The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 84 Busy with Preparations

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The next few days were hectic. The engagement party was scheduled at the end of this week.

The engagement party is held for the reason to announce my engagement to Regaleon in the noble society. Two days after the engagement party, there will be the parade in the roads of the royal city. The parade is also to inform the commoner public about my engagement to Regaleon.

These past few days I was so busy preparing these two important events. As the fiancee of the crown prince and the future crown princess, I have to do the preparations with perfection. I have met different kinds of persons in charge with various things such as food, decorations, flowers and more.

"Thank you very much for coming in such short notice." I said to the person that is in charge of flower arrangements. We just finished our meeting in the recieving room and he was about to leave. "I am very grateful for your cooperation."

"It is an honor to serve you, princess." He said with a smile. "I am sure to prepare everything before the end of the week."

"Thank you very much." I said with gratitude. "Please be careful on your way out."

"Your welcome your highness." He bowed. The butler Theon, someone that Regaleon has assigned to serve me, led the man out of my courtyard.

I sat down on the couch and sighed with exhausition. It was already afternoon. Since this morning, I have been so busy meeting many people in charge of these two events.

"Princess, I have made you some camomile tea to help you relax." Tricia came holding a tea set with some snacks.

"Thank you so much Tricia." I smiled gently. Fatigue is starting to get to me.

I smell the aroma of the camomile tea and I am starting to relax. I take a sip and sigh in relief.

"This helps me calm down, thank so much Tricia." I smiled thankfully.

"It\'s my pleasure to serve you princess." Tricia replied with a smile. "You have been so busy these past few days that your face is looking haggard."

"What?! Really?" I shrieked. I can\'t be looking haggard by the time of the engagement party. What will people say? They will think I am not a match to the good looking prince Regaleon.

"Hand me the mirror please." I asked Tricia.

Tricia get a hand mirror from her pocket and handed it over to me. I looked at my reflection and Tricia was right. Dark circles are starting to form under my eyes. My skin is a little dry as well.

If it was before, I won\'t regard such things as a problem. But now, being Regaleon\'s fiancee and the future crown princess, I have to keep my appearance as presentable as possible.

"What nonsense are you telling the princess, Tricia?" A very familiar deep voice said.

I turned around to see Regaleon entering the room. He was wearing a dark gray suit and pants. Dimitri was behind him as always.

"Alicia still looks very beautiful, she always is." Regaleon gave me a sweet smile. "Hello my beautiful fiancee." Regelon bend down and gave me a peck on my cheek. I can feel the heat build up on my face.

Regaleon looked at me very pleased. I must be blushing again. I still can\'t believe that I am engaged to this beautiful man that looks like a male god sent from the heavens.

"Greetings your highness." I was about to stand up and give my curtsy but Regaleon stopped me.

"No need for formalities Alicia." Regaleon said. "Your are now my fiancee." He sat down beside me on the couch.

"You\'re teasing me again." I pouted.

Regaleon chuckled. "And why do you say that I\'m teasing you." He looked playfully at me. He tucked a stray strand of my hair behind my ear.

"Can\'t you see the dark circles under my eyes?" I said. "And look at my skin, it\'s starting to get dry. And you say I am always beautiful."

I can hear Regaleon chuckle again.

"Don\'t laugh. This is a serious matter." I said pouting at him. "What will the nobles say if I look so haggard by your side in the engagement party? What if they say I am not a good match for you." I frown deeply. I can feel a pinch in my heart.

Regaleon\'s hand reached out to me and cupped my chin. He gently pushed my chin up to look at him and our eyes met.

His was looking at me full of affection. He gently caressed my face.

"Don\'t think of whatever other people say." Regaleon said with a voice full of affection. "You are the one I chose and that is enough to say that you are my true match, no other."

His words touched my heart. It felt so warm that my love for him is starting to overflow.

"Thank you." I smiled happily.

"But if you are still stressing about your appearance then I have a solution for that." Regaleon smiled. "Dimitri."

"Yes, your majesty." Dimitri bowed and approached us. He gave Regaleon a small box. I looked at it with curiosity.

Aside from the small box Dimitri gave, there are boxes that are behind Dimitri.

"I came here to give you the gifts that I brought with me from Grandcrest." Regaleon said. "These here are some of it. The others will be coming tomorrow." He smiled sweetly.

"This here," Regaleon lifted the small box. "Is called Blue Rose Oil."

Regaleon opened the box and took a small bottle. The bottle had an intricate design with a blue rose design cap.

"This oil is extracted from the blue rose of the royal family of Grandcrest." Regaleon explained. "It helps the skin revitalize and make it more blooming."

Regaleon opened the bottle and placed some oil in the tip of his fingers. He carefully rubbed it on my cheeks.

It smell is heavenly, not too strong. The feel the oil on my cheeks is cool and gentle.

"How is it?" Regaleon looked at me with a smile. "Do you like it?"

"Yes." I replied. "It\'s cool and calming. The smell is fragrant and not too strong."

"That\'s nice to hear." Regaleon smiled happily.

His hands caressed my cheeks gently. His face is inching slowly towards me. I can sense what he was doing.

"P-prince Regaleon." I said startled. "T-there are people around."

"What people are you talking about?" Regaleon smiled teasingly.

I looked around and there was no one around. It was just the two of us inside the closed receiving room.

"Wha... but when...?" I can\'t finish my question.

"Shhh..." Regaleon put his finger between my lips. "I missed you these past few days. The both of us had been so busy that we weren\'t able to see each other. I want to monopolize you, Alicia."

"Prince Regaleon." My heart was beating fast.

"Call me like what you used to call me." Regaleon\'s face resumed getting near me.

"L-Leon." My voice had a strange sound to it. Almost like a seductive one.

"Alicia." Regaleon face was inches from me. "I missed you so much. I want to touch you."

My heart skipped a beat. This male god is yerning for me.

His lips gently pressed to mine. We share a sweet kiss.