The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 41 Her magical powers 2

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"You know very well that there is another Atlantian here old general." Leon said.

"You mean..." Robert knew what Leon meant by \'another Atlantian\'.

"Yes old general, your granddaughter princess Alicia." Leon answered with a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"But how?" Robert asked. "No one has thought her to use magic before."

"Let me explain it to you general." Leon said. "Imagine a bottle of champagne. The champagne is the magic power and the bottle is the body of the person with magic."

"The body is like a container. Even if the person doesn\'t know how to use magic, it is still contained inside. Emotion is the key that is used to harness magic. If since young the person is thought how to use magic, then it will flow smoothly out. Like opening a bottle of champagne. The cork is carefully opened and the contents can be poured carefully."

"But if a person was not thought how to use magic or even doesn\'t know they have magic, then it can be a dangerous. It can also lead to death." Leon said.

"Lead to death?" Robert was shocked. "But how can it be so dangerous."

"Like I said, emotion is used as a key to harness magic. If a person that wasn\'t educated, how to use magic suddenly had a surge of emotion then the magic inside his or her body can burst out. Imagine the bottle of champagne that was shaken vigorously. When you open the cork, the contents will burst out. And also the bottle can break with the burst of champagne."

Robert was imagining this and caught what Leon was trying to tell.

"So you mean, if a person with magic person had a burst of emotions, the magic can burst out and it can be out of control." Robert said.

"Exactly." Leon agreed. "Especially in Alicia\'s case. She is a descendant of the Atlantian royal family. Meaning her magic powers is no small talk. Her magic powers are beyond my own."

"Then what can we do to prevent her magic from destroying her body? Do we need to teach her in secret?" Robert asked.

"That was what I was thinking." Leon said. "Looking at how she was able to make the cat do what she wanted, it was a huge feat."

"What do you mean?" Robert asked curiously.

"Controlling living things such as insects, animals, and also humans, it is considered a high class kind of magic."

"High class?!" Robert was shocked. "Alicia doesn\'t know how to use magic prior to this and she was able to use a high class magic." He was in disbelief.

"Yes, I was also surprised when that happened." Leon said. "After that incident, I knew that I need to teach her how to control and use her magical powers. And I am afraid she has great magical ability hidden in that small body of hers. I don\'t want it to ruin her."

"I understand." Robert said. "Do what you must. But you need to do it in secret. You know that magic is taboo in this continent."

"I know that more than anyone old general." Leon said. "People can be very fearsome if they are afraid. I don\'t want Alicia to suffer as I have."

He remembered how he was outcast when he was young, just because he has some magical abilities.

"I will leave Alicia\'s well being to your crown prince." Robert said. "Please guide her well."

"Of course general Robert. I intend to pamper my future wife." A playful smile crept in Leon\'s face. Robert looked at him seriously.

"Be careful with your movements around her. I will always be watching you closely." Robert threatened Leon.

"Hahaha come now old general, don\'t be so serious. Look wrinkles are coming out of your face." Leon teased.

This just made Robert frown even more.

"Just remember your promise to me crown prince." Robert sighed.

"Do not worry. I am a man of my word old general Robert." Leon smiled his princely smile.

Robert looked at this young lad before him. He knows that this crown prince of Grandcrest is no ordinary person. If ever Alicia is married to him in the future, and as his queen on top of it, then he will be at ease.

"Oh general. Are you really sure it is okay for me to tutor your grandson in the art of sword?" Leon asked. "I know that he is your pride and joy. I do not want to get in your way in how you shape him as a king."

"Do not worry. It is just in the art of sword." Robert explained. "He has mastered the sword style of Alvannia. It will also be good to learn the sword style of Grandcrest. And if the two of you have a good relation, then I can see peace with both our countries in the future when the two of you take the thrones of your fathers."

"I agree with you on that." Leon smiled. "I feel I can have a good relationship with young Richard. I have a positive feeling with our relationship in the future."