The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 87 Mother’s Gown

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Regaleon and I took a stroll outside and the sun was about to set.

Dimitri came to relay a message to Regaelon. He bowed to us and whispered to Regaleon.

"Alicia, I am sorry that I have to cut short my visit." Regaleon said with a sad smile. "Something came up and I need to go back to attend to it."

"It\'s okay." I replied. But deep down I was sad. Regaleon and I haven\'t seen each other for a few days because of our busy schedules. I was looking forward to have dinner with him tonight.

"Alicia." Regaleon caressed my face. "Tell me what\'s on your mind."

Regaleon looked at me with soft eyes. He was able to read my inner feelings.

"I was...looking forward to having dinner with you tonight." I was ashamed to be selfish. "But I know you are busy. I have expected this and also in the future. I can\'t be selfish because the citizens of Grandcrest needs you."

"My Alicia." Regaleon smiled sweetly at me. "I know that you understand. I will try to settle the matters before dinner tonight." He kissed me on my forehead.

"Be careful on your way back." I said while looking at Regaleon\'s retreating back.

I sighed lightly.

"Princess," Tricia was by my side in an instant. "Would you like to look at the gown his majesty the king brought?"

Then I remembered the gown that father brought. It was supposed to be my mother\'s.

"Yes, I would like to look at it." My spirit lightened up.


It was dusk when I entered my room. Inside was a mannequin wearing a royal blue ball gown.

The ball gown was adorned with light blue jewels and silver beads.

I was mesmerized with the it. It was like a gown that came out straight from a fairy tale.

"It\'s so beautiful." I said.

"Yes princess, it is indeed very beautiful. I am sure it will look good on you. You would be the most beautiful woman in the party." Tricia who was just behind me said. "Wasn\'t this your mother\'s?"

I remembered what my father just said this afternoon. He said that he had given this as a gift to my mother.

\'When had he given such a gift?\' I wondered. I was a little curious to why father would give mother, who was just a maid, such a beautiful ball gown.

I walked towards the mannequin. I stretched my arms to hold the fabric.

"It\'s so soft and smooth." I said. I was curious what kind of fabric this gown was made with.

I then imagined what will mother look like wearing this gown in the past.

"Mother would have been very beautiful wearing this." I said.

"I am sure that your mother was very beautiful." Tricia said smiling. "His majesty must have loved you mother very much. To think he gave such a beautiful gown to her."

"I hope that really was the case." I had a sad smile on my face.

"I\'m sorry princess." Tricia was frantic. "I must have hurt your feelings."

"It\'s okay Tricia." I said. "It\'s all in the past."

\'If king father really loved mother and I, then he would not have let the queen kick mother out of the palace.\' I thought.

But it was for the best that mother got to get away from the queen, even for a few years. We have been happy living a commoner\'s life outside the palace. If she just didn\'t get sick.

I look at the gown again and imagine mother wearing it.

"Your highness." Theon knocked at the open door to announce his presence. "Dinner is ready to be served."

"Oh, okay." I said. "Has his highness, prince Regaelon, sent any word if he will be dining here tonight?"

"I\'m sorry your highness, the prince hasn\'t sent any word yet." Theon said apologetically.

"I understand." I sighed.

\'I can\'t be selfish. I know he has many work to do.\' I said to myself. \'I am going to be the crown princess. I will be his support in the future.\'

I strengthen my resolve. I would be Regaleon\'s pillar.