The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 46 The royal physician

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"Alicia!" Leon yelled. When I open my eyes I saw Leon hugging me protectively in his arms.

"Leon." I looked at him on a daze.

I can feel him so close to me. The heat of his body was warming mine. His face was just inches from mine and his eyes held my gaze. My heart was thumping loudly. His face was inching slowly to mine and I can feel his warm breath on my face.

Then I felt a flick in my forehead.

"Aww." I held my throbbing forehead.

"What were you thinking being absent minded in a situation like that?" Leon was the one that flicked my forehead. "If I weren\'t here to save you, you would have been flattened by the horses by now." He scolded me.

I bowed my head feeling guilty.

"I\'m sorry. When I regained my balance I just realized I was already in front of the running carriage. I didn\'t mean to be absent minded." I said.

Leon sighed. "I understand. I just don\'t know what to do if I wasn\'t able to save you on time."

Leon hugged me close to him. I can hear his heart beat raising. He was worried for me. I felt happy knowing that.

The carriage that almost ran me over stopped a few feet away. A young man with light brown hair wearing spectacles came down from the carriage.

"Are you all right? I am so sorry that my coachman was in a hurry. There is an emergency call in the palace that I need to attend to, so we were going fast." The man said apologetically.

"Dr. Andrew?" I said. Dr. Andrew was a young but genius physician. He passed the physician\'s exam when he was just fourteen years old and became a royal physician when he was eighteen. Now, as I know he was twenty one years old.

"Princess Alicia?" Dr. Andrew recognized me right away. I didn\'t realize that my ponytail was undone when I had an accident earlier.

Leon saw this and took off his jacket to cover my head.

"Dr. Andrew." Leon greeted. "We are here incognito so can you please lower your voice."

"Oh I am sorry." Dr. Andrew said. "Please come inside my carriage. Let me treat the princess\' wound."

"Wound?" I asked curiously. That was when I realized that there was pain in my left leg. When I looked at it there was some blood.

"A flying debris must have hit your leg earlier." Dr. Andrew said. "Come, I have some medicine inside the carriage."

Leon nodded and helped me walked.

Once inside, Dr. Andrews opened his black medical bag and got some bottles inside.

"Put you leg up." Dr. Andrew ordered and I do what he said.

Once my wound was exposed, he put some antiseptic to clean it. I flinched in pain.

"Don\'t worry, it will only be painful at first. This ointment can relieve the pain." Dr. Andrew said.

After he placed the said ointment, the pain really went away.

"Wow, it really went away." I said amazed.

"I make my medicines from the herbs that I grow in my estate." Dr. Andrew smiled.

"I have heard that the herbs you grow in your estate are really rare." Leon slowly pulled my feet away from the doctor\'s hand.

"I have traveled a lot all over the continent for the past few years and was able to obtain such rare herbs. And I have growing them ever since." Dr. Andrew replied.

"Why are you in a hurry to go to the palace? Is there an emergency?" I asked.

"It is about princess Elizabeth\'s wounds." Dr. Andrew said. "They have said that the wounds are not healing properly and is started to fester." Dr. Andrew said.

"Oh my. Then I will not take much of your time doctor." I said.

"Will you not go home? It is starting to get dark outside. I can offer you a ride." Dr. Andrew asked.

"Don\'t worry doctor, we can manage." Leon said.

"And sir Leon and I will see the fireworks later in the evening." I said excitedly.

"Then I won\'t get in the way of your enjoyment." Dr. Andrews smiled at me.

"Thank you for treating my wound" I said before going out of the carriage.

"It\'s my pleasure princess Alicia." Dr. Andrew helped me out of the carriage and was about to kiss my hand when Leon grabbed it away.

"We are happy for your help Dr. Andrew. The king must be waiting for you. So you should be on the way." Leon said with a sharp voice.

"I understand." Dr. Andrew looked at Leon. "Goodnight princess Alicia."

"Good night doctor." I smiled.

The carriage moved and after a while was out of our sights.

"What could have happened to Elizabeth\'s wound?" I asked curiously.

"It must be karma." Leon smiled at me.