The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 417 - The Chosen One’s Partial Awakening (1)(unedited)

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Chapter 417 - The Chosen One’s Partial Awakening (1)(unedited)

"I said…" Alphonse looked up the Xing man. His eyes started to glow white. "You are going to pay with what you did to my little brother!" He shouted in fury.

Alphonse\'s short black hair started to glow and grow long. The color of his hair from the tips started to change to silver until his whole hair was changed to silver.

"W-What is this?" The Xing man was shocked to see Alphonse\'s hair length and hair color change. "What is happening?"

The grounded under their feet started to shake violently, as if there was an earthquake. The alchemic circle\'s light started to blink as if it was losing power.

"I can see it now!" Aerith shouted with an excited smile. "I can undo this circle momentarily. Snow, be prepared to get the little ones to safety when I undo this."

"Yes.!" Snow replied in a hear beat.

But before Aerith was able to undo the alchemic circle that was weighing Alphonse down, the prince was able to stand up at ease. It was as if the strength ang magic power that was drained from his were being filled up again.

"Y-You, how can you still stand up?" The Xing man was dumbfounded with the what was now happening.

"Did you not want my powers?" Alphonse said with a chilling voice. "Then take it. Take as much as you want."

The alchemic circle was still transmitting magic power towards the hooded robed men. Those men now started to kneel on the ground, they were visibly in pain.

"What… what is happening." The Xing man asked. "Tell me what is happening?" He shouted in frustration.

"It is you who wanted to take my magic powers." Alphonse replied. "But unfortunately, my magic power is unlimited. Your bodies are just like a glass container. You may be similar to Atlantians that have bigger containers and is able to store so much magic power, but what do you think will happen when the container is full. Do you not thing that the magic power you are suċkɨnġ from me will overflow from your bodies. What do you think will happen next if the container cannot contain the magic you are suċkɨnġ from me anymore?" He was speaking as if he was not a ten year old boy. He was speaking like an ȧduŀt should.

"No, this cannot be." The Xing man cannot believe Alphonse\'s words. He was still in denial. "I am of royal linage from the Xing country. I can take more magic power because of my linage."

"That may be true." Alphonse replied. "But what about your men?"

The Xing man looked behind him and saw his men was writhing in pain on the floor.

"Y-Your highness…" One hooded robed man said.

"H-Help us…" Another said.

"P-Please, I do not want to die yet." Another one of the men said.

"No, what is happening. This cannot be." The Xing man replied. "I made this alchemic circle with preciseness. There should be no problems."

"You are correct, this alchemic circle you made was perfect." Alphonse replied. "You just did not anticipate that my magic would have been unlimited after I have awakened."

"A-Awakened?" The Xing man looked at the young Alphonse in disbelief. "That is impossible. You should not have awakened until certain things have been met."

"That should be the natural thing. It should be not time yet. This little one\'s body is still not that powerful." Alphonse looked at his hands while opening and closing his grip. "But because of your doing, I was awakened briefly. No worries, after dealing with you I will surely go back to sleep."

"Y-You… who are you?" The Xing man asked with a frightened expression.

"Me? I am your ancestor." Alphonse smiled chillingly. "I cannot believe that the descendants of my kin in Xing still holds I grudge on me. No worries, I will surely go back there and send my regards. But before that, this little one should be awakened at the right time. By then, he and I will become one and the same."

"N-No. I need to get out." The Xing man tried to move. "I need to get out of here!" He tried to move from his place, but he was stuck as if his feet were glued in place.

The other hooded robed men that were writhing on the floor inxa0pain because of the overflowing magic they are taking were crying and screaming in pain. Not long, their bodies cannot take it and gave in.




Blood oozed from the opening of their body such as eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. It looked gruesome that it was fortunate that fog started to cover their bodies and the children were not able to see such a horrifying sight that can haunt them.

"N-No…" The Xing man was still standing in place. "Ugh…" He started to feel pain on his body.

The Xing man kneeled down the floor and started to vomit blood.

