The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 77 Prior Engagement?!

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I can feel the stares of the people around me. I am wearing on my head the blue rose that prince Regaleon just gave me this morning.

It was just after Regaleon\'s little speech, no wonder everyone\'s eyes are on me now. I look around and see the mixed faces of surprise and bewilderment.

When my eyes passed by grandpa Robert, he had a face that was saying \'I thought so\'. Richard who was besides grandpa had a genuine smile.

My eyes passed by the officials and ministers that looked unsatisfied. I straightened out myself walked towards Regaleon. I stand up beside him with pride and dignity.

\'It was prince Regaleon who chose me. Even if I am an illegitimate child of king father, I won\'t let them look down on me.\' I thought.

I glanced up prince Regaleon. He gave me a smile of satisfaction with my action just now. Now I know where I will put all the training that I have done these past two years. It is to become prince Regaleon\'s crown princess consort. I answered his smile with my own smile thinking \'I won\'t let you down\'.

"So it is princess Alicia that you have chosen, prince Regaleon." Prime minister Murdoc asked. "As for formalities, I guess it is fine because she is still a princess of Alvannia. But as I have heard two years ago, she was sent to the country side to recuperate from a disease that almost cost her life."

Yes, as I remember I left the capital and go to the country side as a pretense of being sick and needing recuperation.

"I am just afraid that she can\'t perform the duties of being your crown princess." Prime minister Murdoc continued.

His words doesn\'t harbor any mocking or ill intention. He has said this for the sake of the good relationship between our kingdoms.

It is true that if I cannot perform well as a crown princess, then it will just bring disappointment to our kingdoms of Alvannia.

"Do not worry about that prime minister Murdoc." It was the royal physician Dr. Andrew that spoke. "I have been the one taking care of the princess these past two years. And I can say that she has come back to a great bill of health now. I am sure that her body can withstand the strenuous activities included in being a crown princess consort."

I was surprised that Dr. Andrew was here in this gathering and speaking up for me. He looked at me and gave me a warm friendly smile. My heart skipped a beat.

"Even though she has regained her health, how can we be sure that she can perform the responsibilities of being a crown princess." Veronica blurted out of the blue.

I was surprised that she tried to butt in because these kind of talks are between the officials, ministers, and king father to discuss.

Veronica was trying to keep her cool but I can see that she was containing her anger.

"That is correct your highness, prince Regaleon." Left minister Stanley backed up Veronica. "I don\'t want to point it out but princess Alicia is only an illegitimate daughter of our king. She wasn\'t given the lessons to be a proper princess consort."

I can see that Veronica has her own allies that are helping her. Veronica smiled with contempt with minister Stanley\'s words.

"Left minister Stanley, are you forgetting who I am?" Prince Regaleon said with animosity.

"Y-Your highness?" Left minister Stanley was caught in surprise. "Of course I know. You are the crown prince of Grandcrest, prince Regaleon." He said with some nervousness.

"That is correct. I am the crown prince and the future king of Grandcrest." Regaleon said. "Do you think I will be ignorant with such information?"

"T-Then your highness..." Left minister Stanley was about to say something to back his words.

"I don\'t care about such formalities." Prince Regaleon said with such voice, letting everybody know that he is the highest person in authority in this room, even higher to my father the king of Alvannia.

"If I say I want to take Alicia as my wife, then no one in this country or in this continent can stop me." Prince Regaleon said with such conviction.

Everyone in the room was silent. No one can still object with prince Regaleon\'s words. Veronica\'s face was red with anger. It was only step mother who was holding her back from making a scene.

King father was also reigning in his anger. I guess being belittled by prince Regaleon who is still young, stroke one of his strings.

"I understand your concern, prince Regaleon." King father said. "I won\'t object if that is what you wish, and also what my daughter princess Alicia wishes." Father\'s voice was firm and resolute.

"Father!" Veronica said in protest. King father shot her a look that made her silence.

"But there is just one problem, I am afraid." King father said, looking at prince Regaleon mockingly.

"And what is it, your majesty?" Prince Regaleon replied.

"Just before Alicia came back here in the capital, Duke Cunningham and his son and heir William came to me with a proposal of marriage." King father said. "And I am afraid that I have approved of their proposal. So Alicia is now engaged with the future Duke William Cunningham."