The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 80 King Edward’s Thoughts

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(This chapter will be King Edward\'s POV)

"Your majesty, the vote has been casted between all the officials and ministers present." Prime minister Murdoc said. "The majority of the votes is in favor of princess Alicia being crown prince Regaleon\'s crown princess and bride to be."

After that brat Regaleon had left towing my daughter with him, the talks about the crown princess candidate started.

As expected they talked about the pros and cons of the engagement with Alicia and that brat Regaleon.

The five towns were truly of importance to Alvannia. The majority of food and crops comes form those five towns. With Regaleon\'s little speech a while ago, he was threatening to take back the \'lent\' towns if we don\'t approve of Alicia\'s engagement to him.

The consequences of losing those towns were huge. And so I was not surprised that the majority of the votes are in favor of Alicia being Regaleon\'s bride and crown princess of Grandcrest.

"But the third princess wasn\'t educated with the proper lessons on being of royalty." Left minister Stanley objected. "She is of low birth, born from a lowly maid. She is not fit to be married to the crown prince of Grandcrest."

It was like a vain popped from my forehead. Hearing Stanley calling Leticia a \'lowly maid\' got to my nerves.

I remember Leticia. I was just a prince when I first saw her in the garden inside the palace. She was as beautiful as the flowers she was always taking care of. Her long platinum blonde hair like silver strings are floating with the wind. Her silver eyes sparkle like diamonds. She was the most beautiful person I have ever met. The time I first laid eyes on her, my heart was stolen from me that instant.

My love for her was not a joke, she was the only person I fell in love with. If not for the political marriage I had with Erica and the power of her family that I needed to be the king of this country and ousted my brothers in succession, I would have married Leticia.

If I have a regret in my life, that is not choosing Leticia and chose the throne instead. If I wasn\'t that ambitious with the throne, I would have just resined to a simple life. A life of a lowly prince with Leticia and my daughter Alicia.

\'Oh my daughter Alicia.\' I thought. She was a spitting image of her mother.

If I just knew Leticia was pregnant with our child, I would have done everything in my power to fight against Erica and make Leticia my concubine.

But as a king, I have my hands tied behind my back. I let Erica kick Leticia out of the palace, knowing she will be much safer outside far from Erica\'s grasps.

It was too late when I knew what Erica had done. Even though Leticia was away, Erica was still insecure. Her family\'s power was great, it was not something to be trifled with. With that power, she was able to find Leticia and erase her from this world for good.

That is why I took Alicia inside the palace. At least I can keep an eye on her. I won\'t make the mistake I have done with her mother. But still I have to maintain a distance from her. Because if I show even a hint of gentleness towards Alicia, Erica can do unimaginable things.

\'And now that brat crown prince wants to take her away from me.\' I thought.

That damn crown prince just had to mention taking a crown princess. And his attitude that of being superior than me ticks me off. This made me furious.

My plan was to marry of Alicia to duke Cunningham\'s son and heir, William. Two weeks ago he visited the palace with his father the duke. He had heard that Alicia would be coming home after two years away and wanted to ask her hand in marriage when she came back.

Having Alicia married of the the future duke can also ensure her safety, away from the scrutinizing eyes of Erica.

It was true that the betrothal gifts they offered was quite a fortune. It just shows William\'s sincerity towards Alicia. I didn\'t give them any answer yet and told them to wait until Alicia came.

\'My prior plan went into flames because of that brat prince.\' I can\'t stop my fury remembering that crown prince.

And being crown princess will surely be hard. I wouldn\'t want Alicia to be made a fool. She didn\'t have the knowledge and training needed to take such a role.

\'And to top it iff, that useless brat just have to take up the five towns as hostages.\' My vain was popping up with anger.

"If we don\'t give in with the crown prince\'s demands, then we will lose those five towns." Prime minister Murdoc said. "Do you know what the consequences would be, left minister?"

Murdoc looked at Stanley with fierceness. Stanley can\'t do anything but bow his head in defeat.

"Do not worry about princess Alicia\'s educational attainment." Doctor Andrew said. "I was her tutor this past two years. The king personally asked me to be her tutor when she were in the country side."

It was true that I asked him to also tutor Alicia while he also nurse her back to health. I thought that while she is outside the palace, away from Erica\'s eyes, a little education will be beneficial for her.

"Princess Alicia is a fast learner and passed all my lessons with flying colors." Doctor Andrew said. "She won\'t bring shame to our country of Alvannia when she becomes crown princess."

I was relieved with Dr. Andrew\'s words. At least Alicia won\'t be shamed. It looks like I can\'t stop Alicia being engaged with that Regaleon.

"Then it is settled then. Princess Alicia will be married off to the crown prince of Grandcrest, prince Regaleon and be his crown princess." Murdoc said. "Your majesty, do you have anything to add?"

I gave a heavy sigh. "Then let it be so." I said with a heavy heart.

"Then this meeting is over. You are now all dismissed." Prime minister said.

All of the officials and ministers stood from their sits and bowed towards me.

"Long live your majesty, the sun of our kingdom." They said all together.

And with this I just gave my daughter Alicia to that brat of a crown prince. I will dance in that crown prince\'s tune for now.

\'It was only an engagement and not yet marriage.\' I thought. \'And not long, our plans with Jennova will start. The lands that he is threatening to take would be legally ours. And in the end I will be happy to see him leave this world.\'