The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 42 Familiar

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Richard and I were at his courtyard done eating some snacks. The sun was just about to set.

"Sister, is master Leon a great teacher?" Richard asked for the nth time.

Since we were alone, Richard has been bombarding me with questions about Leon. He looked very excited with the idea of Leon being his master in the art of sword.

"I have told you for how many times now, he is a great teacher. He is not only good with the sword but knowledgable as well." I giggled. "Our morning studies has never been dull. But I will warn you beforehand, he is a strict teacher."

"It seems like he is a strict teacher. But I am prepared for whatever challenges he will give me." Richard said with determination.

I giggled. My little brother is looking up to Leon. He may have seen Leon as an idol to look up to.

When Richard and I were chatting, something fluffy brushed on my legs. I was curious to what it was and looked under the table. I saw and heard a white furry thing purring.

"And what do we have here?" I said.

"What is it sister?" Richard asked curiously.

I picked up the furry thing and put it on the table.


An all white cat was rubbing herself before me.

"Oh wow what a beautiful cat." Richard said. "Wait isn\'t this the one that scratched Elizabeth\'s face?"

"I\'m not sure if it is." I replied. "Well you know many cats look alike."


The cat was showing her affection towards me.

"That cat likes you a lot sister." Richard exclaimed.

"I know, right?" I smiled. "Little kitty, would you like to be my pet?"


The cat was rubbing her head on my hands.

"Haha, then I will take that as a yes." I said. "Hmm what will I call you then?"

"Oh, oh." Richard excitedly raised his hand. "How about fluffy? Because she is so fluffy."

"But fluffy is more of a dog name, right?" I said.

"Hmm, your right." Richard frowned.

The two of us had become silent for a while. We were both thinking hard for a name.

"How about Snow?" I hear Leon\'s voice. Richard and I both look towards where the voice came from.

"Master Leon!" Richard said enthusiastically.

"Richard." Grandpa scolded. "Please mind your manners."

Richard sat straight instantly. He emitted a princely aura. I giggled secretly looking at him. I was used to him being cute and gullible, that his stance bow seemed not like him.

Then I remembered that the time will come he would grow up to a fine young man and ascend the throne. I will bow down to him in the future.

"It\'s okay general Robert. Richard is still twelve years old. His playfulness is still understandable." Leon said. "But he knows how to carry his own. I can see potential in him." Leon smiled.

"Thank you for the praise master Leon." Richard replied with pride.

"So, Snow?" I asked. "Would you like to be called Snow?"


The cat rubbed her body on me again like saying she loves the name.

"Okay so Snow it is." I smiled.

"Let\'s see what Snow\'s gender is." Richard said. He extended his hand and patted Snow. He gently lifted the cat close to him to inspect it\'s sex.

"So? Is it a boy or a girl?" I asked.

"A girl." Richard replied. "Snow is a cute girl cat." He patted her fur.

\'Meow\' she began to purr.

"Oh she like what you are doing." I said amazed.

This was the first time I got a pet to take care of. I am a little excite of what\'s to come.

I didn\'t know that Leon was looking at me and the cat closely.

"It will be good to let Snow always accompany you." Leon said.

"Really? And why is that?" I asked curiously.

"No particular reason." Leon smiled. "It just seems that the cat likes you a lot. It will do any things necessary to be always by your side."

"Oh." I was surprised.

After Leon finished that sentence, Snow was again beside me.

"Snow really likes you." Richard said.

"It seems like it." I rubbed Snow\'s white fur. It was so fluffy that I had a great time rubbing her.


"It looks like Snow is enjoying." Leon chuckled.

"Really, then I am happy." I smiled.

This was the first time Snow came into my life. I didn\'t know that she will be someone that would be a special existence and would help me a lot in the future.