The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 83 Unhappy ones

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Veronica\'s room was in such a mess. Many things are broken and lying on the floor.

"NO!" Veronica was shouting hysterically.

"Sister, please calm down." Elizabeth said.

"How do you think will I calm down?" Veronica said. "Knowing that Alicia snatched what was meant to be mine!"

"Veronica!" Their mother came in Veronica\'s room with anger. "Is that how a princess should be acting?"

Veronica\'s cries turned into sobs. "B-but, mother."

"Come here." The queen opened her arms for an embrace. Veronica willingly came into her arms.

"Mother, I should have been prince Regaleon\'s wife. I should have been the crown princess." Veronica said between sobs.

"Hush now Veronica." The queen said. "Do you think I would let that bastard to get what is rightfully yours."

"What do you mean mother?" Elizabeth asked.

"I have a plan that will make prince Regaleon won\'t want to marry her." The queen said wickedly.

"What is it mother?" Veronica has stopped crying.

"What if the prince learns that Alicia is not a virgin anymore?" The queen said with a wicked smile.

"You mean...." Veronica\'s eyes opened wide and listened intently to her mother.

The queen reached from her pocket and took a vial.

"What is that mother?" Elizabeth asked.

"This is very potent aphrodisiac." The queen said. "Just a few drops from this vial and they will be craving the touch of the opposite sex intensely."

Veronica\'s face brightened in excitement.

"Three days from now there will be a royal ball that will announce the official engagement of prince Regaleon and Alicia in the noble society." The queen said. "There we will set the stage of her downfall."

"Yes mother. That will be her payment for trying to steal what is rightfully mine." Veronica said. "She will become the laughing stock of the noble society and to the public as well."

"I will leave it to you to find the person that will give her downfall." The queen said.

"Don\'t worry mother. I will make sure to find a lowly commoner that would further disgrace her." Veronica was grinning wickedly.

"Do not worry my daughters. I will make sure to give you the best there is. I won\'t let that bastard get what is rightfully yours." The queen said.

"Thank you mother." Veronica was now beaming with happiness.


The news about Regaleon and Alicia\'s engagement has arrived the dukedom of the Cunningham\'s. William was in the study room holding and looking at a book but seems to be not focusing on reading it.

"Son." Duke Cunningham called William with a sad face.

Since the news arrived, William has been stuck inside the mansion, not wanting to go out.

"Yes, father?" William looked up to his father with blank eyes. As if his very life was sucked out of him.

"My boy. I know how hard you have fallen for princess Alicia." Duke Cunnigham said. "Before she was sent to the countryside, you have visited her nearly everyday in her courtyard. I know how infatuated you are to her."

"Father I am not infatuated. I was in love with her, until now." William sighed sadly.

"I understand, Will. We tried our best. We asked for an engagement before she came back. And we also gave them a great fortune for the dowry." Duke Cunningham said. "How could we know that your rival is the crown prince of Grandcrest, Regaleon?"

William looked outside the window with such sadness. The duke cannot bear to see his sone so heart broken.

"Son, it is not the end of the world." The duke said. "A broken heart can be healed by a new love. Why not go outside and meet some noble maidens. I am sure you may have fancy from one of those beautiful young noble ladies."

"I am sorry father. I just don\'t feel going out of meeting anyone as of now." William said.

Duke Cunningham sighed. "I understand."

\'Knock knock\'

The door to the study room opened and the Cunningham\'s butler came in.

"Master, young master." The butler bowed.

"What is it?" Duke Cunningham asked.

"A letter came from the palace addressed to young master William." The butler answered.

"A letter from the palace?" Duke Cunningham was curious. "Quick give Will the letter."

"Yes." The butler gave the letter to William and left the room.

William looked at the envelope and for sure the royal seal was placed on it. He opened it right away and read the contents.

After reading, William wore a genuine smile.

"What is it? What did the letter say? Who is it from?" The duke was so curious.

"Father I will be leaving immediately." William said enthusiastically.

"Huh, what do you mean? Where are you going?" The duke looked at his son puzzled.

"To the royal capital. I am called to go to the palace." William said with a hopeful smile.