The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 49 You got the wrong person

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I was waiting inside the stables as Leon had instructed. I hold the dagger he had left to me tightly. My heart was thumping very fast.

I was worried about Leon. He said we were being followed since we left the river bank.

\'Who would want to follow us? What are their intentions?\' I thought to myself.

Then I remember the accident earlier. When I was nearly ran over by a running carriage. I felt someone pushed me.

"Someone is after my life?" I said to myself.

I was deep in my thoughts when I heard some sound.

"Who is there?" I quickly got my guard up. I unsheathe the dagger from it\'s scarab and hold it at arms length. I make a defensive stance.

"Young lady, I do not wish to harm you." A voice of a man was heard.

Then the man emerged from the shadows. He was a young man with short dark brown hair and eyes. He was wearing black cloak.

"What do you want from me?" I asked with authority.

The young man flinched. He looked into my eyes, as if searching for something. Then to my astonishment he kneeled down before me.

"I am certain, you are of royal blood from the Atlantian empire." The young man said to me.

"Atlantian empire?" I was confused. "You must have mistaken me for someone else. I am a princess of the kingdom of Alvannia." Then I just thought that I gave my true identity to this stranger.

\'Stupid Alicia!\' I scolded myself.

"I cannot be wrong." The young man said. "Your distinct features proves you are a princess from Atlanatia."

"Atlantia? I have never heard of that country before." I said. "I am sorry but you are mistaken."

I didn\'t let my guard down even once. Even if this man mistaken me for someone else, I was careless to say that I am an Alvannian princess.

"Young lady, please come with me and you will know everything that I am telling you is the truth." The young man said. "I am one of the descendants of the Atlantian knights. And at present I serve the heir to the Atlantian throne, prince Gladiolus."

"No! I am not going anywhere." I said firmly.

"Please young lady. Come with me silently and I promise I won\'t hurt you." The young man said.

He stepped closer to me with caution.

"Don\'t come any closer!" I yelled. "Or I am going to use this on you." I branded the dagger right at him.

The young man didn\'t heed my warning. I ready myself and calculated my attack. I look at the door just behind the young man.

\'If I can just pass by him, then I can get out and call for help.\' I thought to myself.

I hold my dagger and lunged right at the young man. His eyes went wide at first with surprise but he managed to block my attack.

I have expected that much, since he said he was a knight. So I back stepped fast and counterattack. My strike hit his right arm with the dagger.

"Ahh." The young man cringed in pain. Blood spilled on the floor.

I used this opportunity to make my way towards the door and escape. I was outside and ready to shout for help when something unimaginable happened.

Water from the nearby well came out like a snake, flying in the sky. To my surprise it flew straight towards me.

"Ahhhh!" I yelled with fear. The water enveloped my whole body, forming a water bubble hovering in mid air. I held my breath so I won\'t drown.

"I am sorry young lady but I can\'t let you escape. If you really are a Atlantian princess, then your place is beside the prince." The young man said.

I was at my limit and needed air. My consciousness was starting to fade.

\'No, I can\'t loose consciousness here.\' I said.

I closed my eyes to feign that I already lost consciousness. If I am correct, the young man needed me alive to present to their prince. He won\'t hurt or kill me. And while he thinks I am unconscious, I am sure Leon will find me in time.

Like I thought, the young man undo the water bubble I was in. And I was able to breath freely again. I pretended to be unconscious.

"I am sure the prince will be happy to know that he has a blood relative alive." The young man said.

The young man tied my hands with a rope. He effortlessly picked me up and carried me in his arms.

The young man whistles and I can hear a horse trot towards us. He placed me up the saddle and followed.

"Hiyah!" The young man kicked his horse and I can feel the horse galloped fast.

I was sitting in front of the young man. He held me protectively between him and the reigns. I can feel the cold air hit my body instantly and shivered unintentionally. To my surprise the young man took off his cloak and covered me with it.

\'I have to think fast. How can I tell Leon where I am?\' I thought.

If I don\'t think of something, for sure we will be out of town in no time. Then I remembered the small candies that Leon bought for me earlier this day. It was a full bag of different colored candies.

I slowly slid my hand on my pocket and felt the bag of candies in my hand. I opened it and slowly took out one candy at a time to make a trail.

\'Leon, please hurry and find me.\' I thought to myself.