The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 411 - [Bonus chapter]Children’s Outing (1)(unedited)

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Chapter 411 - [Bonus chapter]Children’s Outing (1)(unedited)

The children are sitting by the grass after playing for a while. It is still hours away until the banquet that will be held at night for the twins tenth birthday.

"I am bored." Aliyah sighed. "We have been playing in the garden for quite a while now."

"It would be great if we can go and see the festival in the capital." Deimos said.

"Oh yes. I remember father had ordered a week long festival in the capital city to celebrate our tenth birthday. Right, Al?" Aerith said.

"Yes, I remember father making that order." Alphonse replied. "But we cannot go without any escort knight. As you know, all the knights and apprentice knights have their own tasks for today. Even Philip also has not come back."

"I know right. It is quite weird that he has not come back yet." Aerith said.

"Maybe he caught a cold after getting wet from your trap Rith." Aliyah teased.

"But that was just a little prank." Aliyah felt guilty.

"He is not that weak to get sick because of such a little thing." Alphonse replied. "I am sure he must be given some task."

When they were talking to each other, they saw Philip walking towards them.

"Oh, speaking of the devil." Aliyah giggled.

"Your highnesses." Philip was running towards them. He was panting hard when he got to them. "I-I am sorry for being late. I was not able to find a replacement uniform fast."

"I thought you got sick." Aerith started to cry. "I am sorry for making your uniform wet." She hugged Philip and started to cry.

"P-Princess… you do not need to cry. I am alright, see." Philip did not know what to do and started to pat the crying Aerith on the head. "And do not worry about my uniform. Fortunately, one of my co-apprentice knights have a spare and I was able to borrow it. The size is a little big because he is older, but at least I can use it."

"You are not mad at me for soiling your uniform?" Aerith was sniffing.

"Of course, not princess." Philip smiled. "I will never get mad at you."

"Promise?" Aerith insisted.

"Yes, I promise." Philip replied.

The children around all giggled, knowing Aerith\'s little crush on Philip.

"Now that Philip is here, why don\'t we go to see the festival in the capital?" Aliyah said with a huge grin on her face.

"Yeah, let\'s go Philip." Aerith looked at Philip with joy.

"I think that is not really advisable, your highness." Philip said and awkwardly scratched his head. "If you want to go, then we would need approval from all your parents. And after that, knights should be ȧssigned to guard you. As of now, all the knights have their duties. I am the only knight to watch over you."

"But we will not have fun if there are so many knights watching us." Aliyah said with a pouting lip. "We can just go for a while and be back without our parents knowing it."

"T-That cannot be possible!" Philip was alarmed with what the children were thinking. "For sure your parents will look for you."

"I can make it that they will just see us sitting here in the garden." Alphonse proposed. "My illusion magic can last for at least an hour or two."

"Yes! And we will be back before that ends." Aerith said with her melodious voice. "Please Philip. We promise we will just be quick." She made a cute face that no one cannot resist.

"But… your highnesses…" Philp was confused on what to do. He cannot resist the princess charm and plea. He was fighting over what to do.

"I also want to walk around the capital while there is a festival." Leon hart said with puppy dog eyes. "I have never gone to a walk on the capital before. I often just ride thru it inside a carriage."

Philip was conflicted right now. With Princess Aerith and little Prince Leonhart\'s cute attack, he was not able to resist their pleas.

"Alright." Philip sighed in defeat. "But we will be quick, okay? And promise me to stay together at all times."

"We promise!" The children replied in unison.

"Haah…" Philip sighed. "I can be kicked out from becoming a knight if we are caught." He scolded himself.

"Do not worry to much Philip." Alphonse said. "I am also here. I will protect them as well."

"That is a relief to hear Prince Alphonse." Philip replied. "I am sure I can rely on you."

Philip was confident of Alphonse\'s skill even if he was just a ten year old kid. He had been sparring with a sword with the prince when they are being thought by the emperor himself. Philip may be stronger now, but he knew that Prince Alphonse will definitely catch up to him in skills when he grows up.

"I will start the illusion magic now, so do not move." Alphonse said.

I light mist started to form from the grass and slowly floated up. The mist looked like it was enveloping their bodies until it disappeared.

"Okay, we can go now. But slowly." Alphonse said.

The children started to walk away from where they were sitting one by one. Alphonse pointed to a bushy place in front of them and they quietly hid behind them and walked away out of their parents\' sight.

"I-Is this okay?" Thalia who was the new addition to the bunch of little misfits is a little reluctant to go without her parent\'s approval.

"Do not worry Thalia. I will surely protect you." Alphonse offered his hand to Thalia with a smile. "I promise nothing bad will happen to you."

Thalia was a little reluctant. She looked at the direction where all their parents were gathered and was happily chatting and looked at Alphonse with his hand offered to her. She blushed seeing that Alphonse looked like one of the princes in her picture books. She decided to take his hand, that made Alphonse smile brightly.

"Let us go then." Alphonse smiled sweetly at the little Thalia and pulled her gently.

The children together with Philp sneaked out of the palace discreetly. This was not the first time the siblings with their little aunt and uncle had sneaked out of the palace. They have been doing this frequently with Philip in tow. They have a little dog hole at one of the palace\'s high walls that was covered by bushes. They were the only ones that knew of the existence of this dog hole, or that is what they ȧssumed.

The children disappeared from the palace gardens and what was left was the illusion of them seating on the grass. Alicia looked at the direction of the illusion and sighed softly.

"And there they go again." Regaleon smiled seeing the illusion that was left.

The imperial couple knew that what they were seeing at the palace garden is just an illusion done by their son Alphonse.

"He is getting better using this kind of magic." Alicia said. "It is kind of alarming." She smiled and looked at Regaleon.

"I wonder where our children got that from." Regaleon whispered on his wife\'s ear. "I remember someone always sneaking out to the capital as well when she was young." I mischievous smile was drawn on his face.

Alicia blushed hearing Regaleon\'s words. It was in fact her, that loved going to the capital of Alvannia before when she was still in her teens.

"You are teasing me aren\'t you." Alicia looked at Regaleon with her lips pouted.

"Oh, if you pout your lips even further, I would love to kiss it even with this many people around." Regaleon teased again.

"Oh, you…" Alicia slapped Regaleon\'s ċhėst and he chuckled seeing his wife\'s cute irritated face.

"Well that side, the children had gone out of the palace." Regaleon said.

Regaleon was in link with Tempest, who was hovering above the palace. Regaleon can see what he sees, and Tempest can see the children running and giggling towards the capital.

"I think they want to see the festival dedicated to them." Regaleon said. "Tempest, look over them."

\'Yes, master.\' Tempest replied telepathically to Regaleon\'s order.

"Snow." Alicia called.

The little white cat that was having a nap on a tree branch came down at Alicia\'s call.

"What is it Alicia?" Snow asked.

"Can you go and look after the kids for me?" Alicia asked. "Make sure they are safe, okay?"

"Of course." Snow replied. "Leave it to me."

Snow ran towards the bushes and then disappeared.

"I will not worry about the kids too much with Philip and our familiars watching over." Regaleon ȧssured his wife.

"I know." Alicia replied. "But I am a mother, and I cannot help but worry."

"They also need to experience the world outside my love." Regaleon said. "We cannot shelter them forever."

"I know Leon." Alicia sighed. "I just cannot help but think they are still young. Why do they grow so fast?"

"I know my love." Regaleon comforted the worried mother. "But we cannot stop time. They need to learn about the world for their own. They are strong kids. They are our children after all."