The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 62 The Journey Back

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The journey back to the capital and to the palace will take at least a week at most. The mansion we have stayed for these last two years was found at the edge of the country, by the boundary of Alvannia and Grandcrest.

We are now at day four of our journey. And by the looks of it, we will arrive in the capital by tomorrow night.

Because our party was small, containing only three people, one coachman and my cat, we used a small carriage in our journey.

It was nearing evening when we arrive in a small town. The carriage came into a halt.

"We will spend the night here." Leon said while peeking at the carriage window from the outside. "It is best to stay indoors at night because there are thieves and bandits lurking around in the woods."

"Okay." I nodded.

"I will find a suitable inn for us to stay in." Leon said. "Stay inside the carriage until I get back." Then Leon left.

Tricia closed the window curtains of the carriage once Leon had left. We made our journey incognito to make it safer for us. But Leon was really strict pertaining our safety that I was cooped up in this small carriage the whole time.

"I really want to stretch a bit." I said after a while. We were still waiting for Leon to come back.

\'Patience is a virtue.\' Snow said. She was curled up on my lap for a while now.

"Princess, sir Leon specifically said to not leave the carriage. It is not safe outside." Tricia said.

"But I\'m not dressed as a princess now." I said.

"But still, having a carriage means you are from a wealthy family. Bandits and thieves always eye those who are rich." Tricia explained.

\'Your knight and maid are doing there best to keep you safe princess. Best if you just seat back and wait for the handsome fella.\' Snow said. She stood up and stretched her body.

I sighed. I know that they are being strict for my own safety. Not long we hear a knock at the carriage door.

"I have found a suitable inn." Leon said from outside the carriage. "Get the princess ready."

"Yes sir Leon." Tricia said. "Princess please wearing your cape and hood."

I take my long dark blue cape that Tricia handed to me and put it on. I take the hood of the cape from my back and placed it on my head. Now I am concealed.

After the incident of my abduction, Leon was always careful when I am going out. If it was only the two of us, he casts a spell to change the color of my hair and eyes. But now that Tricia is here with us, we can\'t use our magic.

Tricia still doesn\'t know about our magical abilities. I have debated if I will tell her about it or not and I opted that I will tell her about my secret once the event in the palace is over. I have known Tricia for a long time and I trust her. Leon also gave his approval, saying that he also trusts Tricia with my safety.

Leon opened the carriage door and extended his hand to me. I take it with my hand and on the other hand I carry Snow in my arms. Leon helped me out of the carriage and we walked in the dark streets of the town lit only by street lamps.

"It was difficult to find an inn where pets are allowed." Leon said, answering my inner question why he was so long finding an inn. This made me giggle.

"Are you laughing at me princess?" Leon asked sarcastically with one eyebrow arched up.

"It\'s just that you know what to answer before I even ask you the question. It\'s like you can read my thoughts." I said. "Well, can you?"

"As much as I want to read your thoughts, no that is something even magic can\'t do. The mind is a very complex thing and going inside another\'s head can be very dangerous." Leon said. "As to me knowing your questions before you ask them, well I might just guess it because of our connection. We are meant to be." Leon chuckled.

"Hahaha, how cheesy of you kind sir." I teased. But thinking about it, what he said might be true.

It is not only him that can understand me even without words, but also I can do the same for him. There may really be a connection between us that can\'t be explained.

After a while of walking we come to a small but beautiful inn.

"Good evening sir." A middle aged man that was standing in the reception area said. "Glad to have you back with your sister. Two rooms have been prepared for you. The coachman can take the service rooms here in the inn."

"Thank you." Leon said while getting some gold coins in his pouch and giving it to the receptionist.

"Happy to be of service." The receptionist said. "Here are the keys to your rooms. Dinner will be prepared at the pantry at eight sharp. Hot bath is available upon request."

"Good, please prepare a hot bath for my sister." Leon said.

"Very well sir." The receptionist replied. "Anything else?"

"None for the time being." Leon said.

"Then please enjoy your stay." The receptionist gave us a wide smile.

"Tricia you can take Alicia to her room now. The two of you will occupy one room while I will take the other one." Leon instructed.

"Yes sir." Tricia said.

"The hot bath will be ready after thirty minutes so you can relax while waiting." The receptionist said.

"Thank you." I said.

"Oh my, you have a beautiful voice miss." The receptionist said. Then Leon looked at him with sharp eyes like daggers flying. The receptionist felt awkward instantly. "Well then I will be off to prepare the hot bath, hohoho."

"We will be going upstairs now sir." Tricia said.

"Okay." Leon said. "Have a rest first. I\'m sure you had a tiring day."

Leon caressed my face gently under my hood and smiled sweetly. His gesture made me blush. Good thing my face is covered under the hood.

"W-we will be going then." I stuttered with my sentence because of embarrassment. I caught Tricia\'s hand and pulled her with me going up stairs. "Come, let\'s go to our room." I walked hastily.

"Princes, slow down. You might trip." And just as Tricia said that I really tripped. But fortunately I caught myself before falling. My reflex have improved so much after training these past two years and thanks to that it lessened my embarrassment tonight.

Snow jumped out of my arms before I was about to fall.

\'Sheesh, just tell that beautiful young man you love him. You can save yourself from this embarrassment.\' She gracefully jumped up the stairs.