The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 7 The princess’s knight 2

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"What is it grandfather?" I asked curious.

"You know that every prince and princess of

the royal family has a personal knight to serve as their body guard when they turn fourteen." Grandpa said.

"Yes, I know grandpa." My sisters have their own personal knights that follow them wherever they go.

Veronica has Vince as her personal knight and Elizabeth has Bradford as hers.

"I have selected a personal knight just for you." Grandpa said.

"For me?" I asked curiously. "But I thought I wasn\'t entitled to have my own personal knight?" I remember stepmother was against the idea when father has brought it up.

"Don\'t worry about Erica. I was the one to select your personal knight for you. She can\'t do anything about it." Grandpa said.

"Thank you grandpa." I feel touched with what grandpa has done. He has always been good to me, him and Richard. They were the only ones that showed me kindness in this palace.

"Leon, come here." Grandpa called.

From the shadow emerged a young man. He had dark brown wavy hair and brown eyes. He was wearing the black knights uniform. When he came closer I saw that he has a handsome face and was quite tall.

"Alicia this is Leon Fitzgerald. He is eighteen years old and one of the outstanding young knights in the royal guard." Grandpa said. "Leon this is my granddaughter, third princess of Alvannia, Alicia Roselyn Von Heist."

"Princess Alicia." Leon greeted me and I nodded as a greeting.

"We will do a private ordaining for Leon to be your knight Alicia, is that okay?" Grandpa asked.

It was a custom here in Alvannia that in ordaining a personal knight to a royal child it would be held in the grand hall of the palace. Many people would bear witness when taking the knight\'s oath in front of his master or lady and in the turn the master or lady would ordain the knight, binding him forever with his oath.

"It\'s okay grandpa. I don\'t need many people to bear witness. The ones that matter to me are all here present. You will be my witnesses." I said and smiled. I looked at everyone around me. From grandpa to Richard and to William who is beside me. They were the ones that showed me kindness in this life. And I am happy to have them.

"Okay." Grandpa smiled. "Leon if it is okay with you?"

"Sir Robert it is already an honor for me to serve the royal family as a personal knight of the third princess. I won\'t ask for any recognition or glory, just by doing my duty would give me great joy." Leon smiled.

Looking at his smile I can\'t help but wonder that I have seen it before. I just can\'t remember where.

Leon walked towards me. He stopped a meter away and kneeled down before me. He unsheathes his sword and offer it to me.

"I, Leon Fitzgerald, a knight of the royal guards, hear by solemnly swear from this day forth my sword will be used for the purpose of protecting the third princess of Alvannia, Alicia Roselyn Von Heist. I promise to forever render my service to her. My body and my soul will be bound by oath to only her now and forever." Leon said. He presented his sword to me. I slowly took it from him.

"I, Alicia Roselyn Von Heist, third princess of Alvannia, has heard the oath of Leon Fitzgerald. I accept his sword that will be used to protect me. From this day forth I will be using his service, reward him when he does good and punish him when he does bad. I will forever hold your words in my heart together with your body and soul which will be bound with me by oath." I raise his sword and tap his shoulders one after the other.

I give back the sword to him and he sheaths it back. Leon takes my hand and kissed the back of it. This gesture made me blush.

"Rise sir Leon, my personal knight." I said a little awkward.

Leon stood up in front of me and smiled. His smile was stunning. Still I can\'t help but notice that I have seen that smile before.