The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 85 A Little Taste of Passion

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WARNING: This chapter has R-18 scenes. So if you are not yet 18 and above, I advice you to skip this chapter.

Regaleon and I are currently alone in the closed reception room. He and I are seating on the couch, intimately close to one another.

The kiss a while ago was something sweet. It was a kiss that we always share starting when we became lovers.

But today the atmosphere seems a bit different. We are inside a closed room and alone. In the past Leon and I are always accompanied by others. That is why Leon can only steal a kiss or two when no one is looking.

"My Lili, you are so beautiful." Regaleon said to me.

Lili was a nickname he gave me when we were at the countryside.

"T-Thank you." I replied shyly.

Regaleon\'s grin has a hint of playfulness.

"My sweet Lili, that kiss wasn\'t enough for me." Regaleon whispered into my ear. "I want to touch you."

The whisper tickled my ears and made me conscious.

"T-touch me?" I said surprised. "B-but Leon..."

I remember one of the conditions that king father have given us is to have a healthy relationship. Meaning the both of us can\'t engaged in such intimate action that couples do.

As if Regaleon read my mind he said. "I also told your father I will try, but I cannot promise."

Regaleon\'s eyes were like a wolf ready to pounce on it\'s prey.

"And with you this cute, it is so hard to resist." Regaleon said with a hoarse voice.

"L-Leon...ahh..umm." My sentence was unfinished because Regaleon claimed my lips with his.

His kiss with me now is different from before. It was hot and yearning.

"Hmmm..." Regaleon sweetly moaned between our lips. Then his tongue entered my mouth, devouring anything inside.

"Aahh...hmmm." I was trying to breath between our intense kiss. His toungue found mine and played with it.

This intense kiss was something new to me. I can\'t seem to comprehend my surroundings anymore. All I can focus on was our kiss.

And my body is behaving differently. I can feel it starting to get warmer.

\'It was autumn already so why am I feeling hot all of a sudden?\' I thought.

Our lips parted and both of us are catching our breaths.

Regaleon\'s face seemed flushed, his eyes were looking into me, burning with desire.

"Oh Lili." Regaleon said. "How can I resist if you look like that?"

"W-Wha...looking like what?" I was confused.

\'What do I look like now?\' I wonder.

But not long Regaleon claimed my lips once again with such hunger.

"Hmmm...ummm." I can hear my self moan sweetly. I never knew I can make such lustful voice that it makes me embarrassed.

"Aahhh...L-Leon!" I was startled.

Regaleon\'s lips slid from my lips down to my neck.

"Ahhh..." I moaned again. I quickly closed my mouth with my left hand as to not make such lewd noise.

But then Regaleon\'s hand creeped from my waist and then to my chest.

"Kyaahh..." I was startled with the sudden touch. I was never touch in that place by anyone. Even I don\'t touch my breasts if not necessary.

"You sound so sweet Lili." I can feel Regaleon smile in my neck.

"L-Leon...t-touching that.." I was trying to say that it makes me uncomfortable.

"What, touching this?" Regaleon fondled my breasts even more.

"Ahhh..." I screamed lightly, trying to suppress my voice. "L-Leon, it feels weird. I feel weird."

"Does it hurt? Don\'t you like it?" Regaleon asked seriously and looked right thru my eyes.

\'Do I dislike being touched?\' I thought. If it was Regaleon then I don\'t dislike it. So I shook my head.

Regaleon made a sweet smile that seems to say he is glad that I don\'t dislike it.

"I-It just feels weird." I said shyly. I can feel my cheeks burning.

"Don\'t worry and trust me." Regaleon said. "I won\'t do anything that will hurt you. Just think of this as one of your bride training." He smiled mischievously.

"Ahhh..." I moaned once again when Regaleon resumed his action.

His lips are kissing me from my neck to my collar bone. I don\'t dislike it but this feeling is so foreign to me.

I can hear his wet lips licking down my chest. And in just one stroke, one of my breasts has been exposed out to the open.

"N-Noo...ahhh. L-Leon." I was surprised with his action.

Regaleon\'s hands were fondling my exposed breast, tickling the small bud in the center.

"Hyaahh.." An electric shock was shot thru my body, down to my secret area. The feeling was foreign and intense.

"Do you like that?" Regaleon asked looking pleased with his handy work. "Your breasts are still small, but no matter. I will take good care of them. After a while they will be plump and healthy."

"W-What do you mean? Hyahh.." I was to ask the meaning of Regaleon\'s words when I felt his lips lick my bud.

" ahhh." I can feel such pleasure in his action.

Regaleon started to suck my little bud that it became hard and standing. The sound of his sucking was lewd but somewhat sexy.

"Lili, you tastes so sweet." Regaleon said. I can feel his hot breath on my breast.

Then without further ado, Regaleon attached himself to my other breast.

"Ahhh...hmmm.." I was moaning with pleasure. Just to stop it from being loud, I bit my left hand.

Regaleon was sucking one of my breast while pinching the bud of the other.

Such stimulations was getting fiercer. My mind was starting to get blank, only feeling such intensity on my body.

Then I can feel Regaleon\'s hand creeping down to my waist, down to my secret place in between my legs.

"\'s embarrassing." I said while panting. But I can\'t feel Regaleon stopping in his tracks.

Regaleon\'s hands were under my skirt, pulling it up. His gentle stroke tickles but sends electricity all over my body. This foreign feeling is giving me pleasure.

"Ahhhh..." I moan but bit my hand again to stop my voice from getting loud.

Regaleon\'s hands were now at my thighs trying to pry it apart. I was trying to squeeze them tight because of embarrassment.

But my efforts gone to waste. Regaleon\'s hands stroked the buds of my secret place over my panties.

"Noo...ahhh...hmmm" I swallowed my moan just now.

\'Knock knock knock\'

Three knocks were heard on the double doors of the reception room.

"L-Leon..." I was calling him to say someone is outside. But it was as if he never heard anything and was still went to stimulate my body. "Ahhh..."

Then the next knock was more loud.

"Prince Regaleon! Alicia!" It was the voice of my father.

I was shocked stiff. Regaleon stopped what he was doing and looked rather irritated.