The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 65 Gaining an ally

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"I would like to form a partnership, or rather a friendship with you." I smiled wittingly.

"Hah?!" Jack looked confused and Brad surprised.

"What?!" Leon was looking at me questioningly.

"Don\'t worry Leon. I know what I am doing, please trust me." I said. I hold his hand and squeezed it gently. He looked tense at first but became calm after. He nodded slightly.

"I have heard about your \'Crimson Bandits\' from my grandfather." I said. "You are not just a small group of bandits like you just said. I am sure you are included in a big organization."

"Well, your information is a little correct." Jack said. "But I am correct that my group of bandits only lurks in this certain area. We are just a small group included in a big organization."

"If my hunch is correct, you maybe a relative of the head of this \'organization\'." I said with a smile.

"How did you..." Brad said with a fierce voice but Jack gestured him to stop.

"It\'s just a hunch as I have said." I said calmly. "The word \'Crimson\' must have came from something. So I thought maybe it came from their auburn hair, making them the creator or head of the organization. Am I correct?"

"You have great deduction skills Alicia. You are correct, the head of the organization is my father." Jack praised me. "I might agree with this \'friendship\' of yours but I also want to know who you really are. It\'s just fair, knowing that you have learned about my identity in a fair deduction."

"If you agree to form a friendship with me then I will be glad to tell you who I am." I said.

"Wait." Leon whispered. "Are you sure about this?"

"I am sure about this." I replied seriously. "I can\'t seem to explain it but I have a feeling that this person Jack will be a good ally in the future."

"Okay." Leon nodded.

"You believe me?" I asked surprised.

"I trust your judgement Alicia." Leon said. I felt happy that Leon trusts me. Our relationship in the past two years have been stagnant as a princess and her knight. I also want to tell him my feelings, it\'s just that I am too shy to do so.

I look at Jack with an aura of royalty.

"I am the third princess of Alvannia, Alicia Von Heist." I introduce myself with dignity as a princess.

The two young men has surprised expressions. But after just a moment, Jack came back to his composed cocky self.

"Princess Alicia huh?" Jack said. "So you\'re the forgotten princess."

"Mind your tongue, bandit." Leon hissed. He was still holding the hilt of his sword.

"Relax, sheesh." Jack said jokingly. "I just said the things the common folks talks about. But I never imagined that the third princess was this smart. Well yes I have heard that she was a beauty that can sail a thousand ships. A beauty that even the crown prince of Grandcrest became infatuated with."

"The crown prince of Grandcrest?" I asked curiously. I recall only met him once on my birthday ball.

"Well those are just hearsay. I have heard the news that the crown prince has sent a formal letter of engagement to the place not long ago." Jack said.

"I haven\'t heard of this yet." I said. "Well I have been secluded for a long time now."

\'The moment I return, I must ask grandpa of this news.\' I thought.

I looked unconsciously at Leon who was just beside me. He seemed like he was blushing and looked rather shy. Looking at this seemed odd so I rubbed my eyes and looked again. I saw his serious expression from a while ago.

\'Maybe I was only seeing things.\' I thought and shrugged it off.

"Well anyways let us go back to our original discussion." I said. "Do you accept my \'friendship\' then?"

"I cannot see anything wrong with accepting." Jack had a huge grin. "Friends then."

I extended my hand and Jack took it. We shake our hands to show our mutual agreement.