The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 52 Something brewing up inside of me

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"No!" Dimitri charged with his sword unsheathed. He tried to slash the water bubble but to no avail. The water retains its shape.

"Your efforts are useless." The young man said. "The water will stay the shape as I want it to."

Dimitri looked at the young man with rage. He launched towards the young man.

"If I can\'t undo the water bubble, then I will just have to kill it\'s wielder." Dimitri yelled while charging.

But then a young woman came in suddenly, blocking the attack of Dimitri with her sword.

"Jeremy, what the hell are you doing!" The young woman with dark brown hair yelled to the young man.

"Clara, you came." Jeremy smiled with relief but coughed up blood.

"You are poisoned?" Clara said in surprise. She looked at Dimitri with rage. "How dare you hurt my brother!"

Clara was enraged. She raised her hands up and the wind around us was swirling like a tornado.

Dimitri cannot do anything but thrust his sword to the ground and hold on to it.

The wind around us was strong, it was making the objects around us fly in every direction.

The siblings position and mine are out of the vortex of the small tornado so we were unharmed. Looking at Dimitri, he was holding onto the sword rooted on the ground so he won\'t be swept away by the strong winds. But he won\'t last long. The winds are picking up strength.

"What the hell were you doing out here?!" Clara yelled at her brother while still maintaining the tornado.

"I found a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia." Jeremy told her sister.

Clara was surprised by this. She looked at her brother in disbelief. Jeremy made a gesture to my direction. Clara\'s sight fell onto me, her expression was first shock and then determination.

"Can you get up? I am at my limit" Clara asked her brother. "The guy in your water bubble has only seconds left before he runs out of air. But the guy in front of me seems to be powerful. I cannot beat him head on. We need to make a run for it."

My heart squeezed after hearing the girls sentence. I looked at Leon who was still inside the water bubble. Minutes have passed since he was trapped inside. For sure he was running out of air.

Fear engulfed my body. The fear of loosing him was unimaginable. He was the first one to accept me as who I am and not just as a princess of Alvannia. He has taught me many things, he was also the reason I have felt feelings I have never felt before. Just by thinking of loosing him, the pain I was feeling right now was unbearable. I hold my chest in pain.

"Jeremy! Make her unconscious, NOW!" I hear the girl Clara yelled.

My body was feeling hot all over. The pain was engulfing my body. I can feel something brewing up inside of me.


(POV of Leon)

I was in the water bubble for about three minutes now and I am at my limit.

I look outside and there was a young woman preventing Dimitri from attacking the young man that put me into this water bubble. Looking at it, she was also a magic user, an Atlantian that can manipulate the wind. Dimitri can\'t do anything but stand his ground or he will be swept away by the wind.

My consciousness was starting to fade. The lack of oxygen was beginning to take a toll on my body.

\'No, it can\'t end here.\' I thought to myself. \'Many people are counting on me to finish my mission. And Alicia, my Alicia. She needs me.\'

I was scanning the area searching for Alicia when I saw something glowing. My eyes went wide when I saw it was Alicia. Her body was engulfed in blue light.

\'This is bad.\' I thought.

The magic brewing inside of her was immense, there will be a catastrophe if it will be unleashed in one go.

The ground was starting to tremble and crack. The water bubble that I was imprisoned in started to vibrate violently.

I looked around to see what I can do to manage to escape this water bubble. If I don\'t hurry, all of us including Alicia will be in grave danger.

I saw that there was still fire embers left on the wood not far from me.

\'Lucky!\' I thought to myself.

I was a fire manipulator. When I was young I showed signs of being a fire caster. This element was my calling and my mother has thought me early on how to handle my magical abilities. She knew that if other people saw my magical abilities, then there will be huge consequences. My mother was a good teacher and I was able to perfect my magic in an early age.

Even with just a little fire ember, I can make it big. I concentrate on the wood with ember and it started to flicker and burn. The fire was starting to get bigger, I make it have a shape of an arrow.

\'Good, now just some velocity will do.\' I thought.

I concentrated on the fire arrow, making it suck all the air around it. Then I let go. The arrow was now flying with the speed of sound. I aimed it just inches from me. The fire arrow zoomed right past me, splitting the water bubble into two.

Having the attention of the young man away from me also helped the water bubble lose its shape and so I was free at last.

"Hah, hah, hah." I was gasping for air. My head throbbed with the lack of oxygen earlier and now with the sudden intake made it feel so big.

I looked around me. The ground was shaking so hard that it looked like there was an earthquake. The wind around us was so strong, like we were inside a storm.

"Ahhhhhh." Alicia yelled out loud.

My heart was thumping fast. I was searching for her amidst this chaos.

"Alicia!" I yelled out loud, trying to find her.

Then I saw her at the center of all this chaos. Her body was glowing with yellow light now. She was yelling as if she was in pain. My heart squeezed in pain seeing her like this.