The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 58 Hidden lineage 2

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I process all of the information my grandpa was telling me. So there was a country much more stronger than Grandcrest. They can wield magic arts. But because they had a mad king that ruined it, their country now lies in the depths of the sea.

"But what does my mother have to do with the country of Atlantia?" I asked. "Don\'t tell me that she is a princess from Atlantia?"

My grandpa looked at me with seriousness. "You are correct there."

I looked at him with shock.

"You are telling me that my mother is really a princess form the country of Atlantia?" I asked again.

"Her distinct features that you also share says it all." Grandpa said. "As I know the last king of Atlantia had three children. The eldest, the crown prince, I know was with us in the Upgrove Plains in the last battle. He also perished with his father. The other two were twin girls. They were only ten years old when the battle on the Upgrove Plains occurred."

"So you mean my mother is one of the twins? That she was able to escape the distraction of Atlantia." All of these information are now processing in my head.

"The first time I saw your mother, I knew instantly that she is the lost princess." Grandpa said.

"But how could you tell just by her features. I mean, yes platinum blonde hair and silver eyes are rare indeed. But how could you tell that she really is the princess?" I was really searching for proof that what my grandpa says is true.

Grandpa sighed. "I told you that Atlantian\'s can use magic arts, correct?" He said.

"Yes." I replied.

"I saw her with my own two eyes using magic when she was still a maid here in the palace." Grandpa said. "It was a small harmless magic, she used it to make the dead flowers in the garden bloom again. A feat only the royal family of Atlantia can do. She didn\'t know that I was watching her in secret."

\'Magic arts.\' I thought to myself. Then something dawned on me.

"The young man that abducted me..." I said unfinished.

"What you are thinking is correct." It was Leon that spoke. "That man could manipulate water, like I could manipulate fire."

I looked at Leon in shock. If I recall correctly, when he was dueling with the young man, he too manipulated fire. Then is he an Atlantian too?

"Yes, Alicia." Leon answered my unspoken question. "I have Atlantian blood. My mother was Atlantian."

"Then if my mother is an Atlantian, then that makes me one as well. I have Atlantian blood flowing in my veins." I said in realization. "But I have never exhibited or had signs of using any magic abilities."

"That is where you are mistaken." Leon said. "You have used magic before, you just didn\'t know it."

I was confused. \'I have used magic back then? But how?\' I asked myself.

Then my white cat Snow jumped on my bed and curled up beside me.

"Snow is one example." Leon said.

"Snow?" I asked confused.

"Do you remember the incident with your step sister Elizabeth?" Leon asked.

"Yes, of course." I remembered clearly that day. I had enough of Elizabeth accusing me of a sin I did not commit. I felt anger for the first time with their bullying.

"And Snow came out of nowhere and scratched Elizabeth\'s face relentlessly." Leon said.

"That was Snow?" I really can\'t remember if the cat that scratched Elizabeth\'s face was my Snow. The cat came and go like a flash.

"Your anger has triggered her to take action. Something you can\'t do yourself." Leon explained. "And after that Snow never left your side. She has became your familiar. She will never part from you."

Yes, I remember how I want to wound the precious face of Elizabeth. Knowing she was just faking the burn in her face, I want her to really have wounds so visible that everyone could see.

"Magic wielders that were not yet educated with the magic arts like yourself can tend to use their emotions as a trigger for magic abilities." Leon explained. "This also happened when the man abducted you."

I looked confused. What I can only remember that night was before Leon was trapped in the water bubble. And after that I passed out.

"The time before you passed out, you unleashed your magic." Leon explained. "You might not remember, but the damage your body took is proof. Your magic was so powerful that even your body was in danger. With your current body, your magic abilities can also destroy you. It was just luck that you have survived that night. My training made your body a lot stronger than before, making it withstand your erratic magic abilities. But I am afraid that if it kept on a little while longer, then your body would break."

Leon made a face like he was in pain. Maybe when he saw me in danger, he was also in pain. Like I was when I saw him struggling in that water bubble.

I reached out to touch his face and gently caressed the lines that appeared between his eye brows. Then I gently stroked my hand towards his cheek. His eyes looked at me full of affection and worry. His took my hand from his cheek and gently kissed it.

"So, I\'m an Atlantian." I said. "My mother was a lost princess of Atlantia. That young man that abducted me was correct then. He said I was a princess of their country and they need to take me back with them to start building their country again." My head started to throb.

I was still confused by all of this. My brain is processing so many information at this moment that my head will burst in pain. Leon saw this and looked at me worriedly.

"Lie down and rest." Leon said. "We still have plenty of time to talk about this. No need to rush."

"Sir Leon is right." Grandpa said. "Your body is still recuperating. Let\'s talk about this another time."

Leon helped me lie down on bed and tucked me under the sheets.

"For now try not to let your emotions stir. Your magic is still erratic and it can burst out depending on your emotions." Leon explained. "You have to know that magic is taboo in this continent after the war. I practiced my magic abilities in secret and as my mother instructed. But it looks like it wasn\'t enough when dueling with an Atlantian with wider knowledge and experience with magic arts."

I nodded slowly at him. I am sure that Leon is telling me this for my own good. I have zero knowledge in this magic arts that it scares me.

"Sleep. You need to rest." Leon said. "Once you wake up I will continue explaining to you what you need to know."

I close my eyes slowly. My head was throbbing and that the darkness gave relief with the pain.

"Let\'s go out so she can take a rest." I hear grandpa say. "Tricia, close the windows and the curtains so that she can sleep peacefully."

"Yes general." I hear Tricia say.

I can hear their footsteps going out of the room, the closing of windows and curtains, and then the doors closed.


I can feel snow rubbing herself on my head. She curled up just beside me. I will myself to sleep.