The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 43 Crown Prince’s Plans

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It was night time and Leon was in his room. He thought about the happenings that happened earlier in the day.

He never thought that Alicia will learn fast with the lessons he had thought her. It only she was given the proper education when she was young, he was sure that Alicia would be the most knowledgable of all the princesses. And not to mention, her sword skills are improving day by day. In fact she can really surpass his own sword skills if she becomes diligent in her practices.

Leon walked outside of the veranda. He wasn\'t sleepy yet because of the many thoughts that were swirling on his mind.

"Your highness." A voice came from the shadows and Dimitri emerged. He kneeled down before Leon.

"What is it Dimitri?" Leon asked.

"We have tracked the Atlantian prince until the borders of Atlantia and Jennova." Dimitri said.

"And?" Leon asked with authority.

"Please forgive me, your highness." Dimitri said with remorse. "He and his retinue was able to elude us."

Leon sighed. "Is it because of negligence?" He had a chilly voice. Dimitri shivered in fear.

"No, your highness." Dimitri replied. "The Atlantian prince used cloaking magic. They were able to elude us because of it."

"Cloaking magic?" Leon repeated. "This prince is using some advance magic. This will pose as a problem for us."

"Do not worry, your highness. We are still searching for them." Dimitri said with determination.

Leon looked at the night sky. The moon was full tonight and the stars were little. He made a long whistle that broke the silence of the night.

Not long, a big bird was seen flying towards them. It was a black eagle approaching them.

Leon extended his arm. Not long, the black eagle flapped it\'s big wings on top of them and landed to Leon\'s extended arm.

"Tempest." Leon patted it\'s head. "Show me what you have seen."

Leon closed his eyes and concentrated. From his closed eyes a view of a vast forest was seen. He was flying and looking down the trees and plants below. Then not long he saw five men on horse back. When the view zoomed in on those group of men, he saw a platinum blonde young man riding next to a middle aged man that was wearing a priest\'s clothes from the church of Jennova.

They were treading carefully into the thick and dense forest. The cloaking magic was in effect, so normal eyes cannot detect them. But to bad Tempest is Leon\'s familiar, hence he is no ordinary black eagle.

He saw the group of men led out of the forest by the priest and into the Jennovian territory. After that the image ended. Leon opened his eyes.

"Thank you Tempest." Leon rubbed the eagle\'s neck and it looked like it\'s enjoying it. "Now go and return to the camp." He instructed Tempest.

Tempest stretched his big wide wings and begin to flap it. Not long he flew away.

Dimitri looked in awe the whole time. He still doesn\'t understand how Leon can communicate with his familiar. And not to mention, Leon can also look at what Tempest was seeing. Be it from the past or present. It was beyond his understanding but he was a little jealous. He had also worked with birds that are used for sending and receiving messages. And he would have liked to have a power such as the prince, the one communicating with his eagle.

"Tell your men to stop searching for the Atlantian prince and withdraw." Leon said.

"What do you mean your highness?" Dimitri asked respectfully.

"The prince have been taken to Jennovian territory." Leon said.

"Jennovian territory?" Dimitri asked curiously. "But that country has closed their borders for quite some time. They have cut relations with the other two countries. And getting in their country is not an easy feat."

"Yes, you are correct on that." Leon said.

The relationship of Jennova with the other two countries had become sour after the war. Maybe it was because they weren\'t given more fertile lands that they have requested to add to their territories. Since then they have closed their doors to others and are keeping to themselves.

"A priest came to escort them inside their territory." Leon explained.

"A priest?" Dimitri was shocked. "Does this mean they are starting to work with Alvannia in searching for the forbidden magic?"

"Maybe so." Leon replied.

Dimitri looked at his prince that was deep in thought. This issue will be very serious with Jennova sticking their nose in.

"Wha are your plans, your highness?" Dimitri asked.

"Let\'s observe first of what they will do." Leon said. "Infiltrating Jennova is not easy. For now let\'s wait and see what their next move is."