The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 419 - The Four Sacred Beasts New Masters (1)(unedited)

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Chapter 419 - The Four Sacred Beasts New Masters (1)(unedited)

The four sacred beasts surrounded the twins. They protected them at their center.

"Leader!" A robed man called. "T-These… these are the four sacred beasts!"

"Yes, I know." The tall man replied. "They are the ones that we need to bring back to Xing."

"They are quite big!" One of the robed men said in astonishment.

"How can we capture them sir?" One robed man asked.

"Tsk, we planned to take the kid in our custody. With that, the four sacred beasts would follow us back to Xing." The tall man said. "But our plan backfired."

"What are we going to do now sir?" Another of the robed man asked.

"Just give us your orders leader." One of the robed men said.

"We shall follow your orders leader." Another robed man said.

"Tsk…" The tall man was in a bind.

On the other hand, the sacred beasts were keeping the twins out of harm\'s way.

"This is not good. The four sacred beasts have strong power that we cannot match for now. Fall back!"

"You heard the leader, fall back!" Another robed man yelled.

"Fall back!" The order was passed to the robed men.

"This is just the beginning." The tall man said to Alphonse.

"I know." Alphonse politely smiled. "Do not worry, I am sure my descendants here will prepare for your coming."

The robed men started to fall back in haste. Not long, only the four sacred beasts together with Alphonse and Aerith were left.

"It is nice to see you all again." Alphonse replied with a happy smile. "I am happy to see you all together again."xa0

"We have come back to your side, master." The four replied in unison.

"I see that you all have awakened together with me as well." Alphonse replied. "Genbu, the black Tortoise, guardian of the north. Seiryu, the azure dragon, guardian of the east. Suzaku, the vermilion bird, guardian of the south. And last but not the least, Byakko, the white tiger, guardian of the west. My friends, it has been a long time."

"Master." The four called Alphonse.

"Yes, I was your master." Alphonse replied. "But in this new age, you will have new masters. These masters will be the one that will help me in my journey in the future."

"Master, it has been so long, but you are giving us away?" Byakko said with a sad face.

"Byakko is right, master." Seiryu said.

"We are not what we used to be, my friends." Alphonse said. "Everything has its place. And once I have fully awakened, so shall your reincarnations."

"Does that mean we will not be ourselves?" Suzaku asked.

"We have reincarnated for many times now." Genbu said. "Surely, we are not our old selves."

"Do not worry my friends. When the time comes, your past selves will unite with your new reincarnations." Alphonse replied. "Like I will be once I have awakened." The four sacred beasts nodded in understanding.

"Aaahhh…xa0cannot follow on your conversation." Aerith shouted in frustration.

"Hahaha, my twin sister is such an adorable little thing." Alphonse hugged Aerith with a happy face. "I am sorry, but you need to forget this conversation for now. Do not worry, once the right time comes you will remember this day." After saying this, Aerith was put to sleep all of a sudden.

"This little girl, I feel something from her." Byakko said while looking at the cute sleeping Aerith.

"Is she not cute, my twin sister." Alphonse said while poking her pinkish cheeks. "But that aside, what you feel Byakko is the connection. She is your master now."

"Oh, I see." Byakko had a smile on her face.

"How about me? Will I have a new master as well?" Suzaku asked in excitement.

"All of you will have your own new masters in this new generation." Alphonse said.

"We understand, master." The four replied in unison.

Alphonse started to rub his eyes. "Oh, it looks like it is time to go back to sleep." He yawned.

"Then see you again, master." Seiryu said.

"Once we awaken again." Genbu said.

"We will see each other again." Suzaku said.

"Till then." Byakko said.

"See again soon… my friends." Alphonse said and he closed his eyes while lying down beside Aerith.

After this, knights of the palace came flooding in.

"Search for the prince and princess!" William was the first in the scene and ordered the knights to search the rubble of the building.

The knights started to search. They did not search long to find the twins lying on the ground with the four sacred beasts in their animal form.

"Captain, the highnesses are here!" One night called.

It was Philip who first cam running to see the little prince and princess.

"Princess Aerith! Prince Alphonse!" Worry was etched in his face. He checked both their pulses and he felt their heartbeat. "Thank goodness, the two of you are alright."

"How are the highnesses?" William came near.

"They are fine." Philip replied. "They seem to be sleeping." Tears came running down his eyes after relief flushed all over his body.

