The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 48 A missing princess

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*This chapter will be in POV of Leon

Alicia and I were walking on the road towards the horse stables where Midnight was. I can feel that a pair of eyes were looking at us. I was cautious along the way.

We were getting near the stables and I can still feel the presence of the person looking at us.

"Alicia, why not go inside the stable first." I said.

"Okay." Alicia looked at me puzzled.

"Whatever happens don\'t go out okay." I told her sternly.

"Is there a problem?" She asked.

"Someone is following us since we left the riverbank." I whispered.

"What?" Alicia was startled. I gestured her to keep quiet and she nodded.

"Let\'s act that we don\'t know." I said softly. I get my dagger from my belt and handed it to her. "Use this if ever something happens, okay?"

Alicia nodded again. "Be careful."

"I will, do not worry." I said. She was looking at me with worried eyes.

\'She\'s so cute.\' I smiled to myself. I pulled her close and kissed her forehead.

"Be a good girl and wait for me okay." I said and she nodded.

I saw Alicia entered the stables. Once she was in, I turned around to feel the presence of the person following us.

\'Under the bushes, at least twenty feet away.\' I thought to myself.

I held my sword on my waist and rushed forward. The person behind the bushes saw my sudden movement and retreated quickly.

"Where do you think you\'re going." I yelled.

I was now chasing the person. He ran towards the woods. He had a good head start, so I was a little behind.

"Flow of the wind, assist me." I mumble my incantation.

After muttering my spell, I felt the the wind around me. My body felt light as a feather and I was moving even faster.

The person I was chasing was now in front of me. I kicked him from behind and he crashed on the ground.

I forced him on the ground and held his arms from behind.

"Who are you and why were you following us?" I asked.

"No! Please let me go." The person was struggling to break free. It was a middle aged man.

"Tell me, why were you following us?" I twisted his arm from behind. "Speak!" I yelled.

"I-I was ordered to!" The man was screaming in pain.

"Were you the one that pushed the princess out on the road?" I pressed for more information.

"I-I don\'t know what you are talking about." The man denied.

It looks like this guy won\'t crack that easily.

"Dimitri, are you there?" I called. I have told them yesterday that they will maintain a few meters away from me and Alicia today. It was because I want to be with Alicia alone and enjoy our date together without my shadow guards watching us.

But I specifically told Dimitri to standby if ever I call for him in emergency situations. And this here is an emergency situation.

"Your highness." Dimitri just came flying in. He kneeled down before me. "What happened your highness?"

Dimitri was looking at the man that I detained.

"Take him." I pushed the man towards Dimitri. "Find out who is he working for and if he was the one that pushed Alicia earlier."

"Yes your highness." Dmitri slightly bowed. He whistled and in an instant two shadow guards came flying in. They knelt before me.

"Take this guy." Dimitri said. "You know what to do."

"Yes captain." They bowed and took the man.

"Please spare me." The man was screaming. My shadow guards left with the man to interrogate him.

"Your highness, let me escort you back." Dimitri asked.

"Okay." I turned around and walked back to the stables.

Once we entered I called looked for Alicia instantly.

"Alicia?" I called but there was no answer. My heart was beating very fast.

\'Did I miss someone? Did the man had an accomplice with him?\' I thought. \'But I only felt one presence.\'

I looked around frantically searching for her.

"Alicia, Alicia, where are you?!" I was now yelling.

Then I smelled something, that smell will always be familiar to me. A smell of blood. I traced the smell and saw drops of blood on the floor.

"Dimitri!" I yelled.

"Your highness, what\'s the matter." Dimitri was startled. This was the first time that he saw me frantic.

"Search the area at once! Find Alicia!" I said with authority.

"Yes your highness." Dimitri bowed and vanished in an instant.

I felt my heart clenched in pain. Anger was engulfing every inch of my body.

"I will find you Alicia. And I won\'t spare anyone that tried to take you away and hurt you." The rage in my voice was evident.