The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 9 Getting to know the princess 2

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Tricia was leading Leon along the hallway of the third princess\' estate.

"I am happy that Lord Robert found a knight to serve my princess." Tricia said while walking.

"I am happy to serve our princess Alicia." Leon replied.

"I hope that the rumors won\'t get to you. Princess Alicia is a good hearted young girl. Even though the queen and her stepsisters are not good to her she won\'t show any ill intentions or think badly of them. She just takes everything they throw at her silently." Tricia said.

"Do they always bully princess Alicia?" Leon asked.

"When they feel like it, they will just search for her and bully her. I feel sorry for her but I can\'t do anything but watch. I am just a lowly maid." Tricia sighed.

"Why can\'t I see other maids around?" Leon asked.

"We are just a handful of maids here in the third princess\' courtyard. The queen doesn\'t give our princess as many maids as the two other princesses." Tricia said. "And also not many wants to work here. Because as you know the pay here isn\'t much."

"I never thought that they would do such a thing to a descendant of the royal blood. Even if she is born from a maid and of low birth she is still the king\'s daughter. Royal blood still flows in her veins." Leon said.

"I know, right?" Tricia sighed. "I can\'t wait for crown prince Richard to take the throne. For sure that the life of our princess would be much better. Or better yet she would be married to a good man. Take for instance Lord William Cunningham. He is the future Duke of Cunningham. I am sure our princess will be well off with him." Tricia said enthusiastically.

Tricia didn\'t notice the darkness on Leon\'s face after hearing her praising William.

"Is Lord William courting our princess?" Leon asked with darkness in his eyes.

"What I know is he has the intention. But for now they are starting as friends and getting to know each other." Tricia answered. "The only problem is the second princess Elizabeth has set her eyes on Lord William. I hope that nothing goes wrong."

After the long talk Tricia and Leon arrived at his quarters.

"Well sir Leon, this will be your quarters." Tricia opened the double doors.

Inside is a spacious room with a queen size bed. The room was rather grand to be a knight\'s quarters.

"Is this the correct room?" Leon asked curiously. "Isn\'t it a little spacious and grand?"

"The princess specifically said to give you the grandest room in the estate." Tricia answered.

Leon looked at Tricia with confusion.

"Doesn\'t the grandest room belong to the princess?" Leon asked.

"It is said that the first time the princess arrived here she wasn\'t able to sleep in this spacious room. So she chose a much smaller room and made it her quarters." Tricia explained. "The personal knights of the other princesses are living in luxury. I guess the princess didn\'t want you to feel left out."

"Well I will take my leave now. Please rest well." Tricia said. "And thank you for accepting my princess as your sworn lady. She is like a little sister to me so please protect her always." She bowed her head.

"Do not worry. I am sworn to protect the princess from any harm. I will make sure of my promise." Leon said.

"Thank you." A tear dropped down from Tricia\'s eyes. She wiped it quickly then left the room and closed the door.

Leon was left alone in the spacious room. His luggage has been brought here earlier.

"Dimitri." Leon said in a soft voice.

"Your highness." A voice came from the veranda door. Dimitri emerged from the shadows.

"How did it go?" Leon asked. His friendly smile had turned into a proud demeanor of a crown prince.

"We are still under investigation your highness. It looks like it will take a while. They have made a good job hiding. They are not leaving any evidence." Dimitri answered.

"Its alright. I can take my time here. I\'m rather enjoying myself." Leon\'s mouth hooked up to form a smile.

Dimitri was taken by surprise. This was the first time he saw the crown prince smile with brightness. In the past he has seen the prince smile either sarcastically or darkly.

"It looks like the future queen has a tough life here in the palace." Dimitri said.

"Now that I\'m here I won\'t let anyone bully my future wife." Leon said with a dark face. "But I\'m rather interested to get to know my future wife more closely and intimately."