"Where are they? Where are my children?" Regaleon\'s voice vibrated in the vicinity.

The royal family in the palace felt the surge of strong magic when Alphonse had partially awakened. They knew by that time that something was wrong. Tempest who should have gone to call for Regaleon was not able to do his task because of the partial awakening of the chosen one. The other sacred beasts were no where to be found as well after the surge of the powerful magic was felt.

Because of these, the royal family has no other means but to take horses and go to where they felt the surge of magic power. Along the way, they saw the other children. Aliyah and Deimos have told their parents what have happened. After that they saw Thali with the now conscious Leonhart. The little prince and little lady were both crying, knowing that they left both Alphonse and Aerith in danger.

When they arrived, Regaleon and Alicia saw their twins lying on the ground with the four sacred beasts in animal form.

"Alphonse, Aerith!" Alicia ran towards the children with worry etched on her face.

"Do not worry your majesty, they are just sleeping." William told Alicia. "They seem not hurt, thank goodness."

"Thank goodness…" Alicia sighed in relief and picked her twins and hugged them in her arms. "Thank goodness." Tears started to stream down her eyes.

"It is okay now, my love." Regaleon wrapped his wife and twins. "They are now safe with us."

"I know." Alicia replied. She saw Leonhart walking towards them. "Come here Leonhart. Look, the both of them are fine. They are just sleeping."

"R-Really? *hic* " Leonhart was in the verge of tears." It is… *hic* it is my fault. I am so weak and got abducted. *hic*"

"It is not your fault, my little one." Regaleon said. "Come here." He gestured for his little son to come.

"F-Father… mother… *hic*" Leonhart ran towards his parents and siblings. The couple hugged their children dearly. "I-I want to be strong. *hic* I do not want anything like this to happened again. I want to be strong to help brother as well. *hic*"

"I understand. Hush now." Alicia comforted.

"I will surely teach you more strictly from now on, so that you could be stronger." Regaleon said. "If that is what you want."

"Y-Yes father." Leonhart wiped his tears away and stood up confidently. "I will be training really hard so that I will be stronger and will not burden big brother and sister again."

"Then be prepared." Regaleon patted his little one\'s head.

"Please punish me." Philp kneeled down on front of the royal family and bowed his head until it hit the ground. He hit it hard many times that blood oozed out his forehead and stained the ground. "It is my fault that the imperial children were in danger. I am so incompetent. Please punish me, your majesties."

Regaleon looked at the kneeling apprentice knight. He can see tears staining the ground where he was kneeling.

"Do you know what kind of punishment you will receive because of this incompetence, Philip?" Regaleon said with a serious tone. "You can be expelled from your knight apprenticeship, or worse lose your life if found guilty."

The crowd was silent with the emperor\'s words. It was true, that the safety of the imperial family was put into danger. A harsh punishment was awaiting if found guilty.

"I will take any punishment, your majesty." Philip said with conviction while still having his head bowed down. "Even if it means losing my life."

"No, your majesty." Dimitri came running and knelt down beside Philip. "Please have mercy your majesty. Philip is still young and is prone to mistakes. I will receive the punishment in his stead, as Philip\'s foster father. I beg of you, your majesty." He bowed his head on the ground.

"Honey…" Angel was about to follow her husband but Anatalia grabbed her arm and shook her head.

Regaleon stood up and walked in front of the father and son.

"Stand up Dimitri, Philip." Regaleon said.

"Y-Your majesty…" Dimitri looked up, still worried for Regaleon\'s decision.

Dimitri knew how strict Regaleon was even with his men. He was a kind leader, but he does not let off any mistakes. Mistakes comes with the right punishment and being not able to protect the imperial family from harm while on duty was a grave issue.

"Do not worry Dimitri, I know what really happened." Regaleon said and helped Dimitri and Philip stand up. "Philip did everything he could, but it was not enough. Do not worry Philip, your life will not be taken away, but a severe punishment will still be bestowed unto you after everything is settled."

"Thank you… thank you, your majesty." Dimitri bowed.

"Thank you so much, your majesty." Philip started to cry.

"Now let us clean up here." Regaleon said. "Dimitri and William, I want to know what happened here. Please investigate. I want to know who had the audacity to kidnap my children!" He said with a chilling tone.

"We accept your orders, your majesty.." Dimitri and William replied.