The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 72 Meeting with the crown prince

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The next day, Leon was really gone. He just left me a note in my bed side table. It said what he just said to me the night before.

I felt empty inside. This was the first time in two years that we have parted. Leon has always been by my side since the first time I met him.

\'Knock knock\'

"Yes? Come in." I said. Tricia came inside my room.

"Princess, Leon left early this morning for his vacation leave." Tricia said.

"I know." I showed her the letter I was holding. I forced a smile on my face.

"Do not worry princess. I am sure he will be back in no time." Tricia said. "Oh and I have to remind you that today your highness and your sisters will be greeting the crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest on his arrival."

"Oh. Is that today?" I had a lazy expression.

I am not really in to meeting the crown prince again. But I remember the day when we danced in my birthday ball. It was a magical moment, if I describe it. But that is all, just a moment.

"Let\'s prepare you now, your highness." Tricia said. "I do not want you to be inferior to your sisters. I will make sure you are the most beautiful princess the crown prince has ever seen." She made an excited expression.

I giggled. "You know that I am not really trying to get the crown prince\'s affection, right?"

"Yes, I know. Because you have met the love of your life." Tricia winked. "But still, I don\'t want you to be inferior to your sisters."

"Haha, I understand." I said. "But as I know, we only brought normal looking clothes and not the beautiful ones."

I remember before coming here that I don\'t want to catch so much attention. That\'s why I just let Tricia bring normal dresses.

"Oh do not worry princess. Your highness, prince Richard has gifted you beautiful clothes." Tricia said.

"Richard did?" I asked. "I can\'t remember he told me about this."

"The clothes just arrived early this morning." Tricia replied with a smile. "Here is a letter from prince Richard."

Tricia handed me the letter and I read it.

The letter goes:


Dear sister,

I can\'t help that much with your fight with our sisters, I am sorry. But at least I can help you with this beautiful dresses.

You are beautiful in any dress you wear. But I am sure if you wear beautiful dresses, your beauty will outshine any noble lady or princess there is.

Knock them out sister! I an rooting for you.

Your little brother,



I giggled after reading Richard\'s letter.

"Well, I don\'t want to disappoint my little brother." I said. "Come Tricia, let start preparing." I smiled.


After breakfast, we were called at the palace\'s hall. I was the first one to arrive, my sisters are not here yet.

I look around to see the empty hall but at a corner I see a young man standing, looking at some paintings hanging along the walls.

He was wearing a regal attire. A black long sleeves suit and pants. He had hair as black as night.

\'I remember him.\' I said.

"Crown prince Regaleon." I greeted.

The young man turned around. He was wearing a silver mask over the upper half of his face. His dark blue eyes met mine. By that time my heart skipped a beat.

"Third princess Alicia." Prince Regaleon smiled. "It\'s nice to see you again."

His voice rang into my ears. It felt familiar yet it was the first time I heard his voice after two years.

"Y-Yes, your highness. It has been a while." I stuttered.

"Oh, I have something for you." Prince Regaleon said. He get the blue rose placed in his coat\'s chest pocket. "This is for you my lady."

"T-Thank you, prince Regaleon." I feel a blush creep in my cheeks.

I know that the blue rose is Grandcrest\'s national flower and the symbol of their royal family. As a prince presenting a blue rose is a symbol of affection.

"The pleasure is all mine." Prince Regaleon reached for my hand and gently planted a kiss on it. I felt my cheeks heated even more.

"I am looking forward to spending this week with you princess." Prince Regaleon gave me a very familiar smile that I so much love. My eyes went wide.