The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 56 Taking care of the princess

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Leon went out for a while when I was eating the lunch Tricia brought on bed. The kitchen made me some hot porridge that is easy to digest as per Dr. Andrew has specified.

While I was eating my porridge, I taste and smell some herbs in it.

"Is there some herbs mixed in the porridge?" I asked Tricia who was standing at the door.

"Yes princess. Those herbs are the ones Dr. Andrew brought a while ago and specifically said to include in your meals." Tricia replied. "He said it will help you in healing."

"Oh." Is what I just said.

Maybe this is what Dr. Andrew said that would help me strengthen my body.

"And he had also left the medicine he prescribed to you princess. You must take them after every meal." Tricia said respectfully.

"I understand." I replied.

I was halfway done with my porridge when someone knocked on the door. Tricia opened it and Leon came inside. He was looking fresh with new clothes. I guess he bathed when he left a while ago.

Speaking of bathing, I also feel sticky with sweat.

"Am I allowed to take a bath?" I asked no one in particular. I forgot to ask the doctor this question.

"Yes princess." It was Tricia who answered me. "The doctor said you can take a bath with lukewarm water. He gave us some herbs to put in your bath that can help your muscles relax."

\'Thank goodness.\' I thought to myself and sighed in relief.

"Are you done eating?" Leon asked me. He took his regular seat in my bedside.

"I think I can\'t finish my porridge." I looked down guiltily.

I hear Leon sigh. "It\'s fine. It is your first meal in the past three days. I don\'t want you to have a stomachache if you force to finish it."

Leon got the tray where the bowl of porridge was placed and gave it to Tricia.

"Is her medicine brewed and ready?" Leon asked Tricia.

"Yes sir Leon." Tricia replied. "It has already been prepared. I\'ll go and get it in the kitchen." She slightly bowed to me and Leon and left the room with the tray.

"How are you feeling?" Leon asked looking at me with a warm smile.

"I\'m doing a lot better, thank you." I answered politely.

"That\'s good." Leon replied.

Not long there was a knock on the door and Tricia came in with the bowl of medicine.

"I will be serving the medicine to the princess." Leon reached for the bowl of medicine from Tricia. She looked a little flustered handing the bowl of medicine to him.

Leon sat down on the bed side chair and held the bowl of medicine. He took a spoon full and blew the lightly. He slowly served the spoon to me.

"I-I think I can do it myself." I said shyly.

"Hush now. You\'re hands are still shaking. I\'m sure your muscles are still aching right." Leon said.

I blushed in embarrassment. Leon can know with just looking at my actions that my muscles are still aching.

"Just be a good girl and say ahh." Leon said. I shyly followed him and opened my mouth.

The medicine is bitter when I tasted it. My face contorted slightly.

Leon chuckled. "Just bare with it. The more bitter the medicine, the more it is effective."

After a few spoons full, the bowl is now empty. Leon took a towel from Tricia and wiped my face.

"You know, you really don\'t need to do this." I said embarrassed. "You are my knight. Tricia can do this for me."

"Don\'t you want me to take care of you?" Leon said with a hint of a sad smile.

"I-It\'s not that." I quickly corrected. "It\'s just, well you are a knight. It is not your job to serve me."

"It\'s okay. I am fine with taking care of you." Leon said with a smile. "When my mother was also ill in bed, I was the one who took care of her. So this is not new to me."

"Really?" I asked. "Your mother must be a beautiful and kind woman." I smiled.

"She was." Leon has a sad smile.

I heard the \'was\' from his sentence and my felt his sadness.

"Oh, I\'m sorry. I didn\'t know." I apologized instantly. I never thought that Leon\'s mother had already passed away.

"It\'s okay. I am sure she is in a good place now." Leon said. He placed a loose stand of my hair behind my ear. "Get used to me taking care of you. I will be by your side, always."

I looked at him wondering if what he said was a promise. Then there was a knock on my door. Grandpa Robert came inside my room.

"Hello grandpa." I greeted.

"It\'s good to see you awake Alicia." Grandpa said.

"Is Richard not with you?" I asked wondering if Richard came to visit me as well.

"He wanted to come with me but I said he can visit you later this afternoon." Grandpa said. I looked at him curiously. "I am sure you have many questions you want to ask me and Leon. With what just happened with you."

Then I remember the things that happened in my abduction. The questions I wanted to ask resurfaced in my mind.