the open proudly. He went against his noble family, and because of that he was shunned after. He was labeled as a disgrace from his noble family.

But this didn\'t put him down and opened his own business as a beautician. His customers were commoners and nobles alike. I have proper respect for this man for choosing his passion, rather than a fake personality most nobles have.

"I am happy that you chose me to make your hair and make-up your highness." Gustavo smiled.

"I am sure that you will do an amazing job." I replied with a smile also.

And the work on my outward appearance begins. They do my nails, hair and make-up.


When we finished, the sun was about to set. I look at my self in the three way mirror.

"You look so stunning dear." Gustavo complimented.

"Really?" I asked. I see Tricia reflected in the mirror wearing a \'wow\' face.

"You look so beautiful princess." Tricia compliemented. "I am sure that prince Regaleon will fall head over heels with you. He won\'t be looking at anyone but you this evening."

"That\'s the point why I worked perfectly honey." Gustavo replied. "You have a natural beauty that I just enhanced. I am sure you are going to be the most beautiful tonight." He smiled.

"Thank you very much." I said with much appreciation.

I look at my reflection again. I can see a very beautiful young lady that is worthy to be beside the crown prince of Grandcrest.

I was glad that my plain face was beautified tonight. I can hold my head high beside my beloved.

"Princess, let\'s go to the other room." Tricia said. "Your gown and accessories are waiting there."

"Hmm." I nod.

I look one last time at my self on the mirror. Tonight will be the most important night for the past sixteen years of my life. I hope all will go well with no worries.