The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 59 Getting back up

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It has been three days since I woke up. I diligently followed everything that Dr. Andrew has prescribed. I drink my medicine and let my body rest these past three days.

"Good morning princess." Tricia greeted me when she came in. "The warm bath is ready."

Tricia has been helping me take a bath and massaging my sore muscles after. Herbs are place in the bath with warm water.

"Thank you Tricia." I said. I slowly sat down and stood up. Tricia ran by my side to help me

"Princess take it easy." Tricia told me. "Let me get the wheel chair for you."

"Don\'t worry. My body is not sore now. And didn\'t Dr. Andrew said that I can start to walk after three days." I said.

"B-but princess." Tricia still looked worried.

"All of you have helped me a lot when I was sick in bed. I am very thankful to you." I expressed my heart felt thanks.

"Of course princess. I am happy to serve you." Tricia smiled at me. "At least let me help you walk."

"Okay." I smiled.

I took Tricia\'s helping hand and walked towards the bathroom.

My bathroom in the mansion is as big as two rooms combined. The bath is like a mini pool at the center.

Once we went in the bathroom the smell of herbs ate lingering in the air. Slight steam is seen inside.

"Let me help you with taking your clothes of princess." Tricia said.

I blushed embarrassed. It was normal for princesses to be waited upon by maids even when they bath. This made me awkward when I first came here. My mother thought me to become an independent young girl when I was little, so the maids that were helping me in every and any way makes me shy. I let them serve me in other things except in taking a bath. I always take a bath by myself since then.

But now that my body is weak, I am happy that Tricia is here to help me. It is quite embarrassing but I appreciate the help she was giving me.

Tricia took of my clothed gently and helped me in the pool of warm water. I sat down and let my body submerge. I can see the herbs floating on the water. I pick up a lead and smelled it. It smelled of menthol that helps me calm my senses.

Three days ago my body was sore and stiff the first time I entered the herbal bath. But after one dip I feel my muscles relax and loosen. Now I can feel my body refreshed and energized. This bath really helped a lot.

"Princess let me wash your hair." Tricia said politely. I nodded my head in agreement.

Slowly, Tricia wet my hair and applied scented liquid to wash my hair. Tricia massage my head and it started to bubble. I felt relaxed with Tricia\'s massage that I can feel my eyelids become heavy.

"Would you like me to wash your body as well?" Tricia asked.

I became wide awake in no time. "Oh no need Tricia." I said abruptly. "I can manage."

I took the soap from the corner and started to wash my sled thoroughly.


I was back in my room after the bath. I felt refreshed and energetic again. I can feel that I can move without pain anymore.

"Tricia can you prepare my breakfast in the dining room." I asked politely. "I would like to start trying to walk slowly."

"As you wish my princess." Tricia slightly bowed and left my room.

The past three days I was taking my meals in bed. Being confined in bed was a little boring but Leon has been accompanying me quite often.

Leon has slowly thought me about the country of Atlantia. Its history and its down fall. The remnants of the country has been scattered all over the continent, not having a country or home of their own. Some blended with the other citizens of the country they are in but some lived as outcast, never really accepted their new home as their own.

Then I remembered the young man that abducted me. He was so bent on taking me back with him. He mentioned about bringing the country back.

The young man looked like he was in the early twenties. Meaning he was born before the war ended. He was born in the country of Atlantia and he was young when he was driven away from his own country and see it now under the bottom of the sea.

I was never born in their country so I cannot feel the sentiments they are feeling now. But I think I can feel their sentiments about not having a home, a country they can call their own.

I was never once accepted as a part of the family when I moved into the palace. I was shunned and neglected, I was an outcast in my father own home. If it not grandpa Robert and Richard, I would not have been living comfortably.

\'Meow\' Snow came up on bed and affectionately rubbed her body against me. It was like she was comforting me. I smiled with her gesture.

I remember Leon telling me that after the incident with Elisabeth, Snow has been beside me ever since. She had been my \'familiar\' as Leon called it. He said that Snow can feel what I am feeling as well.

"Than you girl. Don\'t worry, I\'m all right." She must have felt that I was being sad remembering that my own father doesn\'t want me.

I gently stroke her white thick fur. She purred with my gesture. I remember Leon telling me that Snow helped him show the way when I was abducted. When the candy trail ended because I ran out of candies, Snow was there like she was waiting for Leon. And as Leon told me Snow led the way to where I am.

"You\'re a good little cat." I told Snow. Thank you very much."

\'Meow\' It was like she was telling me welcome and I giggled.

\'Knock knock\'

"Come in." I said.

When the door opened, it was Leon who came in.

"Good morning Alicia, how are you feeling today?" Leon asked with a smile.

"I\'m feeling great, thank you for asking." I was happy to see him smile again.

These past few days Leon\'s face was a mix of worriment and guilt. I have told him many times that it was not his fault that my magic powers was so erratic. He told me that it won\'t happen again and he will be personally teach me the magic arts so that I can control my magic abilities well.

"Breakfast is ready." Leon said. "I\'ll help you walk."

"Okay, thanks." I smiled at him. He offered his hand and I placed my hand in his.