The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 60 A premonition?

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"Okay, thanks." I smiled at him. He offered his hand and I placed my hand in his.

The time our hands touched everything around me went dark. And in a flash my surroundings lit up. I saw flames burning around me. I can feel the heat in my skin and I can smell the smoke in my nose.

I look around, wanting to know where I was. Then I saw a familiar structure. I saw the gazebo at the back of my courtyard where I spend my time leisurely reading books. I was sure it was the gazebo in my courtyard because of the cherry blossom tree beside it. In all the courtyards in the palace, there is only one cherry blossom tree and it was lucky to be in my small courtyard.

All of the estate was burning. I was standing at the edge of the small pond in the back yard when some flash caught my attention.

I look at the direction where the flash came from and then I saw Leon was dueling with a man dressed in black robes. I cannot see the features of the man clearly with the smoke interfering with my vision. All I could say is that the man in the black robes has a similar built with Leon.

They were exchanging sword blows, one after the other. None of them was yielding, both are fierce with every blow.

I can see Leon gaining the upper hand. His sword skills are far more superior than the man in the black robes. Then I hear a whistle, like the wind was being cut in two. And out of nowhere an arrow came flying down from the sky and pierced Leon from the back.

"NOOOO!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. But I can\'t seem to hear myself. I tried to run towards him, to help him, but I can\'t seem to move.

I just sat there on the ground in shock, looking at the wounded Leon. The man in the black robes was standing in front of him, pointing his sword towards Leon. My heart was racing, fear was engulfing every inch of my body.

Then Leon turned to me. He gave me a smile that I so love to see on his face. Then his mouth opened, trying to say something.

"Run." That was what I read from Leon\'s mouth.

I looked at him wide eyed. \'How can I run? I can\'t even move.\' I wan to run, but I want to run towards him.

The flames around him burned savagely as if it was trying to keep the man in the black robe from escaping. Then man faced me not even bothering with Leon. He was unfazed with the fire around him and was walking towards me. I want to move but my body wasn\'t listening to what I want. Then a sword pierced thru the man\'s body. I can see Leon was behind the man, holding him in place. Leon looked at me one last time and mouthed some words to me.

"I love you." I read from his lips. I felt tears trickle down my face.

Then the raging fire engulfed them. All I can see now are the flames around me, burning everything in their way.

"Alicia, Alicia." A voice was calling me. Then I snapped back to where I was. I can see that I was still in my room and Leon was still holding my hand.

"Alicia?" Leon asked worriedly. "Are you alright? Do you feel any pain? If you feel uncomfortable then I will tell Tricia to send your food here in your room."

"Huh?" I was still in a daze collecting myself. "Ah no, no. I\'m feeling fine. I just got dizzy a while ago but I\'m fine now." I force a smile.

"Are you sure?" Leon asked. He was looking at me with worried eyes.

"Yes, I\'m sure." I said.

"Tell me immediately if you are not feeling well. You don\'t need to push yourself. You can take it easy." Leon said. "Promise me you won\'t overexert yourself." His eyes were burning with intensity.

"I promise. You have my word as a princess." I smiled at him and then he sighed in relief.

"Come. Let me take you to the dining room." Leon never let go of my hand even once. He pulled me gently and escorted me out of the room with care.

I look at him one more time, looking at the perfect features of the man beside me.

\'The vision I saw just earlier, what was that?\' I thought to myself.

I just knew of my magic abilities not long ago and now I am having visions. A vision that I don\'t want to see and don\'t want to happen. If it really was a premonition then I will do anything I can to stop that kind of future, that kind of outcome. I will do everything to make myself much more powerful to protect the ones I love.