The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 55 Waking up

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I opened my eyes with the rays of the sun shining down on my face. I scan the room I was in and realized I was in my own room. I try to move my body and get up but I can feel my body is heavy and sore.

Then I felt someone holding my right hand. When I look at my side I saw Leon sleeping soundly beside me.

I try to take my hand away gently, trying not to wake him up. But with just my little movement I see him move a bit and squeezed my hand. Leon slowly opened his eyes. He looked at me gently and his mouth curved up in a wonderful smile.

"Good morning sleeping beauty." Leon said to me.

"G-Good morning." I greeted him back.

Leon just woke up but he looked even more handsome in the morning light.

"How are you feeling?" Leon asked me.

"I feel that my body is sore all over." I confessed. "It aches if I move even just a bit."

"Stay still for a while. I will tell Tricia to call Dr. Andrew to come over." Leon said then he stepped outside the room.

I tried to recall what happened to me. All that I can remember was that at the night of the festival in town, I was with Leon. And while I was waiting for him in the stables I was abducted by an unknown young man.

My last memory was Leon fighting with the young man that abducted me. He was winning the fight but then the young man used his magic to imprison Leon in a water bubble. I remember Leon holding his breath inside that water bubble, time is running out and he couldn\'t breath.

I remember the pain of seeing him like that, he was in pain and struggling with what breath he has got left.

My head throbbed in pain. I can\'t remember anything after that. I held my head, the headache is starting to intensify.

"What is it?" Leon said abruptly. He just got back and must have seen me flinch in pain.

"Don\'t worry. It\'s just that my head hurt when I tried to recall what happened last night." I said. "How are you by the way? I remember you were in the verge of drowning in the water bubble."

Leon still looked worried while trying to massage my forehead. "Do not worry about me. As you can see I am fine. It is you that you need to worry about." He said.

"I can\'t seem to recall what happened after you were imprisoned in the water bubble." I said. "When I try to remember my head starts to throb."

"Then try not to remember for now. I will tell you the details later after Dr. Andrew have checked you, okay?" Leon said to me gently and I nodded in agreement. He continued to massage my forehead to ease the pain.

After a while a knock came from the door.

"Come in." Leon said.

The door opened and Dr. Andrew came in. He was wearing his regular attire as a royal physician, a white coat and pants. He was carrying his black medicine bag with him.

"Good morning princess Alicia, sir Leon." Dr. Andrew greeted us with a warm smile that a doctor often has.

"Good morning Dr. Andrew." I greeted in return.

Dr. Andrew looked at us puzzled at first and then had a knowing look.

"Are you having a headache princess Alicia?" Dr. Andrew asked.

Leon was still massaging my forehead. No wonder the doctor seemed puzzled at first. I blushed in embarrassment. Leon was my personal knight and not my maid or nanny. He should not massage me like this. I was carried away with the comfort his massage has given my headache.

"Um... yes." I nodded shyly. I gently smiled to Leon. "My headache is a little better Leon, thank you."

"Are you sure?" Leon asked. I nodded to him in reassurance. He stopped massaging my head after.

Dr. Andrew walked and stood at my other bedside to check my pulse. Then he checked both of my eyes.

"Princess can you please open your mouth." Dr. Andrew asked. And so I opened my mouth. He took a stick from his bag and checked my mouth while pushing my tongue down.

"How are you feeling after waking up?" Dr. Andrew asked.

"My whole body feels sore and aches. And then when I tried to remember what happened last night, my head ached as well." I answered.

"Hmm that\'s normal." Dr. Andrew said. "Knowing that you have been sleeping for three days. Your muscles have been dormant and they will surely ache."

"T-three days?!" I said in astonishment.

"Yes, you were asleep for the past three days." Dr. Andrew confirmed.

I looked at him surprised then I looked at Leon. Leon gave me a gentle smile but I can see under that smile was worry. Then I realized Leon\'s clothes were looking a little disheveled. He must have been looking after me for the past three days in worriment.

"I will prescribe you some medication. I will give it to your maid and tell her the time you will need to intake it." Dr. Andrew said. "This will help your aches and can get you up in no time." He smiled at me.

"Thank you doctor." Leon said with gratitude.

"You are welcome. It is my job after all" Dr. Andrew smiled and looked at me after. "You just lie down and rest. I will instruct your maids to massage your muscles, so that the muscles can wake up. After two days you can start walking around."

"Thank you doctor." I said with gratitude.

"Just rest and regain your strength. I will take that as your payment for my services." Dr. Andrew patted my head and smiled sweetly at me. I don\'t know why the air inside the roomed became heavy soon after.

"Hahaha. Well I will be going then." Dr. Andrew said and stood up. "I will report to the general after this. I am sure he will be visiting you later."

Dr. Andrew have a slight bow at me and then he smiled at Leon. When I glanced at Leon, he was giving the doctor a knowing look.

The doctor was almost outside the door when he stopped and turned around.

"Oh yes, sir Leon." Dr. Andrew looked at Leon. "I have sent the books you want to lend from me in your quarters."

"Thank you doctor. It would be of big help." Leon slightly bowed.

"Well then I will be going." Dr. Andrew said.

"Have a safe trip doctor." I said.

"Thank you princess." The doctor slightly bowed and left.

I looked at Leon with curious eyes.

"You want to know what happened?" Leon asked me and I nodded.

"It would be best if we wait for your grandfather before I tell you." Leon said. "There are some things that is best to be said by him."

I looked at him in confusion.

\'What could it be that Leon still needs to wait for grandpa before telling me?\' I wondered.