The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 74 Selecting a Crown Princess 1

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"I am looking forward to spending this week with you princess." Prince Regaleon gave me a very familiar smile that I so much love. My eyes went wide.

The smile that prince Regaleon just gave me was so similar to Leon\'s bright smile I so much love.

\'Can it be?\' I thought to myself.

Prince Regaleon\'s deep blue eyes are looking at me with such passion. It was like he was sending me a message with them.

"L-Leon? Rega-leon?" I murmured. You don\'t need to be a genius to put two-and-two together to get such an obvious hint.

Prince Regaleon\'s smile change to a mischievous one. He blinked one eye to me and gestured with his forefinger touching his perfect lips to be silent.

I closed my mouth abruptly but I can feel that my surprise is still evident in my face.

\'How can that be? The crown prince of Grandcrest became my personal knight. He stayed with me for two years. And to top it off, we are in a relationship.\' I thought to myself.

With that realization, I felt so embarrassed. I can feel a blush creep on my cheeks. I suddenly felt like I want to dig a hole and hide inside it. I put my hands over my face with embarrassment.

"Why are you hiding your face. You look so beautiful blushing." Prince Regaleon said and chuckled.

"I-It\'s because...I...I didn\'t know." I stuttered with my words, not knowing what to say.

Prince Regaleon gently held the hands that are hiding my face and pulled them down. I was so embarrassed that I held my head low and looked down. He gently cupped my chin and pulled it up so that we are looking at each other. My silver eyes met his dark blue eyes.

"Do you know why I came here officially as the crown prince of Grandcrest?" Prince Regaleon asked.

I remembered instantly the meeting that father held with the family.

"Y-You are searching for a bride." I answered truthfully.

"Not just a bride. A crown princess of Grandcrest." Prince Regaleon said.

"A crown princess!" I was shocked.

I know that the men of the royal family of Grandcrest practices concubinage to father any potential heirs to the throne.

For the crown prince of Grandcrest to search for a crown princess only means one thing. The one who is going to be selected would be the future queen of the kingdom of Grandcrest.

"Y-You mean..." I dare not finish my sentence. I am not sure if it is okay to have my hopes up.

"I know what you are thinking." Prince Regaleon said with a serious tone. "I will not take any bride and crown princess but you."

My eyes went wide with surprise. I can\'t believe what I am hearing.

"B-But..." I was about to state the facts. I am just an illegitimate daughter of the king. I am not qualified for the part \'crown princess\'.

Prince Regaleon\'s forefinger stopped my lips from moving.

"I know what you are going to say. And now I am telling you that it does not matter." Prince Regaleon has read my mind. "I will make you my crown princess, whatever it takes. Do you not believe in me?"

I looked up at him again. All I can see in his face was determination and his love for me.

\'If he is confident with me then why am I having doubts with myself?\' I thought. \'What have I been doing this past two years? Isn\'t it to make better of myself. To be confident and to protect the ones I love.\'

"I believe you." I answered simply and with a smile.

A smile crept from Princes Regaleon\'s face. He caressed my face gently. After while he let go and we maintained an appropriate distance.

"Good day Prince Regaleon!" Someone called from behind. I know well from who this voice came from.

Prince Regaleon and I turned around to see both my step sisters entering the hall. Elizabeth had a neutral smile but Veronica\'s face was beaming brightly.

\'Like I thought, it was Veronica who called out.\' I thought.

I remember clearly what she said the other day in our family meeting.


"I am willing to be his bride king father." Veronica said happily.


I clenched my fists hard remembering her words. If it was in the past then I will gladly let her be the bride.

But now, knowing that Leon is the crown prince Regaleon, I won\'t give in.

"I am Veronica, the first princess of Alvania. This here is my sister Elizabeth, the second princess." Veronica said. "I am so sorry for being late your highness, prince Regaleon. It\'s because my sister Elizabeth was a bit slow."

I looked at Veronica from head to toe and sighed internally.

\'Who is she kidding? She is wearing such beautiful clothes just for the morning greeting with the crown prince. For sure she was late for dressing up to impress the crown prince.\' I thought.

"Good morning." Prince Regaleon gave them a formal curtsey.