The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 71 Elizabeth’s face

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Richard and I were walking together back to my courtyard. It was a little dark so he escorted me back.

We were getting near my courtyard when someone shouted my name.

"Alicia!" A familiar voice shouted.

When I look around I saw Elizabeth fuming in anger walking towards me. She lifted her hand and was about to slap me when I caught her hand mid way.

"You bitch!" Elizabeth screamed. "How dare you come back!" She was struggling to get free.

"I have just come back after two years and you welcome me like this sister." I said with a cold tone. "What have I done to you now to receive your anger." I threw away her hand and she stumbled on the ground.

"How dare you!" Veronica came just in time to see Elizabeth stumble.

"She was the first one to attack me. I just defended my self." I said.

"She is right sister. Elizabeth is the one that attacked us out of nowhere." Richard defended me.

"How dare you take her side?" Elizabeth said. "She was the one that scarred my beautiful face."

"Scarred your beautiful face?" I asked sarcastically. "As I remember it was a cat that scarred your face, not me."

\'Well technically it was really your \'will\' that made me scratch her. But I really do wanted to ruin that beautiful face of hers even without your will.\' I heard Snow\'s voice. She was just around the area hiding.

"It was you who tampered with the medicine that was given to me by the doctor, I know it." Elizabeth said. "Because of that my face rotted away. It was ruined!"

Elizabeth took of a thin layer of skin like a mask from her face. Then I saw how horrible the scars that was left from the wound she got. The scars go so deep on that it contorted her face. It made me shudder in fright.

"You did this to me!" Elizabeth yelled.

"How absurd!" I shouted back. Elizabeth and Veronica were taken aback by my words.

"I have been away for two years. How can I do such a thing to you?" I asked.

"You... you have instructed someone to do it." Elizabeth said.

"Haha. Don\'t make me laugh." I said. "Everyone in this palace are your people. If someone is in danger inside this palace, it would probably be me."

It was silent for a while. My siblings seemed surprised from what I have said. Even Richard was in shock.

"Do not accuse me of something you don\'t have any evidence with." I said. "If you don\'t have any other thing to say, I am going. Come Richard." I turned around and walked away.

"Y-Yes sister." Richard followed.

"You bitch." I hear Elizabeth yell.

"You did great sister." Richard said. "I can\'t believe you stood up against them."

"Of course I will. I won\'t let them step on me any longer." I said.


I was taking a walk at my courtyard\'s garden that night after eating dinner. The air was still cold even though spring was starting.

"What are you doing here?" Leon said while walking towards me.

"I just wanted to walk after eating." I said.

"Here." Leon wrapped me with a coat. "It is still a little bit chilly at night. Spring is just starting and there is still some winter air lingering at night."

"Thank you." I smiled.

Leon embraced me from behind after wrapping me with the coat.

"What are you thinking?" Leon whispered in my ear.

"Were you the one that tampered on Elizabeth\'s medication?" I asked.

After what Elizabeth said about her medicine being tampered, I already thought about Leon. I know he can be very cruel to his enemies.

"Yes, it was me that ordered it." Leon said. "She has hurt the girl I love. Of course I won\'t let her get away with it. She needs to pay the price ten times more."

I was silent for a while processing his words. I can feel his embrace tighten gently.

"Are you afraid of me?" Leon\'s voice was a bit shaky. "I wouldn\'t want you to be afraid of me."

I shook my head. I turned around to face him.

"I am not afraid of you." I said while looking thru his eyes. "I knew you did it because of me."

Leon rubbed my cheeks gently.

"I don\'t mind the whole world to be afraid of me or tell me that I am cruel. But I don\'t want you to be afraid of me, not you." Leon said.

"Do not worry. I don\'t think you are cruel. She just got what she deserves." I said. "But please tell me the next time you do something, okay?"

"Hmm, okay." Leon nodded. I held his cheek gently. He held my hand and kissed it. "Thank you."

Leon slowly inches towards my face. I can feel his warm breath in front of me. I closed my eyes and felt his lips on mine. His kiss was gentle and sweet.

"I will be leaving tomorrow." Leon said after we ended our sweet kiss. "But do not worry, I will see you again. Don\'t forget about our bet okay."

I nodded slowly. A tear dropped from my eye. Leon wiped the tear for me.

"I am going to miss you too." Leon said. "But we will see each other if you find me." He kissed my forehead. I started to sob in his chest.

I am starting to feel lonely now, just by thinking he will be away from me.

"Shhhh." Leon was consoling me while I was sobbing.

I have to win our bet. I have to find him sooner.