The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 47 Fireworks

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The night in town was festive. There were many lanterns lit along the roads. Many people are at the river bay waiting for the fireworks to start.

"Wow, look at the crowd." I said in amazement.

All the people around us are common folks. I see a variety of them, men and woman, young and old, lovers, and families all together. Little children are bundled up with their parents, happy and eagerly waiting for the fireworks to start.

Then I remembered something in my childhood, when mother was still alive. There was also a festival like this one. Mother brought me to watch it and I was so happy. And when it ended she promised me to come again and watch it together. But that promise never came to reality. She died before the next festival was held.

"Is there something wrong?" Leon asked.

We were standing at a good spot in the river bank, waiting for the fireworks to commence.

"Oh, it\'s nothing." I wipe away a tear that formed in my eye. "I just remembered my mother taking me to a festival and watching fireworks when I was still young."

Leon looked at me with knowing eyes. He extended his hand and reached for my hand. He held it in his and squeezed it.

"Don\'t worry. I\'m here." Leon said.

"I know." I smiled at him. "Thank you for taking me out to see the festival. I had a wonderful day."

"Really?" Leon smiled brightly. "Then next year I will take you out here again."

"Really?" I said excitedly. "Then I will hold you on to that promise."

"Of course Alicia, you have my word." Leon kissed the back of my hand. I blushed with his gestured.

And by that time the fireworks started.

"Wow." I said in amazement.

I see the bright colors light up the sky. They were like flowers blooming in the dark. One by one I here the loud bang of the fireworks, then beautiful flashes will light up the sky. It was a wonder to see such things.

I was so engrossed watching the fireworks that I didn\'t realize Leon was all the while watching me.

His eyes were embedded to me, looking at me with such affection.

Once the fireworks ended the people on the riverbank began to disperse.

"That was beautiful." I said with excitement.

"Yes, so beautiful." Leon looked at me with affectionate eyes.

"Did you like the fireworks." I asked.

"Hmm." He nodded.

He was still staring at me with affectionate eyes that I began to feel a bit awkward.

"Should we get going?" I asked. Looking around there were a few people left on the river bank. Many had gone on their way.

Leon was still holding my hand. He pulled me gently to him. I can feel his arm encircle my waist and his hand caress my cheeks gently. My eyes were glues to him in wonder and surprise.

Our bodies are so close to each other that I can feel the heat of his body to mine. His eyes are drawing mine, like I was hypnotized in his gaze.

His face inched closer, my heart beat want faster as it nears. I closed my eyes instinctively. I can feel his breath in my face and then felt something hot touch my lips.

His lips was pressed to mine. I felt sweet and tender feeling on my lips as he continue to kiss me. Then I felt it part from me.

I opened my eyes to see Leon\'s face flushed. He smiled at me tenderly.

"I can\'t seem to control my self." Leon said. He pressed his forehead to mine and sighed. "Please grow up quickly, I can\'t seem to hold myself much longer."

"What do you mean?" I asked curiously.

Leon just gave me a smile. "When you turn eighteen then I would personally teach you the things a woman needs to know."

I looked at him still puzzled.

"Haha do not worry, you will surely know when the time comes. Just do not be so too cute in front of me?" Leon said.

"Do not to be so cute? But how?" I asked. I don\'t know how to be cute, so how can I not \'not be so cute\' in front of him.

"Look." Leon cupped my chin. "You are being cute again that I want to kiss you again."

Leon made a quick peck on my lips. After feeling suddenness, I felt something weird. It was as if I want more. Thinking of me wanting more of Leon\'s kiss made me blush.

Leon sighed and took me into his embrace.

"Oh, Alicia. What will I ever do with you." Leon said. "If you continue on like this I can\'t seem to hold myself back. The old general will surely kill me." He laughed.

Leon pulled my hand and we started to walk.

"Let\'s go before something bad even happens." Leon smiled. "I intend to keep my promise with the old general."

"Promise?" I thought. Maybe the promise he made to take me home after the fireworks end.

We walked back to the stables. What we didn\'t know was someone from the crowd were watching us. Not only one but two pair of eyes.