The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 70 A prospect bride

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"You have grown to be a proper lady." Grandpa complimented me and smiled.

"Thank you grandpa." I smiled.

"Looks like my mother and sisters are not happy with your performance." Richard whispered. I just gave him a knowing smile as a reply.

"This is just the beginning." I said with a smile.

"I have gathered you all here today because of a matter regarding the crown prince of Grandcrest, prince Regaleon." Father said.

My step sisters all have a confused expression. I am also curious of what father is about to say.

"A letter has come from Grandcrest about a proposal of marriage from the crown prince for one of the princesses of Alvannia." Father continued. "The letter states that he would come here to visit for a week in Veronica\'s debut ball, so I also invited him to attend."

"King father, did he say who he would take as his bride?" Veronica asked with twinkling eyes.

"It is stated in the letter that all three princesses should be present in his visit. I guess he would be choosing one of you when he is here." Father said.

"Because my sister Veronica is the eldest, I am willing to forfeit the selection father." Elizabeth said with a smile. "I am also sure that mother has arrange my marriage."

"I understand Elizabeth." Father nodded. "Then the selection would be between Veronica and Alicia."

Both my step sisters looked at me with such fierce eyes and I just smiled back at them.

"If looks could kill, I am afraid you have been dead sister." Richard whispered to me.

"I know." I giggled.

"As you know, prince Regaleon is the crown prince of Grandcrest that succeeded the selection process. He is not a simple prince." Father said. "If he chooses one of you then that means you would be selected as one of his many wives. As you know, the royal family of Grandcrest follows concubinage. If you ask me, I wouldn\'t want to give any of my daughters to be just one of his wives. I will not settle on anything but for mu daughter to be the crown princess and the future queen."

"Do not worry father, I will not disappoint you." Veronica said with a bright smile. I saw father frown.

As I look at it he doesn\'t want any or his daughters to be affiliated with Grandcrest. Maybe because of their concubinage system. Being a wife of the crown prince can give you high status but it will not give you safety. I heard that the selection process for the heir is rather bloody. And there are chances a normal wife or concubine can die in the fight for the heir.

Looking at Veronica, she is just being amused with the fact that she can marry the crown prince of the biggest and most powerful country in the continent.

\'She is jut being naive and selfish.\' I thought to myself.

"I am sure that Veronica would be suitable to be the crown prince\'s wife." I said with a smile. "She is after all the eldest of us three sisters. And as I can see she is very willing to take the part king father."

Father looked at me with fierce eyes. As I have thought, he really doesn\'t want to give Veronica as the prospect bride to be.

\'Would you rather it was me selected then?\' I thought.

"Alicia is right father." Veronica said. "I will surely get the crown prince\'s heart and will give you glory king father. I will fight my way to become the crown princess."

"Veronica is correct king father." I said. "I am just but a daughter of a maid. Prince Regaleon is the crown prince of Grandcrest. It is just fitting that Veronica would be his bride to be." I said respectfully.

Father clenched the arm rest of the throne so hard with anger.

"I am willing to be his bride king father." Veronica said happily.

"Silence!" Father roared and stood up.

All of us inside the hall become silent. Veronica looked puzzled as to why father became angry.

\'She is really clueless.\' I sneered.

"My husband, please quell your anger." The queen who was beside king father said. Father took a deep breath to calm down.

"The crown prince specifically said he would be the one to choose from the three of you." Father said while trying to calm down. "I will be expecting the three of you to be ready by the start of next week when he arrives."

Father looked at all of us present inside the hall. All of us bowed our heads with his order.

"This meeting is over. You can go back to your courtyards." Father said.