The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 75 Selecting a Crown Princess 2

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"Prince Regaleon, king father has instructed us sisters to tour you around the palace." Veronica said with much enthusiasm. "If you just please follow me and..."

Veronica\'s sentence was interrupted by prince Regaleon.

"Thank you for the offer." Prince Regaleon replied. "But princess Alicia had offered to show me around first."

"I did?!" I was taken by surprise with Regaleon\'s words. I looked at him curiously and he blinked rapidly before anyone could notice.

"Oh yes!" I said, going with Regaleon\'s words. "I mean yes I did."

Veronica was shooting me daggers with her stare.

\'It looks like I foiled one of her plans. Well actually it was prince Regaleon that foiled her plans.\' I muttered.

Regaleon noticed how my step sister Veronica was looking at me.

"It would be best not to be late the next time if you had plans." Regaleon said with a regal and cold voice.

Veronica was startled with Regaleon\'s words that she cringed with fright. His words were polite but it was a scolding to her for being late.

"I-I\'m sorry your highness." Veronica slightly bowed towards Regaleon. "Next time, I would definitely come early."

"Not that you coming early would make a difference anyway." Regaleon scoffed. "I would still be the one to choose who I would like to be with. No one can dictate me what to do."

I can see Veronica clenched her fists hard. She was trembling with anger and maybe regret.

"Now come princess Alicia." Regaleon turned around gracefully. "I remember you promised to show me around."

"Ahhh, yes." I replied instantly.

Regaleon was a few feet away from us now, walking outside the hall. I walked faster to catch up with him.

"Do not worry sister." Elizabeth said. "Let\'s go to father and tell him what happened."

"You are right." Veronica said, seething her anger. "I won\'t let Alicia get the crown prince."


We were at the palace grounds by the time I caught up with him.

"Your highness, please wait." I called up to him while panting. "Can you please walk a little slower?"

I wasn\'t used to running after him. It was alway him picking up my pace whenever we were walking together.

Now that I realize, this was the first time I was looking at his back. In the past, it was always him that is assisting me from the back whenever we were walking.

His back was broad. The past two years have made his body much more lean and muscular. His legs are long, no wonder I can\'t keep up with him.

"As the crown prince, I can\'t wait for anyone." Regaleon replied with a princely tone that caught me by surprise. "But by the time you become my crown princess, you can walk beside me."

\'Crown princess.\' I thought to myself. I am sure that the title will also come with great responsibilities. \'Is that why he was teaching me many things these past two years?\'

While we are walking, I realized that Regaleon\'s pace become much slower.

\'He just scolded me a while ago saying that as a crown prince he can\'t wait for anyone. But look whose walking a little slower now?\' I thought to myself and giggled.

Regaleon may look cold in the outside, but I know he is kind in the inside. My heart squeezed with affection.


After the tour inside the palace, a steward came to inform us that we are being called by my father the king in the throne room.

And so we head back and made our way to the throne room.

When we arrived I saw the whole family with some royal ministers and advisers present. If I am not mistaken it was the time for the official presence of Regaleon to my father the king.

"Greetings to you King Edward Von Heist of Alvannia." Regaleon greeted with pride and dignity.

"Crown Prince Regaleon Yosef Astley of Grandcrest. Welcome to our humble palace." King father replied. "I hope you would enjoy your stay here in the palace. I heard that my third daughter Alicia showed you around."

"Yes." Regaleon said with a smile. "I saw her first in the hall and when we started chatting I asked her to show me around."

"Is that so?" King father shot a look at my step sisters that were in one side of the room. I can see Veronica seething in anger. Luckily I was standing behind Regaleon. If I have been at the center, I am sure that their stares at me could kill. Regaleon was shielding me from their death stares.

"I heard you came here with an official business, your highness." Prime Minster Murdoc said.

Prime Minister Murdoc was one of the highest officials running our country. He is already past his prime but still a strong fellow. As I remember grandpa Robert said, he is one that is loyal to the country and it\'s people and not to the king alone. As I see him, he is an honorable man.

"Yes prime minister Murdoc." Regaleon replied. "I am here to take a wife."

Officials started to murmur around us. Having a crown prince of the strongest country in the continent take a wife from the king\'s family is already an honor and great opportunity. Even if she is only taken as a high ranking concubine, the ties with Grandcrest will be without a doubt beneficial.

"Then do you have someone in mind?" Prime minister Murdoc asked.

"If I may suggest, the eldest daughter of our king would become a suitable wife for a crown prince." It was left minister Stanley that talked.

As one of the rising politicians, left minister Stanley is one that thirsts for power. Grandpa said that he is one of the ambitious ministers that has brains and also one of my father\'s lackeys.

"The first princess Veronica is of marrying age. She is smart, beautiful and talented. A suitable wife for a crown prince." Left minister Stanley praised. Veronica was smiling while hearing the words from the left minister.

Left minister Stanley was still about to shower Veronica with praises when father shot him a look. The left minister swallowed his words in the end.

I hear Regaleon chuckle.

"Thank you left minister for your suggestion. I am sure that princess Veronica would make a fine wife." Regaleon said.

Veronica\'s face beamed brightly with Regaleon\'s words. Maybe she has expected that the left ministers praises made up Regaleon\'s mind.

"Answering the prime minister\'s question earlier, yes I have someone in mind to take as my future wife and \'Crown Princess\' of Grandcrest." Regaelon said with pride.

Everyone in the throne room gasped in surprise.