The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 86 Very Clever

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After a few minutes of knocking loudly the door was opened by Theon, the new butler Regaleon has assigned to me.

My father the king stormed inside like there was some emergency.

"Alicia!" Father said loudly.

"Father? What a surprise." I said in a calm tone.

Father looked at Regaleon and I sitting across each other, with the center table between us. I was in the action of refilling Regaleon\'s cup of tea.

"King Edward." Regaleon said with an innocent smile. "What a pleasant surprise to see you here. Knowing that you don\'t come in this part of the palace often."

King father frowned deeply.

"Father please join us for a cup of tea." I said with a pleasant smile. "Regaleon just arrived to visit me this afternoon."

"Yes. I have been busy in the preparations for the engagement party and the parade." Regaleon said.

"Ahem." King father cleared his throat. "I didn\'t know you would be here prince Regaleon. But why was the door locked?"

"It was locked?" I sounded surprised.

"Pardon me, your majesty, your highness." Theon interjected. "I am afraid it was my fault. The lock of the door was jammed this morning. I forgot to tell them don\'t close the door because someone could be locked inside. I haven\'t replaced the door lock yet. My apologies once again."

Theon bowed sincerely and sounded apologetic.

\'This person Regaleon has given me is really capable. He knows what to do even before given instructions by his master. Regaleon\'s men are really something.\' I thought to myself.

I glanced at Regaleon and saw him smirk behind his cup before taking a sip.

"Is that so?" King father said. "You, get someone to get this door lock done as soon as possible." He said to one of his stewards that was just outside the door.

"Understood." The steward bowed and left at once.

"Well I won\'t be long, so I won\'t be joining you for a cup of tea." King father told us. "I just came to say that I have brought your gown for the engagement party."

"A gown?" I was surprised.

Actually it was the first time that father came here in my courtyard. And to think he came here to bring my gown personally. My heart was moved by this.

"Yes. It was your mother\'s back then. I gave it to her as a gift." Father said. "I have sent it to the tailor for some alterations and to make it more up to date a few days ago. I personally sent it here so it won\'t get into any trouble."

"It was my mother\'s?" I asked enthusiastically. I was grinning happily. "Thank you father."

Mother didn\'t have many things that she left. Knowing that the gown I would be wearing was mother\'s, I was so thrilled.

I happily approached him and hugged him. Father became stiff at first, maybe surprised that I hugged him suddenly. But after a while he patted my head soothingly.

"Well I won\'t be long. I need to head back." Father said.

"I understand." I smiled at him. "Thank you for visiting me father. And bringing the gown. It really made me happy."

"I am glad." Father smiled gently and slowly extended his hand to stroke my cheek. But after a few seconds he withdrew it.

"Well, I will be taking my leave. Prince Regaleon, Alicia." Father said.

"Be careful on your way back King Edward." Regaleon acknowledged.

"Be careful father." I smiled sweetly.

"Yes." Father said and left.

After there was no sign of father anymore I sighed and sat down in relief. I thought that father would find out what just happen to Regaleon and I.

"You did a good job, Theon." Regaleon complimented Theon.

"Thank you, your highness. I was just doing my job as I know you will see fit." Theon bowed respectfully. "Then I will take my leave. Your highness, princess. You can resume what you were doing without any interruptions."

I felt embarrassed. \'So Theon knew what we were doing?\' I hid my flushed face in a pillow.

Theon bowed again and exited the room. He closed the doors before going out.

"That really frightened me." I said after Regaleon and I were alone inside the room. "What if father found out about our...i-intimate actions a while ago?"

"Are you afraid that your father would find out?" Regaleon was smiling mischievously.

"Of course I am." I said. "What if he revokes our engagement?"

"Don\'t worry, he won\'t know. And definitely he can\'t stop me from taking you as my wife." Regaleon said and smiled.

"But having magic is really handy." I said. "I was able to fix my dress and also my disheveled hair."

Just before the doors were opened from the other side, Regaleon and I used magic to help us better our appearances, like nothing happened at all.

"Magic is really great." Regaleon said. He was looking at me with such predator eyes again. "Magic can be used in so many ways." He had a mischievous grin.

"W-Why don\'t we take a stroll outside for a while." I panicked. I think I can\'t take any more of Regaleon\'s intimacy for now. "It\'s getting a little stuffy here, let\'s get some fresh air outside."

Regaleon chuckled. He must be finding me amusing.

"Alright, let\'s go outside for a walk." Regaleon smiled his smile I so much love.