The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 8 Getting to know the princess 1

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The sky was starting to get dark and the sun was setting. Leon has accompanied me to my courtyard.

"I hope you don\'t mind sir Leon. My courtyard is a little shabby." I said a little bit embarrassed.

This is the second time that I felt embarrassed with what my courtyard looked like. The other time was when Will visited me for the first time. It was good that Will didn\'t mind my very normal looking courtyard.

"It\'s okay princess, I don\'t mind it." Leon smiled.

"I don\'t know if you have heard the stories about me." I asked him.

We are now standing at the entrance of my estate.

"I only know that you are the third daughter of his majesty king Edward." Leon said.

"I would like to tell you my origins rather than you would hear it from others." I said. I turned to face him.

"I am an illegitimate child of the king. My mother was a maid in the castle that my father was infatuated with." I started. "When my mother died, my father the king took me in. My stepmother and step sisters treat me as a nobody, my father doesn\'t have any affection for me. Only grandpa Robert and Richard have shown me kindness. I have never been seen or presented in public before my 14th birthday. I am typically a forgotten princess of Alvannia."

Leon looked at me thoughtfully.

"That is why my courtyard looks shabby and very normal. I don\'t wear beautiful clothes. I also can\'t out do my sisters in beauty." I looked at Leon\'s brown eyes. "I am sorry that you have to be a personal knight of a forgotten princess like me." I gave him a sad smile.

"My princess. Even if you are poorest of the poor. Even if the world is against you. Please remember I will always be by your side." Leon said with confidence.

"I don\'t identify people with how powerful or rich they are. What is important is in here." Leon put his hand on his chest.

"As a knight with virtues to uphold, I believe what is in the heart is the most important for a person." He smiled. "So princess, I want to see what your heart holds."

I was taken aback with his words. This is the first time I have met a person that didn\'t look at the power and richness a person have but what is within. The people around me such as maids, butlers, stewards and the likes had always been indifferent to me. Maybe because they know I was a neglected princess not loved by the king.

But Leon was different. I was happy to have a personal knight that looked at who I was and not what I have.

"Thank you sir Leon." I said gratefully. "I would like to know you better as well."

"Umm Tricia." I called one of my personal maids.

"Yes princess." Tricia bowed down.

Tricia was a fifteen-year old maid. She was presented to me by grandpa Robert when he saw that my old maids were neglecting me. She had been by my side for the past two years.

"Can you please show sir Leon to his quarters?" I asked.

"Of course princess." Tricia bowed. "Sir Leon, right this way please."

"Thank you." Leons said. "Princess I will take my leave."

"Good night sir Leon." I said.

"Good night princess Alicia." Leon said.