The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 54 Strengthen myself

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(POV Leon)

A day has gone by after the night of the festival. Alicia was still sleeping soundly in her room. I was sitting right beside her bed, not wanting to leave her even for a second until she wakes up.

I hear the door open and I look into that direction. I see general Robert come inside.

"It has been a day and she hasn\'t shown any signs of waking up?" The old general asked me.

I shook my head. I look at Alicia, still holding her warm hands. At least I know she is warm and breathing.

"I called the royal physician to take a look at her." Robert said.

I looked at him in surprise. Alicia\'s identity as a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia is now delicate. If anyone knows of her true identity, then different kinds of people will be coming after her.

"Do not worry. He is on my side." Robert said.

"Are you sure about this general?" I asked him seriously. "You know that Alicia\'s identity must be kept a secret at all cost. I am having a hard time with the Atlantians the other day, knowing about Alicia. And they are still at large."

"I trust this royal physician with my life." Robert said firmly.

I sighed and nodded in agreement.

"Let him in." Robert said just beyond the door.

A young man came inside the room. When I look up I see none other than Dr. Andrew.

"Sir Leon, this is Dr. Andrew, the royal physician I was telling you about. Dr. Andrew, this is Sir Leon, Alicia\'s knight." Robert introduced us.

"Sir Leon, it\'s a pleasure to meet you again." The doctor extended his hand.

"Same here doctor." I took his hand and shook it.

"You two have met each other?" Robert asked in confusion.

"It was a coincidence that I met princess Alicia and her knight the night of the festival." Andrew explained. "My carriage almost ran over the princess. Thankfully sir Leon here was quick to pull her away." The doctor smiled.

"Yes, we met coincidentally." I said.

"Let me check the princess first." Andrew said and walked at the bedside of Alicia.

He took Alicia\'s pulse and started to check it. Next he opened both of Alicia\'s eyes to inspect it. He also took her temperature.

"How is it doctor?" Robert asked.

I was attentively looking at him while he was doing his check up on Alicia.

"It seems her body is over fatigued. The stress that her body took after releasing such power was too much. She is not yet prepared to wield such magic. Her body is resting now and recuperating. She will wake up after her body has been well rested." Andrew answered.

"So, you know that she is Atlantian?" I asked Andrew. I looked at him seriously.

"I have known for quite some time." Andrew answered. "Do not worry, I am on the general\'s side. I won\'t do anything to harm the princess."

"Yes he is correct." The old general seconded him. "And Dr. Andrew here had been all around the continent. He has learned many things about Atlantians in the books he had acquired in his travels."

"Well they are forbidden books. As you know after the last war ended, the three countries did whatever they could to erase the existence of Atlantia. But I was able to acquire some of those books." Andrew explained.

"I can\'t imagine how you got your hands on such rare and forbidden books, I wonder." I said. Even I was not able to acquire such information about Atlantia other than what my mother has left for me.

"My means are of no importance. What\'s important right now is that I can help the princess with her magic, albeit in the medicinal aspects of it." Andrew said.

"You have studied how magic works?" I asked curiously.

"I have read books on the Atlantian\'s knowledge in their own physiology." Andrew replied. "I can help the princess to regulate her magic with some herbs and medicine."

"May I ask? In your books, are their any knowledge on how to strengthen ones magic power and abilities?" I asked.

The doctor looked at me in confusion at first, then looked at the general. Robert just gave him a nod.

"There are some information there about such things." Andrew said. "If you want, I can lend the books to you."

"Yes, if you can lend it to me please. I would really appreciate it." I said and lowered my head to him.

This may seem that I lowered myself as the crown prince of Grandcrest, to lower my head to a mere royal physician. But I will do anything to strengthen myself in the future to come. Knowing that my magic skills are inferior to the more advance skills of the Atlantians I have encountered. I know I need to improve myself.

"If I can help in anyway to protect the princess, then I will lend everything that I have." Andrew said.

"Thank you very much." I said.

I looked at the sleeping Alicia. She seemed so calm and serene. I will do everything to protect my future wife.