"It looks like your body is starting to give in as well." Alphonse said. "You may have a bigger container, but still it can be filled to the rim. Not long, you will follow your men."

"N-No… this cannot be." The Xing man said. "I will not let you. I will be the next ruler of Xing. I will be the one to unite all the countries and rule over this world."

"You have such big dreams, but do you think I will let you?" Alphonse replied. At that time, the alchemic circle lost its light and power. The absorption of magic from Alphonse\'s body to the Xing man lost its connection. "Oh, you are lucky that my twin sister was able to break your alchemic circle. Your body was just in the brink of breaking. But no matter, I will end you here and now."

When Alphonse was about to grip the Xing man\'s neck, he felt something coming from a direction. He took a step back before a number of stone spears came raining down just in between him and the Xing man.

"That was close." Alphonse looked at a distance at the opening on the ceiling of the building.

The building they were in was partially ruined with the earthquake that occurred with his partial awakening. The roof caved in but fortunately no one was harmed. From the partial opening of the building, the stone spears came in and not long, men wearing black hooded robes appeared.

"Protect his highness, crown prince." A tall hooded robed man said.

The hooded robed men came down easily and defended the Xing man that was kneeling down in pain.

"Your highness." The tall hooded man held the Xing prince on his arms. "The prince has lost consciousness. You, take the crown prince to safety." He ordered.

"Yes." One of the hooded robed man replied and took the prince of Xing and departed from the place.

"We are ordered to take this child in custody." The tall hooded robed man said. "Do what ever it takes to take him."

Alphonse looked at the men in front of him. The hooded robed men were ready to engage in battle with him. They were equipped with alchemic objects that gives them the power similar to magic.

"You do not need to cover your faces with hoods. I know you all are men from Xing." Alphonse replied.

The men started to take off their hoods. Some of them have alchemic circles tattooed on theirxa0faces. Some are visible on their skins.

"It is surprising, Xing people really have no mana left on their bodies." Alphonse said. "Well, the royals of Xing have been very greedy with sharing them in the first place. Maybe it is karma."

"How dare you talk to our royals that way!" The tall man shouted. "Attack!"

"Many versus one? This is not a fair fight." Alphonse replied and grinned. "Oh well, when did the Xing been fair."

The Xing men started to attack Alphonse. Using alchemic symbols and tools, they were able to conjure elements and use them to attack the little prince. But Alphonse was able to dodge every attack with his own magic.

"Look out!" Aerith joined the fight.

"Aerith!" Alphonse was stunned but then smiled to Aerith. "You are very powerful for your age."

"Of course, I am." Aerith replied. "I am your twin sister after all. We are more like identical twins now, seeing your long silver hair. Great change."

"Oh yes, hahaha." Alphonse laughed out loud. "Then why don\'t we take this people out."

The ten year old twins were fighting off a group of grown men and was able to stand their ground.

"Where is Snow?" Alphonse asked.

"I asked her to take Leonhart and Thalia to a safe place." Aerith replied while blocking off an attack. "She will be here soon."

"That is good to hear." Alphonse sighed. "I think I am getting sleepy again."

"What?! How can you be sleepy at a time like this?" Aerith asked with a shocked expression.

"Haha, well I should not have been awakened yet." Alphonse replied.

"What are you talking about?" Aerith asked with a confused expression. "I do not understand you."

"You might not understand now, but I am happy to see you. I am happy to have siblings in this life that can help me like this." Alphonse replied.

"Hah, I do not understand what you are saying but of course I am always here to help you." Aerith replied. "We have been always together since we were inside mother\'s wȯmb after all."

"I see." Alphonse replied. "Help has come. They are here." He looked up int the sky.

The sky rumbled and the earth shook. The robed men that increased in numbers was surprised with the sudden happening.

In the sky, Tempest and Virgil in their best form were flying down. Fire and water dispersed in their paths.

"Ahhh…" The robed men were flown away from the beast\'s path.


Carrick came with his huge body and broke the already ruined building walls. Snow jumped in near the twins, protecting them behind her.

"They are here!" Aerith responded excitedly. "Our family are surely here as well!"