The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 76 Selecting a Crown Princess 3

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"Answering the prime minister\'s question earlier, yes I have someone in mind to take as my future wife and \'Crown Princess\' of Grandcrest." Regaelon said with pride.

Everyone in the throne room gasped in surprise.

"A crown princess you say?" My king father asked in disbelief.

"Yes your majesty." Prince Regaleon answered without any hesitation.

"Hahaha. Then all the more the eldest princess is the most suitable for the role." Left prime minister Stanley was beaming with joy. "Isn\'t that right your majesty?" He asked king father.

"Well that is correct." King father replied.

King father had a smile drawn in his face. Rather than a happy smile, it seemed to me that it was a malicious smile. It was as if there was a hidden meaning to it.

\'What are you thinking father?\' I thought.

"I am sure my eldest Veronica is willing to take the role." King father asked and looked at Veronica.

Veronica\'s face was beaming with happiness.

"Yes king father." Veronica bowed. "I have been studying many things, such as history and politics at such an early age. And also I have been always on top in manners and etiquette. I will not fail you, your highness prince Regaelon."

Veronica\'s words were full of pride. Her words was said as if she was chosen already. It is true that she had been educated properly as a princess of Alvannia.

This is the first time in my life that I want to stand up and fight my sister.

\'Leon is the only one that I won\'t give up to you.\' I thought to myself while clenching my fist. \'I may have been lenient in the past because you are the legitimate children. But I won\'t let you take away my happiness any longer.\'

By that time I heard prince Regaleon chuckled lightly that only I, who was near him can hear. His back was turned at me so I can\'t see his expression.

\'What is Leon thinking?\' I thought.

"I am sure that princess Veronica is an appropriate candidate to become a crown princess." Prince Regaleon said.

Everyone present started to chatter. Officials and ministers had smiles on their faces, maybe thinking that Veronica would be selected to be the crown princess for sure.

This political marriage will pave a way and a brighter future for Alvannia. Having a princess from our country became crown princess and future queen of Grandcrest can give power and privileges no one can even imagine.

Just a while ago these officials and ministers were happy just to have a princess from Alvannia as a wife/concubine for the future king of Grandcrest. But now they are ecstatic to hear that prince Regaleon is eyeing for a crown princess to take.

I look at my side where my step mother and sisters are. My step mother the queen had a smiling face looking at her eldest daughter with pride.

Elizabeth was giggling while talking to Veronica. As for Veronica, she had a face of triumph.

Her eyes caught me looking their way. She gave me a wicked smile, as if mocking me.

"I am sure that princess Veronica would be a suitable wife." Prince Regaleon continued. "But she is not the one I have chosen."

The room was shocked once again. All eyes of the spectators in the room went wide in surprise.

"Pardon me your highness." It was my grandpa Robert that talked. With all the spectators around, he was the only one who remained calm and composed. "I remember you said that you have already someone in mind to take as your wife. Can you tell us who she is?"

"Yes general Robert, indeed I have said I have someone in mind to take as my wife." Prince Regaleon\'s voice was firm yet it had a tinge of mockery, albeat towards the other party.

"I came here to ask the hand in marriage of the girl that I have personally chosen to be my crown princess." Prince Regaleon continued. "As you know this isn\'t the first time I have visted your country. But there was one time that was etched in my mind and my heart."

The throne room was silent at this point. Everyone was keen in hearing prince Regaleon\'s story.

"Two years ago I came here because of an invitation to a young princess\' birthday ball, where she was presented in high society and the public." Prince Regaleon said. "At that time I was mesmerized by that young girl\'s beauty that I stole her first dance from her father the king."

Upon hearing these words, my cheeks felt hot. I remember that time when I first saw him, prince Regaleon of Grandcrest.


[A tall young man wearing a black suit with gold trimmings emerged from the shadows. He was wearing a mask covering half of his face. His hair was as black as the night and his eyes was dark blue like the ocean deep.

"Who might the gentleman be?" I asked courteously.

"I am Regaleon of Grandcrest." He greeted. "I give my greetings to the third princess of Alvannia." He bowed down. I replied with a courtesy.]

[The young man guided me into dancing. I have been a klutz while learning how to dance. But with this young man guiding my steps, it was like I have been dancing my whole life.

The feeling was ecstatic. Every twist and turn we do was graceful and elegant. I didn\'t realize that I was wearing a smile on my face. The young man who was leading me and smiled while looking at me. I looked at his deep dark blue eyes. They were enchanting. I felt like I would let them engulf me in their depths anytime. It was like we were the only ones in the ballroom, we were in our own world.]


Just by remembering it made me feel embarrassed. I held my cheeks and it felt hot to the touch.

\'I might be blushing red by now.\' I realized.

"Two years ago I have decided to take her as my wife and crown princess." Prince Regaleon continued. "I have given her a blue rose that very night, the national symbol of our kingdom of Grandcrest."

\'A blue rose?!\' I thought. Then a flash back came to me again.


[Regaleon walked towards me and came closer. I was surprised with his closeness that I involuntary stepped back and tripped. But he caught me by the hand and pulled me into his embrace.

"S-sir." I said awkwardly.

"I\'m sorry to startle you." Regaleon said. "I just want to give you this."

I saw Regaleon holding a blue rose in his hand.

"A blue rose?" I asked.]


"For me, a member of the royal family to give a blue rose, symbolizes that I have chosen her as my legal wife to be." Prince Regaleon concluded.

I involuntarily hold the blue rose that prince Regaleon gave to me a while ago. I placed it on my hair near my right ear. By then I can feel eyes staring at me.