The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 79 I am her official fiancee 2

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"Duke Cunningham has given a land to the princess as one of his betrothal gifts, correct?" Regaleon said. "Then I am willing to give three of the other towns beside the border together with the five towns Grandcrest have \'lent\' you."

Regaleon\'s smirk was beaming now. His confidence was showing with his princely aura.

This kind of gift that Regaleon mentioned was a gift so amazing that no one can say no to.

All the officials and minsters in the throne room started murmuring. It looks like Regaleon\'s offer is hard to decline.

"Crown prince Regaleon." It was prime minister Murdoc who spoke. "The matter of princess Alicia\'s engagement has become a rather important talk between our two countries. Can you please give us some time to talk about this with ourselves? We will call upon you after a decision has been made."

All of the officials and ministers around nodded in agreement. King father looked stressed with the sudden issue at hand. I am sure that the talks with his ministers won\'t be an easy one.

"Then I will take my leave then." Prince Regaleon said. "But please make haste. I also don\'t want to wait any longer. As you know I have decided princess Alicia as my bride to be on her fourteenth birthday. And so I am her official fiancee since two years ago."

The officials and ministers started murmuring again. Regaleon\'s gesture on my fourteenth birthday, presenting me a blue rose, was a sign of choosing ones future partner for a royalty in Grandcrest. I am curious if the officials and ministers knows about this, because I clearly didn\'t know. I have read books about other kingdoms but I have never read about this.

I guess Regaleon said this to add to his claim that he has been my fiancee since I was fourteen. This realization made me blush.

"Then I will take my leave gentlemen." Prince Regaleon slightly bowed his head as courtesy. "And I will take princess Alicia with me."

With one graceful turn, Regaleon put his arms around my waist and ushered me outside the throne room.

"—ehh..." I was left speechless with his sudden action. The eyes of everyone inside the throne room was focused on us.

"B-But, king father hasn\'t dismissed me yet." I said while Regaelon ushered me.

"That does not matter anymore." Regaleon said with a smile. "Whatever they say, you are now my bride to be, my fiancee. Your rank is much more higher than them now, not to mention you are now higher than your father."

My eyes went wide with Regaleon\'s words. Me having a much higher rank than my king father, I have never even imagined.

"Come, I want to show you something beautiful." Regaleon said with a sparkle in his eyes and a hint of playfulness.

What just happened inside the throne room now was a pressing matter. But with Regaleon by my side, I feel that these matters are inferior now. I feel the safe in his arms.

"Where are we going?" I asked curiously.

"It\'s a secret." Regaleon looked at me mischievously. "But I am sure you will love it once you see it."

As I see his mischievous and care free smile, I can see my personal knight Leon. Regaleon may be wearing a regal attire right now as a crown prince, but still I can see the man I fell in love with behind the mask.

Regaleon took my hand and pulled me away the throne room that had a heavy aura.

"Don\'t mind those old men talking about politics." Regaleon said.

"But it is about our future." I said worriedly.

"Like I said, whatever they say, you are now my fiancee and future wife. The crown princess of Grandcrest." Regaleon said and kissed the back of my hand.

His show of affection moved my heart.