The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 78 I am her official fiancee 1

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"But there is just one problem, I am afraid." King father said, looking at prince Regaleon mockingly.

"And what is it, your majesty?" Prince Regaleon replied.

"Just before Alicia came back here in the capital, Duke Cunningham and his son and heir William came to me with a proposal of marriage." King father said. "And I am afraid that I have approved of their proposal. So Alicia is now engaged with the future Duke William Cunningham."

\'What is king father saying?\' I was also puzzled with what I just heard. \'How can I get engaged without myself knowing of the engagement.\'

"NO!!!" Elizabeth\'s voice roared inside the throne room. "How can she be engaged with sir William?! Father, you have promised me an engagement with sir William."

"Dear, calm down." My step mother was trying to calm Elizabeth down. "I am sure that your king father is doing this for a good reason."

"NO! I won\'t let you do this." Elizabeth was starting to get hysterical. "Father promised me marriage to sir William Cunningham. You promised me that I would become the future duchess Cunningham! Please explain, father!"

"Silence!" King father roared. He looked at Elizabeth with burning fury. "When have I, the king, needed to explain to anyone?!"

Elizabeth was shocked in silence. She cowered back in fright.

"King husband, please quell your anger." Step mother said. "Our daughter was just shocked with the news. She didn\'t mean to say such things."

"If she doesn\'t have anything better to say, then help her out. Now!" King father yelled.

Step mother helped Elizabeth out of the room who was shivering in fear.

After my step mother and Elizabeth left the officials and ministers resumed their gazes between me and crown prince Regaleon.

I glanced at Regaleon who was just standing beside me. His demeanor didn\'t change one bit. I was a bit curious what he is thinking right now.

"Oh yes, it was just two weeks ago that duke Cunningham and his son and heir William came to the palace." Left minister Stanley said. "As I recall the duke has already given betrothal gifts. And it is quite a fortune."

My eyes darted towards the left prime minister with intensity. He was pouring oil with this little fire.

"And because princess Alicia is already engaged. I am sure that the next candidate to be the crown prince\'s fiancee is none other than princess Veronica." Left prime minister Stanley said.

Veronica was now smirking. I am sure she is looking at this as a victory.

"I have never been informed of this engagement." I said firmly. "How can I be engaged without me being informed prior?"

The officials and ministers eyes were shocked with my words. They may be surprised that I have talked for the very first time, and in such a gathering.

"I have not consented of the engagement with sir William." I said at ease.

"What is your reason princess Alicia?" Prime minister Murdoc asked. "Do you have any bad blood with sir William to not consent the marriage made by your king father to him?"

I shook my head. "No prime minister. I don\'t have any bad relationship with sir William. In fact we are good friends."

"Then why are you rejecting this marriage?" Left minister Stanley.

\'When did I say reject?\' I thought. Left minister Stanley is deliberately twisting my words.

"As I have said. I had no prior knowledge to this engagement. And so I am not giving my \'consent\'." I gave emphasis to the word consent.

"But I am afraid you have no say with your engagement princess." Left minister Stanley said with a grin. "Here in our country, those who are noble born will always have an arranged marriage chosen by their parents."

"I am afraid left minister is correct princess Alicia." Prime minister Murdoc said. "As a princess you\'re marriage will be decided by the king and queen."

"Thank you ministers for your explanation." King father said. He looked at me with fatherly eyes. "I have accepted the duke Cunningham\'s proposal thinking of your best interest my daughter. William is a good man and I know you will be in good hands."

After father\'s words I heard Regaleon scoffed lightly.

"So, is it true that duke Cunningham gave quite a fortune in his betrothal gifts?" Regaleon asked.

"Yes!" Left prime minister Stanley said enthusiastically. "I have heard he has also given quite a few lands in his dukedom to the princess."

I look at Regaleon and see him smirk. \'What is he planning?\' I thought curiously.

"Do you remember the five towns between the borders of Alvannia and Grandcrest?" Regaleon said.

"Yes, of course we remember prince Regaleon." Prime minister Murdoc was the one to answer. "What of it?"

"As I remember, Alvannia\'s lands were infertile after the war. Because Grandcrest and Alvannia were allies in the war against Atlantia. And so Grandcrest \'lent\' the five towns in the border so that Alvannia can start anew." Regaleon said. "Those town\'s lands are very fertile so Alvannia never starved and was able to last until the lands in Alvannia started to flourish again."

The officials and ministers were shocked in silence.

I also have a brief knowledge with those five towns. I remember reading them in one of the books when I was studying. It was true that Grandcrest \'lent\' those five towns after the war so that Alvannia can start anew after the war.

But I guess \'town\' is an understatement. One town is as big as a city. And the lands those towns are in are Alvannia\'s primary source of food and crops. If ever Grandcrest take away even one town, Alvannia will have a hard time producing crops that can feed the whole country.

"What are you trying to say, prince Regaleon?" King father broke the silence.

"I think you know what I mean your majesty." Regaleon\'s smirk was so evident in his face. It was like he was mocking the king.

King father was reeling in his anger. He knows what the crown prince meant when he mentioned the five towns. Grandcrest can get those five towns back easily.

"Duke Cunningham has given a land to the princess as one of his betrothal gifts, correct?" Regaleon said. "Then I am willing to give three of the other towns beside the border together with the five towns Grandcrest have \'lent\' you."

Regaleon\'s smirk was beaming now. His confidence was showing with his princely aura.

This kind of gift that Regaleon mentioned was a gift so amazing that no one can say no to.